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Said to be Chestnut Grove in 1953, but we doubt it
Benetier, photographed by Emile Guiton

Several features identify Chestnut Grove, Mont Mado, as dating from the 16th century. In Old Jersey Houses Volume 1 the author, Joan Stevens, speculates that this could have been the site of a chapel, possibly the Priory of Bonne Nuit.

Mrs Stevens wrote about the property in 1965, and, if the second picture shows the property in 1953, significant alterations had already been made. The magnificent arched main doorway was covered in an unsightly porch and the configuration of the windows has been changed to such an extent that we begin to doubt that these two photographs are actually of the same property.

Even the layout of windows in the older photograph on the left, which is undoubtedly of Chestnut Grove, has been altered from the original. The window above the archway is cut into the stones of the arch. To the right of the arch can be seen the finely carved Langlois arms, which are not original. The adjoining barn has a stone with 18.IDB.IGN.05 for Jean Dolbel and his wife Jeanne Gasnier. The couple were married in 1798 and presumably moved into the property a few years later. The Dolbel association with Chestnut Grove goes back much further, however. The Extentes of 1607 and 1668 mention the Dolbels as being de St Estienne, the name associated with the property through the adjoining Clos de St Estienne. There are further references in 1749 to Jean and Richard Dolbels. The family appears to have owned property in St John and St Saviour over a century or longer.

We have not been able to locate any children of Jean Dolbel and Jeanne Gasnier.

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