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Bailiff of Jersey 1529-1530
Clement Lempriere

Clement Lempriere was appointed Bailiff for a few months in 1528-1529 during the suspension of Helier De Carteret

Clement Lempriere, one of the interim Bailiffs appointed during the suspension from office of Helier De Carteret, held the position for a few months in 1528 and 1529. He was the son of de Carteret's predecessor as Bailiff, Thomas Lempriere, son of Raulin, and Jeannette Hamptonne, daughter of Guille and Jeannette de la Rocque.

Clement married Jeannette Le Roulx (1488- ) daughter of of Guille, who was the son of Nicholas, and Jeanette Morin. Clement and Jeannette had a son Philippe.

Clement was Lieut-Bailiff to Jasper Pen in 1528 and then took over from him as Bailiff until Helier de Carteret was reinstated in 1529. He had been elected Jurat in 1524, a position he held until 1531 and again from 1536 to 1551, and was Seigneur of St Jean la Hougue Bo√ętte and Constable of St Lawrence from 1531. He was again Lieut-Bailiff at his death.

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