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Coleman family page


David Hugo Coleman (1924-1991)

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Origins of surname

This name is of both Irish and English origin, from the old Irish personal name 'Colman', from 'Columban', a compound of the Gaelic elements colm, a dove and ban, white, hence a 'white dove'. This name was adopted by Scandinavians as the Old Norse 'Kalman' and was introduced into Cumberland, Westmorland and Yorkshire by Norwegians from Ireland.

The second source is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and was given as an occupational name for a burner of charcoal or a gatherer of coal, from the Middle English (1200-1500) coleman, derived from the Old English col- (char) coal and mann, man. This source of the surname is the same as that of the surname Collier.

Another possible source is also of English origin, from an occupational name for the servant of a man named Cole,

Early records

The name first appears in Jersey church registers in 1782, when John, from Ireland, married Marguerite Girard in St Saviour. Another John married Susanne Bertram in St Helier in 1804. There is no record of children of either of these marriages. John, son of William and Maria Cock, was baptised in St Peter in 1812.

The next baptisms were the children of another William, and Celia Collins, in St Helier and St Brelade in 1837 and 1838, respectively.


  • Coleman
  • Colman

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