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Conefray family page

No information is available about the derivation of this surname. It has been suggested that it may originally have been Colefroyd. The family has been present in Jersey since at least the mid 17th century. There are only 17 baptism records containing the name and these exhibit a number of variations in spelling.


The 1645 marriage record of Pierre Conefray and Catherine Le Quesine in St John

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Early records

The family seems largely to have lived in St Lawrence. Parish historian Henry Coutanche mentioned a Marie Conefray in an article in the journal of the Channel Island Family History Society. She would appear to be the same Marie Conefray who appears in the short family tree (see link below):

"In 1805, Marie Conefray, fille de Richard, parted with her tiny five vergee farm to the same Philippe Gruchy, fils Elie. This sale included her house and outbuildings, and the lands called Le Clos de Haut, Le Petit Clos, Le Jardin a Potage et Le Grand Jardin. Marie probably owned nothing else, and after a life barely above subsistence level needed some security for her declining years. She must have found her inheritance too much to cope with now at the advanced age of 77, and with no family to care for her, she had to make her own arrangements. In return for giving up her means of livelihood and her home she would receive the annual interest from seven quarters of wheat rente, and, more importantly, she retained the use of one room in her house for life, without payment.
"Three years later, in 1808, perhaps because he too was getting old, Philippe Gruchy, fils Elie, sold both small properties to Philippe Romeril, fils Edouard, who sold them to Clement Noel and Jeanne Godfray, his wife, in the following year, 1809. Marie Conefray was still enjoying her retirement in the West room of her house."


  • Conefray
  • Confroy
  • Conefrey
  • Colefroyd
  • Conofroy
  • Cosnefroid
  • Cosnefray

Family records


Family trees




Family wills

This will created by a member of the Conefray family is now held by Jersey Archive. By visiting the archive site and using the names, date and reference number shown here, it is possible to view a copy of each will. You will have to subscribe to the Archive's online service to do this. To find out more about this collection, which covers the period from 1663 to 1948, and how to search for your family's wills there, visit our Jersey wills page

  • Eliza Conefray, wife of Florent Auguste Le Fevre - 6 July 1936, D/Y/A/99

Conefray houses

Family gravestones

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