Constructing the coastal fortifications

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Constructing coastal defences


A German rangefinder operator in one of the newly completed installations

This set of previously unpublished pictures, taken by an official German photographer in the early months of the Occupation, shows work under way on constructing the defences which would eventually form part of Adolph Hitler's 'Atlantic Wall'. The majority of the photographs were taken in Jersey, but the collection, sent to us by a private collector, includes some of Guernsey. Also included are a number of other photographs depicting other aspects of life in the islands under German occupation, not necessarily taken by the same photographer


Many of the photographs were taken at Portelet, and on the Noirmont cliffs above the bay, in 1941

Elizabeth Castle 1941


Sundry images

And it's all over - the Royal Proclamation of Jersey's Liberation read in the Royal Square
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