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Copp family page


Ada Maria Copp (1871-1922) who married John Pinel Le Brun (1874-1946)

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Origins of surname

This name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and has two possible derivations. It may have been given to someone who lived at the top of a hill, from the old English copp, (a summit). THe name may also have been a nickname given to someone with a distinctive head, or to someone who was boastful or big-headed, from the Middle English copp = top.

Early records

The name was brought to Jersey by Elkanah Thomas Copp, of Tiverton, who married Elizabeth Wood in St Helier in 1821.


  • Copp
  • Coppin, found in Jersey and believed to be a different family

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Family album

Charles Copp was born in St Helier in 1860, the son of John and Johanna, nee Cook. They emigrated to Queensland in 1867, where Charles' brother William was born. Charles married Ruth Dennison in 1884 and they had six children. Charles was a confectioner and this was his shop. He was declared insolvent in 1899 and moved to Melbourne

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