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Corbet family page


Moyse Corbet

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Origin of Surname

This surname originates from the Latin word corvus meaning crow or raven. This makes it synonmous with Corbel, but the two are separate families in Jersey.

Channel Islands variants

  • Corbett
  • Corby
  • Corbin

International variants

  • Corbit
  • Corbitt
  • Corbitts
  • Corbie
  • Corban

Family records


Family trees

Three variations on the Moyse Corbet ancestry from different sources





  • Moyse Corbet - Lieut-Governor of Jersey
  • Denys Corbet - Poet, painter
  • Jean Thomas Corbet - Quarry owner, grower
  • John Henry Corbet - Fruit Export Merchant, Constable
  • William Corbet, "Melon King" - Fruit grower, Constable, Minister
  • Ernest Corbet - Fruit grower, Constable
  • Jurat Wilfrid Corbet (1893-1966) - founder of Vale Rec Football Club


Great War service

Daughter and grandson son of Louis Francois and Ernestine Corbet

  • Blanche Caroline Corbet (1883- ) (St P) daughter of Louis Francois and Ernestine, Mercantile Marine
  • Francis Gordon Joseph Corbet (1902- ) (St H), son of Blanche, unknown father from London Mercantile Marine
  • Wilson John Corbet (1896- ) (St P) Wireman RN, HMS Victory II


Family wills

Family gravestones

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Related Places

  • Corbet Field - playing field of Vale Rec Football Club

Further Reading

  • "Corbet Surname - Its Origins and Uses", Christian Corbet, Channel Islands Publications, 2010.
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