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Coulomb family page


Marie Coulomb was buried in St Peter in 1790

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Origin of surname

The name is of French origin, derived either from the old French colon or colomb for pigeon or from the medieval forename Colomb or Coulomb,. a name born by several little known saints.

Early records

The variation in spelling of the French derivative words is reflected in the spelling of the name in Jersey. Three or more variations can be found from generation to generation in a single family.

The name is found as Coulomb (Antoyne and family) as early as the mid 16th century in St Brelade.


  • Coulomb
  • Colombs
  • Coulons, 1692
  • Coulon
  • Coulomp
  • Coulomps, 1523
  • Le Colomb
  • Columb
  • Les Colons 1309
  • Columbe 1507
  • Colomb 1299
  • Columb, 1200
  • Les Coluns 1274

Family records


Family trees



Family gravestones

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