Coutanche Farm

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Coutanche Farm

Unsurprisingly this farm in Rue Coutanche, Trinity, is named after the Coutanche family who are believed to have owned it as early as 1540, and continuously until Charles Coutanche sold the property in 1820.


Three datestones were recorded in Vol 1 of Joan Stevens' Old Jersey Houses, which confirm the continuing Coutanche ownership. The earliest, no longer visible, was engraved RC IP 1696, for Renaud Coutanche (1640- ) and his wife Jeanne Pinel.

Above the front door is a stone engraved RCT 1725 MMG marking the house's ownership by Renaud Coutanche and Marie Mauger, who were married in 1704.

A stone on the east wall above a door is engraved CCT ♥♥ ILB 1812, for Charles, who sold the house, and Jeanne Le Bas.

Further stones were added by 20th century owners. GBB ♥♥ SNA 1970 on a plaque at the front of the house records the purchase of Coutanche Farm by George Bisson Barr and Shirley Norma Assinder; SRGAB CMC 1981 on the press house records the marriage of Simon Robert George Assinder Barr and Cheryl Margaret Cowan.

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