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A parish police register

Follow these links to articles concerning famous and notorious crimes and criminals in Jersey over the centuries, and some of the punishments imposed


Apart from the prison uniforms that these three men are wearing in a photograph taken in 1912, there is nothing about their appearance or demeanour which suggests that they were hardened criminals, but such they were. The trio (left to right), Clifford Charles Walker, aged 18, of St Helier; Walter Gallichan, 20, of St Helier; and William Edward Le Bas, 49, of St Peter, were all sentenced to 12 months hard labour on 23 March 1912, for burglary, having been presented in Court by Centenier Charles Cuming. Walker had three previous convictions for burglary and robbery, twice in 1909 and once in 1912, and had been progressively sentenced on those occasions to one month, three months and four months hard labour. Gallichan had just one previous conviction, having received two months hard labour in 1910 for burglary. Le Bas had been before the Court twice, in 1908 and 1910, the first time having received six weeks hard labour for making a false declaration of a birth, and the second having been fined ten shillings for assault.
John Vaudin presides over the Magistrate's Court
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