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d'Auvergne family page


An unknown Mr Dauvergne photographed by Ernest Baudoux in the 19th century

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Origin of Surname

The surname probably has geographical origins in the French region of Auvergne, although there is considerable doubt as to whether the Jersey family has the roots claimed for it in the family of the Counts of Auvergne. This was a convenience used to establish Philip d'Auvergne as a claimant to the Duchy of Bouillon, but is far from accepted by genealogists.

Early records

The name is found in the Assize Roll of 1309. Jean d'Auvergne was Constable of St Ouen in 1645 and died in 1662.

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

The family of D'Auvergne may fairly claim, by the deeds of its members, and by its vast territorial possessions, to rank among the noblest and most distinguished of the French nobility, while its antiquity is carried back, by authentic documents, as far as about the year 800.

It appears, by researches entered into at the command of Godfroy, last reigning Duke of Bouillon, that a cadet of the house of Auvergne had emigrated after the crusade against the Albigenses, in the early part of the 13th century, and was traced to England, where he continued, under the auspices of Guilleaume (or Peter) des Roches, who became, by the favour of the Prince (afterwards King Henry III), and High Chancellor of England.

This cadet was called Robert, and surnamed De Clermont, but at his emigration had taken his family name of Auvergne, having married, contrary to his father's consent, (who was Robert, fourth Count of Auvergne,) a lady named Boutet, of an ancient patrician house of Aquitaine, and in whoso family Guilleaume des Roches had been brought up. By this marriage Robert d'Auvergne had a son, whom he called Thiebault, after his maternal great uncle, Thiebault, Count of Champagne; and this Thiebault obtained, through the influence of the Chancellor des Roches, a grant of lands in the island of Jersey, about the year 1232, on which he settled, and became the stock from which the Jersey family of that name lineally descend.

The grant in question was, from its first grantee, called La Thiebault, and tradition has handed down the name to a portion of it (in the parish of St Ouen) to this day ; although, as appears from the records of sales preserved in the Royal Court of the island, it was alienated towards the close of the 17th century by a member of the family, after having been in its possession upwards of 400 years. At this period one branch of the family settled in St Helier, while another remained in its ancestral parish of St Ouen.


  • d'Auvergne 1749
  • Dauvergne,1607
  • Dauverne, 1309
  • de Auverne, 1309

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