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Davey family page


Ethel Kate Davey, nee Pascoe

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Origin of surname

This is a patronymic surname of Hebrew origins, and much associated with Wales. It means 'the son of David', from the Hebrew male given name meaning "beloved". The name is not recorded in any part of Britain before the Norman Conquest of 1066, and is regarded as being a 'Crusader' introduction. The returning soldiers adopted certain biblical and Greek names, of which David was one, and gave them to their children, particularly their sons.

Early records

The name is still present in Jersey today. The name first appears in Jersey baptism records in 1700, but then there is a gap of 99 years until the next baptism record. From 1806 to 1840 there were seven marriages in Jersey of Davy immigrants to Jersey women. Most came from the West Country, and several were garrison soldiers. The first families to become established were Richard Daniel Davy, from Plymouth, and Jane Browne, and William Davy and Mary de France.


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