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Origin of Surname

The surname de Beauchamp is a surname of Norman origin, referring to someone from a locality called Beauchamps (which means "fine fields" in French). There are a number of places called Beauchamps in France, including a commune near Granville in the département of La Manche in Normandy from which the Guernsey family was likely to have originated.

One of the earliest references in Guernsey is the Assizes Roll of 1309 which mentions Thomas De Beauchamp.

Anne de Beauchamp

Henry Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, was granted the Lordship of the Isles in the 15th century[1]. He was succeeded by his daughter, Anne de Beauchamp, who became Dame des Iles on his death in 1445.


  • De Beaucamps

Family Trees

Related Places


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