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de Faye family page

This family is best known for its eau-de-cologne business


De Faye's mineral water bottling plant

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Origin of Surname

Faye is thought to be derived from the Latin fagus (beech) and suggests that the original de Faye lived by a beech tree. The name is not found in Normandy and it is believed that the founder of the Jersey family was a Huguenot refugee in the 18th century. The name is most common in the Limousin region of France.

Early records

There does not appear to have been a single immigrant to Jersey. The great-grandfather of Eugene de Faye (1860-1929), a professor at the Sorbonne, is said by George Balleine in his Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, to have come to Jersey as a Huguenot refugee from Poitou in 1750.

His name is not given, but his son Francois is shown as born in Grouville. He then had a son Clement, who was Eugene de Faye's father.

The family tree (see links below) of Louis de Faye, shows that he was from Pamproux, which is in Poitou in France. His great-grandson Louis moved to Jersey in the mid-1700s and married a local girl, Jeanne Godeaux, in 1765. They had a son Francois, born in Jersey in 1785, but the tree shows his only son to have been another Francois, with no mention of a further son Clement.

We have now added further trees which cast doubt on the first to be included. Charles de Faye married Francoise Vendel (or Vande) in Jersey in 1720. He was from Poitou Charentes.

Baptism records, which were not available to us when this page was first created, show that Judith de Faye was baptised in Trinity on 2 May 1722. This is the first de Faye record in Jersey church registers. Her father was Charles, but her mother was not named. Jacques de Faye and his wife were godparents.

The next record is the baptism in St Helier on 27 April 1734 of Jacques, son of Charles and Francoise Vande. As the second tree below shows, Jacques and Judith were siblings.

The variation de la Faye was known as early as 1591, but this family seems to have died out.


  • de Faye
  • de la Faye

Family records


Family trees




Notable family members

  • Edward de Faye, killed at the Battle of Cambrai
  • Eugene de Faye (1860-1929) Professor at the Sorbonne
  • Francis de Faye, chemist and amateur photographer
  • Guy de Faye, great nephew of Edward, was a member of the States of Jersey from 2002 to 2008


Great War service

Notes on our list, abbreviations used etc Sons and daughter of Francis George de Faye and Phoebe, nee Kinsey

  • Thomas Louis de Faye (1865- ) (St H) son of Thomas and Elizabeth Sebire, husband of Adeline, nee Touzel, OV, Captain RMIJ


Family wills

Family businesses

De Faye chemists in David Place c1910

Family album

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Family gravestones

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