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De la Haye-Mitchell wedding, 1930

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Origin of Surname

This family probably came from La Haye du Puits, opposite Rozel on the French coast, or from La Haye Pesnel near Granville, or perhaps both. The name may be further derived from the old French haie meaning a hedge or enclosure.

It is a common name with several variants in Normandy. There is a record of Isenbardus de la Haia in 1050, Robertus de Haia in 1107 (he was founder of Bexgrove Priory in Sussex in 1123 and came from La Haye du Puits), Radulphus de Haia in 1257, Nicholas de Haya in 1198 and Gillebert de la Haie in 1261.

Early records

This is one of the oldest surnames in Jersey, found in the Short Inquisition of 1274

The de la Hayes in Jersey probably came direct from France but there was a prominent family of the name in Lincolnshire in the 12th century, descended from the Dukes of Normandy. The earliest de la Haye in this line, Richard, was born in La Haye du Puits.

The name was introduced to England after the Norman conquest. Ranulf de Lahaia appears in 1199, in the "Records of the Abbey of Colchester", Essex, during the reign of King Henry 1.

  • John de la Haye, born in Jersey about 1530, married Marguerite Le Breton, and their daughter Peronelle married Rogier Le Breton.


  • de La Haye, 1299
  • La Haye
  • Delahaye
  • Hay
  • de la Haie
  • Delhay
  • de la Hay, 1607
  • de Haga 1309
  • de Haya, c1160
  • de la Hey, 1597

Family records


Family trees

Above - Three versions from different sources of the same tree, with variations in later generations

The following tree takes the one above a further generation back but it has been found to have inaccuracies

And a comprehensive set of trees starting with the same couple




Family histories


Great War service


Family wills

Family homes

Family album

John de La Haye's farm, West Lynn, La Rue, St Ouen, in the 1930s. John was the husband of Lilian Elise, nee Amy, and father of John Amy and Douglas Philip (1912- ). It is believed that John was born in Trinity in 1886, the son of John de La Haye and Emma Jane Le Gallais

Family businesses

Family gravestones

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