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The 1625 St John burial record of Jean de La Rocque

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Origin of Surname

The name literally means 'of the rock', but more specifically it became a placename for many fortified summits. The commonest spelling in Normandy and northern France is Delaroque, whereas in southern areas Delaroche is more common.

It is not likely that the Jersey surname was derived from La Rocque on the island's east coast.

The surname appears in the Assize Roll of 1309. There is a record of it in Normandy in 1250, Johannes de Roqua appearing in the records of Lisieux, and 11 years later there is a reference to la ferme Erneys de la Roque

Although Roche and its variants are generally considered in France to be of the same derivation as Rocque and its variants, the de la Rocque and Roche families in Jersey have distinct ancestries.


  • de La Rocque, 1515
  • de La Roque, 1331
  • de La Rocq 1461
  • de Roke
  • de La Roke 1309
  • de Roka 1299
  • Delaroche
  • Roche
  • Roches
  • De La Roche, 1299
  • de Roches 1331*

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