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De Ste Croix family page


A Mrs De Ste Croix in the 1880s photographed by Ernest Baudoux

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Origin of Surname

There are two villages named Ste Croix in Normandy, from either of which the family may have come to Jersey.

Early records

The name is not found in the 13th century assize rolls and extentes but two references can be found in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550.

  • Noel de Ste Croix (b abt 1494) in Surville, Jersey, was the father of Symone (b abt 1520), who married Edmond Le Gallais.
  • Jean de Ste Croix (b abt 1508) in St Helier, married Rogiere Falle.
  • Noe de Ste Croix (1594-1627) married Marie Poingdestre.

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

This family has been settled in the island from a very early date, for in a confirmation of lands to the monks of St Mary of Bellozanne by King John in 1200, the name of Robert De Sancta Cruce is mentioned as a trustee.

One branch of this house, still holding land on the fief of Bellozanne, on an estate known as the "Pied du Cotil", is now represented by the eldest son of the late Gautieu De Ste Croix, and by Francois-Gautier De St. Croix, who with Durell Lerrier, also represent the distinguished Norman family of De Gascoing, Seigneurs of several important and extensive fiefs in that Duchy.

Another branch is represented by Philip De Ste Croix, Jurat of the Royal Court of Jersey, son of the late Aaron De Ste Croix, who was also a Jurat. His Brother, Francis De Ste Croix, married Amelia, daughter of the late Charles D'Auvergne, of Guernsey, and is thus connected with some of the most distinguished families of that island.


(As borne by Francis-Gautier De Ste Croix) Argent, a lion rampant, sable : quartering, Argent, three spear-heads radiating from the fesse point, between as many mullets of six points, pierced, gules, for De Gascoing ; and Azure, a griffin, segreant, or, for Louvel. Impaling, gules, on a mount, vert, two lions, rampant, supporting a tower, argent, for Kelly.

Crest. A dexter arm, embowed in armour, ppr, holding in the hand a cross passion.

Another : A cubit arm, vested, holding a plain cross.

Motto: In Deo confido.


  • de St Croix - this spelling is incorrect but is found in some documents
  • de Ste Croix, 1528
  • de Sancta Cruce, 1200
  • de Cruce 1214-5

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