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de Veulle family page

This has been mainly a St Clement family and is still present today


Jane Ann de Veulle, nee Cromack, wife of William Ernest de Veulle, who emigrated from Jersey to Victoria, British Columbia

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Origin of Surname

Surprisingly for a family which has been established in Jersey since at least 1550, no information can be found on the derivation of this surname. Veule is modern French for weak or feeble, so it is possible to conjecture that this may have something to do with the origin of the surname.

Victorian genealogist and historian J A Messervy conjectured in an article linked below that the name may have developed in Jersey, but his alternative suggestion that it comes from the village of Veules in Normandy is more likely. The village is actually called Veules-les-Roses, and it is near the mouth of the river Veules, close to Dieppe in the Seine Maritime Department. On the other side of Dieppe is the commune of Assigny, where a significant de Veulle family was established in the 1600s.

It is very likely that they were referred to somewhat earlier as the family from the area on the other side of the town.

Early references

The majority of the family lived in St Clement but there was a branch in Trinity in the 17th century, which either moved or died out. A single family lived in St Peter in the early 18th century.

These are some early de Veulle records which have not been linked to the family trees below

  • Jehan de Veulle is listed in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550
  • Philippe de Veulle was baptised in 1615
  • Michelle, widow of Philippe de Veulle, was buried in 1647
  • Clement, son of Philippe, was buried in 1663
  • Jean de Veulle married Rachel Cook in 1660; they had a son Philippe in 1675
  • Jean de Veulle was born in St Clement about 1640 and married Marguerite Touzel in 1665


  • De Veulle, 1525
  • Deveullez
  • Deveulles 1607
  • de Veulles 1494

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