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Unknown Deane sisters photographed in the 19th century by Ernest Baudoux

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Origin of Surname

The name is of English origin and is either a locational name from places so called in many parts of England, or a topographical name for someone dwelling in a valley, both deriving from the Middle English "dene" (Old English denu) meaning 'valley'. It may also be a nickname for someone thought to resemble a dean, or more probably an occupational name for a servant of a dean, deriving from the Middle English deen which is a borrowing of the Old French D(e)ien, itself coming from the Latin decanus, meaning 'a leader of ten men'.

Early records

Edemond Dean, the earliest known member of a prominent St Brelade family, is thought to have gone from England to St Malo in the late 16th century, his son Jean later settling in Jersey.

The question as to whether the Dean and Deans families of Jersey had a common ancestor or were entirely distinct, naturally arises, given the various insular spellings of the surname. In fact, most Jersey surnames were formerly spelt in numerous ways, the Dean family being no exception. However, "Carteret Deans" who married in 1665 Elizabeth Guilleaume, is easily identifiable as the father of "Mr Carteret Dean", who was buried in St Brelade in 1738. The latter had, amongst other issue, "Mr Jean D`Ean", otherwise known as Captain Jean Dean. It may not have helped that the family had only lived in Jersey, at that time, about five generations! It is, though, one family, with a common descent.


  • Deane
  • Deans
  • Deanes
  • Le Dean 1607
  • Dean 1299
  • Le Denne 1607
  • Dynne
  • Dyarine 1479
  • Dyanne 1309
  • Le Dene, 1292
  • Le Desne 1299

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Great War service

Notes on our list, abbreviations used etc

Mother and son

  • Jessie Deans (1871- ) (Manchester), living in Jersey, British Red Cross
  • Sidney Carswell Deans (1899- ) (Gr) son of Charles and Jessie, OV, Mercantile Marine


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