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Rhoda and Francis, children of the Northumberland Delaval family in the 18th century, probably relatively close cousins of the family which settled in Jersey

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Origins of surname

The name probably indicates someone who lived in a valley - French 'val'. However, this presents grammatical problems. The French for 'of the valley' is either du val, or de la vallée. There is no French valle. Du Val and Duval are common Jersey names. The names Delaval, Delavale and Delavalle were established in England, particularly Northumberland, probably back to the 11th and 12th centuries, so may have arrived at the time of the Norman Conquest.

The Jersey family appears to originate in England, probably this same Northumberland family.

There is another possible derivation, from the town of Laval in Brittany, close to St Malo, but followers of William the Conqueror who settled in England after the Conquest are more likely to have come from Normandy.

Early records

This was not a long-lived surname in Jersey. It first appeared in 1699 with the marriage of Robert Delavalle from England to Marie Burnel in St Helier. This is the only record with this spelling, Delaval being found in the baptism records of the couple's seven children. There are no Delaval baptism records after 1802, and no burial records with this spelling. However, there are burial records for Deleval in the first two decades of the 19th century, but no baptism records with that spelling.


  • Delaval
  • Delavalle
  • Deleval

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