Descendants of Charles Middleton de Quetteville

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Descendants of Charles Middleton de Quetteville


This tree was added in 2020 by Guy Dixon. Charles Middleton, at the top of the tree, claimed that his father was the merchant Philippe de Quetteville, who was Centenier and then Constable of St Helier, where Charles said he was born

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  • 1 Charles Middleton, otherwise known as Charles Middleton de Quetteville (1825-1903) [1] m (1855, St B) Mary Ann La Font (1825- ) d of Pierre and Susanne, née Leigh (St A)
    • 2 Charles John de Quetteville (1857-1930) living 1911 [2] unmarried
    • 2 Laura Jane de Quetteville (1862-1935) m Edouard de Caen
    • 2 Philip Winter de Quetteville (1867-1928) [3] m (1890, St O) Mary Hacquoil Le Boutillier (St O) d of Edouard
      • 3 Laura Mary de Quetteville (1890-by 1971) [4] m (1920, St H) Arthur Clarence Gosling [5]
      • 3 Philip Charles de Quetteville (1892- ) living 1903, as ainé
      • 3 Daisy Marie de Quetteville (1893-1980) m Frank Mark Winter Journeaux
      • 3 Philip Sydney de Quetteville (1894-1971) [6] m (Aus.) Eileen Smethurst [7]

Notes and references

  1. Charles`s birth and therefore parentage is currently an enigma. Church of England registers do not feature his baptism and a partage, or property division on death, has not been found for him, but rather for his widow, this being in 1903. Such records often mention the deceased`s father or inherited property. His name has not been found in any one else`s partage. There is no evidence yet that he was a Methodist or member of any other non-conformist church, which might explain the absence of a recorded christening. However, there was a christening in St Mary on the 7th June 1827, of a "Charles Middleton". No parentage was given. His sponsors were Charles Fixott Esq (a doctor, who may have given him his Christian name) and Marie Hubert, his wife. Significantly, they were required to be the baby`s sureties "that he would not become a burden to the parish". The baby therefore appears to have been a foundling or one given up by his mother to Dr Fixott. The surname Middleton does not provide any clear leads but may have indicated his birth in the middle of Town (St Helier, from subsequent census returns). He lived, and in the 1841 Census of St Brelade, was living in Bulwark Street (sic), St Aubin, in the house of John Leigh. Featured in his baptismal name of Charles Middleton, he was then aged 15 and was a Carpenter`s apprentice. Many St Aubin carpenters were either ships` carpenters (shipwrights) or would so be, on occasion, which would appear to have been applicable in his case. His marriage in St Brelade, in 1855, was to a relative of John Leigh`s. She was Marie Ann La Font, daughter of Pierre (of Harbour View, St Aubin), Grocer and of Susanna Leigh. It was witnessed by Thomas Leigh Bartlett, the Beaumont ship-builder. He married as Charles Middleton de Quetteville, naming, for the first time, his father as being Philippe de Quetteville, merchant. The first child born of this marriage was Charles John de Quetteville, in 1857. The 1901 Census of St John, Jersey, has Charles John as a Waiter at the Great Eastern Hotel and as nephew of the licensee, Edward Williams. Living with them, and other members of Williams` family, was St Helier-born "Charles de Quetteville, aged 75, Retired Shipwright", which evidently therefore had indeed been his original profession. Of greater interest is that he was described as Edward William`s "step-brother". This term is now, and was then, frequently confused with that of half-brother. Williams was born in St Helier in 1836, the son of Dorset-born Joseph Williams, Store-Keeper and Mary Anne Caillet, whom he had married in 1829. This produces no definite evidence but might provide a clue at least, as to one parent of de Quetteville`s, perhaps his mother, seeing that he claimed as father, the merchant, Philippe de Quetteville, who lived in St Helier and had become its Constable in the year of Charles`s christening. Of possible relevance, is that Colonel Philippe de Quetteville had lost his wife in 1821 and had not yet remarried. Perhaps Mary Anne Caillet had been, at this stage, in domestic service, employed by de Quetteville. The Jersey Ecclesiastical Court records may therefore contain further information. A similar situation existed in the case of Colonel Matthieu Le Geyt. Charles`s occupation, on marriage, was given as "Commis", or agent. He had been for some years an agent in the Newfoundland fisheries at Burgeo, having perhaps gone there as a shipwright. As an agent, he worked initially for the Nicolles but afterwards for de Gruchy, Renouf and Clement. As though fortune had not been already sufficiently unkind to Charles de Quetteville, he had a nightly torment, in the fear of ghosts. Marion G. Turk records: "De Quetteville, agent for Clement [the surviving partner of Messrs de Gruchy, Renouf and the same Clement] in Newfoundland was afraid of ghosts. He slept in a huge wooden box lined with sailcloth, and pulled the lid over him. First, he made the cook go all through the agent`s house and basement with a lantern before he got into the box": The Quiet Adventurers in Canada, (Detroit: Harlo, 1979), 215
  2. Charles John de Quetteville was by 1891 and still in 1901 a Waiter at the Inns run by his uncle, Edward Williams, these being at L`Etacq and in St John, respectively. By 1911, he was described in the census as a "Clerk, Wine Merchant." He, his two younger siblings and brother-in-law Edouard de Caen, are all mentioned in a partage [R.P. 339/26 (1903)] regarding the La Font inheritance. Mary Ann La Font`s parents are named
  3. Born in Burgeo, Newfoundland and christened there as "Philip Winter Middleton or de Quetteville", he was the Licensee of the Red Lion, Halkett Place, St Helier
  4. On marriage, Eating House Keeper [perhaps at the Red Lion]
  5. Undertaker`s Assistant
  6. Engineer`s Apprentice, 1911; he settled in Australia, where he married and was a Storeman, living at 16, Littlewood Street, Hampton, Victoria
  7. The Age, Wednesday May 19th 1971, in which no children are mentioned in the Death Notice but his late parents, wife, late sister Laura and sister Daisy Marie, are included
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