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There seems to be more problems with Bisson trees starting with a Clement than with most of the remaining 3,000 or so Bissons born in Jersey put together. We are working at trying to untangle the knots in Bisson ancestries in the 18th centuries, but meanwhile we felt that this submitted tree should be included, with our comments.

It conflicts with our existing tree, which seems to fit much better with parish church records. The submitted tree is very confused at generation 4, showing two simultaneous marriages for Clement (1816- ) with children appearing under both. We are satisfied that this Clement was only married once and have shown those children who we believe are correctly linked to the marriage.

Clement at the head of the tree was probably born in 1736 in St Peter, the son of Jean and an unknown wife. There is no record of his marriage to Marie Anne Raymond. The birth record for Clement Bisson, born in St Peter in 1788/9 shows his mother to be Marie William. A St Saviour register entry shows them married there in 1788.

Another tree shows Clement at generation 1 born in Quebec, Canada in 1740 and marrying Marie Anne Raymond, before coming to Jersey where their son Clement was born in 1788. We can find no record of a Clement Bisson being born in St Brelade at this time.

  • 1 Clement Bisson (1734- ) m Marie Anne Raymond
    • 2 Clement Bisson (1788-1855) m Marie Charlotte Bilodeau (1782- )
      • 3 Marie Charlotte Bisson (1804- )
      • 3 Clement Bisson (1816-1891) m Esther Helleur (1811-1842)
        • 4 Esther Mary Bisson (1834-1898) (St B)
        • 4 Ann Bisson (1836- ) (St B)
        • 4 Philip John Bisson (1838- ) m (St B) m Mary Anne Helleur (1851- )
          • 5 Philip Helleur Bisson (1865-1943)
          • 5 Dinah Bisson (1867- )
          • 5 William Bisson (1870- )
          • 5 John Bisson (1876- )
          • 5 Mary Bisson (1878- )
          • 5 Laura Bisson (1880- )
        • 4 Clement Bisson (1842- ) (St B)
        • 4 George Philippe Bisson (1844- ) (St B)
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