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We have no more confidence in this version of the Clement Bisson descendancy than we do of the two others, Descendants of Clement Bisson and Descendants of Clement Bisson - 2. We cannot understand how Clement (gen 1) could have been born, married and died in Quebec, yet have had a son born in Jersey, who remained there and was 19 when his parents, who had returned to Canada, died within ten days of each other. Clement (gen 2) is not in the St Brelade baptism register, and there is no Jersey record of his marriage in Jersey to Charlotte Bilodeau, a Canadian. There is also no record of the baptisms of Clement and Esther Eliza (gen 3). There was a baptism for Esther Elizabeth Bisson in St Helier in 1835. Her father was Clement but her mother was Esther Helleur, as shown in Descendants of Clement Bisson - 2.

  • 1 Clement Bisson (1740- ) (St Foye, Quebec, Canada) m Marie Anne Raymond (1750-1807)
    • 2 Clement Bisson (1788-1855) (St B, Jersey) m Charlotte Bilodeau (1782- ) (Canada)
      • 3 Clement Bisson (1816-1891) m 1, Elizabeth Divers (1812-1880); 2, Esther Helleur (1811-1901)
        • 4 Esther Mary Bisson (1834- )
      • 3 Esther Eliza Bisson (1836- )
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