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Clement William Hemery, son of Peter Hemery was born 10 August 1847 in Jersey. He married Elizabeth Pendered (nee Williams) on 7 February 1868 in Liverpool. They sailed for Melbourne Australia on 1 October 1869.

They had three children, William Clement Hemery, born 7 December 18688, Alfred Charles Hemery, born 31 January 1873, died 18 March 1873, in Melbourne, and Charles Jersey Hemery born 19 October 1874 Melbourne. Elizabeth Hemery died before 1910.

Clement William Hemery married Roberta McDonnell on 26 March 1910 in Melbourne. She was the daughter of W McDonnell of Benalla, Victoria. They had two children, Clement John Peter Hemery born 26 April 1913, in Hobart, Tasmania, and Alys Marie Hemery, born 4 September 1915, in Hobart. Clement William died on 29 October 1929 at Colomberie, East Malvern, Victoria.

David Hemery winning his gold medal

Children of first marriage

William Hemery

William Clement Hemery married Edith Martha Chisholm of Wellington, New Zealand, sister of Beatrice, on 6 November 1893, in Wellington, New Zealand. She was born on 7 March 1871. They had two children, Lyndon Clement Hemery born 1897, and Violet Edith Hemery born 1901. Later William Clement married Viva Beechey of Shepperton, Victoria.

Lyndon Clement married Mary Pease of Auckland, New Zealand. They had two children, Janis Mary Hemery who married Claude Peleton of France, and Gillian Viva Hemery who married John Luttrell of New Zealand. Violet Edith married Arthur James Rathbone of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. They had three children, Beverley Edith Rathbone, June Rathbone and William Arthur Rathbone.

Charles Hemery

Charles Jersey Hemery married Beatrice Mary Chisholm, sister of the Edith who married his brother, on 6 April 1901 in Sydney. She was from Wellington, New Zealand and was born 19 July 1875. They had three children, Vivian Charles Hemery, born 1905, Gwenda Beatrice Wilder Hemery, born 1908, and Peter Ronald Bentley Hemery, born 1911.

Vivian Charles married Dorothy Jean Dartnall of Perth. They had four children, Margaret Jean Hemery, born 1930, who married Arthur Wallis, of Western Australia, in 1950; Robert Charles Hemery, born 1932, who married Maureen Bryant, of Western Australia, in 1956; Ernest Ronald Hemery, born 1937, who married Nancy Watts, of Western Australia, in 1960; and Patricia Mary Ruth Hemery born in 1948.

Gwenda Beatrice Wilder Hemery married George Colman Phillips, a lawyer from New Zealand.

Peter Ronald Bentley Hemery was a chief accountant in Braintree Massachusetts, USA, and married Eileen Beatrice Price, daughter of Charles Royal Price of London. They had four children, Judith Eileen Hemery, born 1942, David Peter Hemery, born 1944, who won the Olympic gold medal for the 400 metre hurdles at the 1968 Olympic Games; John Anthony Hemery born 1947, and Anthea Mary Hemery born 1949. Judith married Anthony J Howick of London, and had one child in 1979. David Peter was a Churchill Fellow. John Anthony was also a Churchill Fellow, and married Virginia R Oliphant of Haslemere, Surrey. Anthea Mary married Kenneth A Bruffee, Professor of Writing, New York.

Children of second marriage

Clement Hemery

Clement John Peter Hemery married Norma Jean Turnbull, daughter of Herbert Turnbull of Ardmona, Victoria. They had two children, Peter Turnbull Hemery born 1943, and Janet Lyndon Hemery born 1945. Clement John Peter Hemery died in 1968. Peter Turnbull Hemery married Catherine Louise Johnson, daughter of Paul Johnson. They had three children between 1972 and 1979.

Alys Hemery

Alys Marie Hemery married Kenric George Teague of Kew, Victoria. They had three children, Felicity Teague who married Peter Francis Druce, Robin Teague who married Francis Henry Gordon Peter Fisher , and Rosemary Teague who married Christopher Thomas Ward.

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