Descendants of Collas Le Brun

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Descendants of Collas Le Brun

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  • 1 Collas Le Brun (1500?- ) of St Peter m unknown
    • 2 ?Jean Le Brun "of Les Vaux" m unknown
      • 3 Pierre Le Brun, "son of Jean" of Le Mont au Guet [at the west end of the Airport runway] living 1616; apparently no issue
    • 2 Simon Le Brun (1525?- ) "des Vaux de la Mare" (the slopes above the valley with a north-south axis, named Val de la Mare), "son of Collas" [C.Hér. 6/98 (1593)]; holding, in addition to his own land, a 40 year lease of 15 perches from Clement Bauche, 1566 m unknown
      • 3 Nicolas Le Brun (1550?- ) "son of Simon", with land below the runway approach at La Marette, 1588; owing the Crown 3 sous (porcage) 1607 [Extente] m Françoise Le Couteur, d of Michel, of St Peter
        • 4 Pierre Le Brun (1575?-1636) of "Les Vaux de la Mare"; Officier des Chemins, Grande Vingtaine; m (1608?) Marie Le Sebirel, d of Richard of St Peter and Marthe Pipon of La Moye, and sister of Simon, Advocate and Cromwellian Jurat
          • 5 Simon Le Brun (1610?- ) died by 1642; sells some of his land, in the region of Mont à La Brune (Le Brun), 1637, to his co-heirs; his brother sells the remainder, 1642; no issue
          • 5 Nicolas Le Brun (1614?- ) died by 1652; of Les Vaux de la Mare. Sells his inheritance [Registre 12/175] to his uncle, (Advocate) Simon Le Sebirel, 1642, who sells it [Registre 12/208] to Philippe Le Feuvre, May 1643, father of Pierre, below, the latter being guardian in 1652 of "the [only surviving] child" of this Nicolas Le Brun, also Procureur of his elderly mother, Marie Le Sebirel, 1647. Nicolas Le Brun m (1643) Jeanne Le Brocq
            • 6 Denize Le Brun (1643- ) ?m (1667, St Peter) ( -- ) Le Roux
            • 6 Sara Le Brun (1645- ) died in infancy
            • 6 Marie Le Brun (1646- ) probably one of those who died by 1652
            • 6 Susanne Le Brun (1649- ) probably one of those who died by 1652
          • 5 Foy Le Brun (1617?- ) m (1643) Abraham Balleine
          • 5 Françoise Le Brun (1620?-1690)** m (1645) Pierre Le Feuvre (1620?-1688), fils Philippe, (above), of Val de La Mare, who inherited from his father, the former Le Brun property [Extente, 1668]
            • 6 Pierre Le Feuvre (1646- ) who inherited the former Le Brun property at Les Vaux de la Mare [held by his descendants in 1749, Extente]
            • 6 Simon Le Feuvre (1652-1735) of Val de la Mare; godparents: Simon Le Sebirel and his wife
        • 4 Philippe Le Brun (1580?- ) m unknown
          • 5 Susanne Le Brun (1603?-1647?) no issue
          • 5 Daniel Le Brun (1605?- ) Merchant at St Malo, 1637, 1643--
        • 4 Isabel Le Brun (1582?- ) m Brelade Alexandre of Les Ormes, St Brelade [Registre 11/137]
          • 5 Pierre Alexandre, living 1637, (see below)
        • 4 Denize Le Brun (1585?- ) Denize "fille Nicolas Le Brun, fils Simon" m Pierre Le Brun s of Nicolas of St Peter
          • 5 Guillaume Le Brun (1605?- ) m (1629) Marie Le Cerf d of Jacques
            • 6 Pierre Le Brun (1634- ) godparents: Simon Le Brun (above) and Denize Le Brun (grandmother)
            • 6 Guillaume Le Brun (1638- ) godparents: Richard Orange and his wife (below)
          • 5 Marie Le Brun (1607?-1659) m (1627) Richard Orange (died 1644) of St Brelade, whose descendants owed annually 2 cabots of wheat to the Le Feuvres, "pour leur partie d`héritage, causa matris" [Françoise Le Brun]
          • 5 Nicolas Le Brun of St Peter m (1638) Susanne Le Sebirel, d of Matthieu (with issue)
        • 4 Marie Le Brun (1587?- ) m Nicolas Salmon
          • 5 Philippe Salmon (1610?- ) In 1637: buys, with Pierre Alexandre and Guillaume Le Brun (both above), their mothers being Marie Le Brun, Isabel and Denize, sisters, land in Val de la Mare, from Simon Le Brun (above)---L/C/111/A3/42
        • 4 Katherine Le Brun (1590?- ) m Jean Bisson
      • 3 Jeanne Le Brun (1555?- ) living 1619 m Henry Le Vesconte
      • 3 Michel Le Brun (1560?- ) "fils Simon", living 1640
    • Françoise Le Brun,** wife of Pierre Le Feuvre, was the last surviving member of this branch of Le Brun, whose former land adjoined Mont à La Brune. She is likely to have been the female Le Brun who gave the hill its name.
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