Descendants of Elie Le Gresley

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Descendants of Elie Le Gresley

Mark Pepin, the owner of this tree at Geneanet, which links to the Pepin descendancy did not show Elie Le Gresley’s ancestors as they appear in other trees, and added this note: ‘It is tempting to identify the Elie Le Gresley who married Esther Syvret on 22 Jan 1702 with Elie son of Elie son of Nicolas son of Jonas of the St Ouen Le Gresley family researched by Jack Worrall. This other Elie, however, was baptized on 1 January 1692 and would have been ten years old at the wedding.’

We are not so sceptical about the ancestry of Elie, however, because the marriage does not appear in the St Ouen register (or elsewhere) and the first recorded child of the marriage – Elizabeth – was baptised in 1710. The record of Elie’s baptism in 1712 does not show the mother’s name. The 1710 baptism shows the father’s father as Elie. It was most unusual at this time for a couple’s first child not to be born until eight years after their marriage, and we suspect that Elie and Esther were married several years later than 1702.

Mark Pepin notes that there are two other candidates for the Sara Vibert who married Elie Le Gresley at generation 2; one born 1 Jul 1705 in St Mary, the other 6 May 1716 in St Peter; but the St Ouen girl is the most likely according to Jack Worrall.

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  • 1 Elie Le Gresley m (1702, St O) Esther Syvret (1683- ), d of Pierre (1657-1690) and Esther Jean (1661-1723)
    • 2 Elie Le Gresley (1712-1763) m (1734, St H) Sara Vibert (1706-1737) d of William (1678- )
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