Descendants of Elie de Gruchy and Marie Cabot

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Descendants of Elie de Gruchy

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  • 1 Elie de Gruchy (1776-1831) [1] m (1800, Tr) Marie Cabot
    • 2 Elie Philippe de Gruchy (1801-1870) of St Lawrence[2] m (1822, Tr) Marie Le Masurier
      • 3 Marie Rachel de Gruchy (1823- ) m 1 (1847, St H) Jean Le Masurier 2 Abraham Queréé
      • 3 Rachel Marie de Gruchy (1828- ) m (1851, St S) Elie Bisson of Seaton Place, St Helier, Master sailmaker [3]
      • 3 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1832- )
      • 3 Elie Philippe de Gruchy (1834- ) died without issue by 1871
      • 3 Anne Marie de Gruchy (1836-1836)
      • 3 Mary Ann de Gruchy (1838- ) m 1 Samuel Roberts; 2 (1885, St S) Philippe ("Philippe Jean") de Gruchy [4] s of Philippe Jean
      • 3 Lydie de Gruchy (1840- ) m (1869, St S) Philip Picot
    • 2 Jean Elie de Gruchy (1805-1870) of St Helier[5] m (1825, St H) Rachel Howard
    • 2 Philippe Jean de Gruchy (1809- ) of St Helier[6] m (1837, St H) Mary Ann Hamilton Clark [7]
      • 3 Mary Ann de Gruchy (1838-1926?) [8]
      • 3 Emma de Gruchy(1839- )
      • 3 Eleonore de Gruchy (1842- )
      • 3 Louisa de Gruchy (1844-1847)
      • 3 Philippe de Gruchy (1846- ) [9] m (1885, St S) Mary Ann de Gruchy, his 1st cousin, widow of Samuel Roberts

Notes and references

  1. Of Les Fontaines, Rondin, Trinity (purchased from his nephew in 1803)
  2. Shoemaker, formerly of Les Fontaines; Engraved at Les Fontaines, Rondin: EPDG 1825 MLM
  3. Among Bisson's employees at the time of the 1851 St Helier Census was William Huelin, who had already begun his career selling, presumably in his own time, coal. He was afterwards also a timber merchant and founder of the celebrated firm that would later be known as J W Huelin and Company and afterwards, as Huelin-Renouf Shipping
  4. Aged 39, the bride aged 46
  5. Bootmaker
  6. Shoemaker
  7. Philippe Jean`s St Helier christening entry provides evidence of a moment of clerical confusion. It states his mother was Mary Ann Hamilton Moore!
  8. Mary Ann`s age, as given at death, was "89"; she was buried on the 19/11/1926 (St James). She was probably born in late 1837 and then christened in the following spring
  9. Called on his marriage (1885) "Philippe Jean" s of "Philippe Jean"; Mariner
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