Descendants of Etienne Dolbel

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Descendants of Etienne Dolbel


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  • 1 Etienne Dolbel (1666?-1759) [1] liv. 1752 m Felice Samson
    • 2 Jeanne Dolbel (1689-1769) (St H) m (1711, Gr) Thomas Le Tubelin (St S)
    • 2 Etienne Dolbel (1691-1695) [2] (St H)
    • 2 Abraham Dolbel (1695-1750) [3] (St H) m (1719, Gr) Marie Le Brun (St H)
      • 3 Abraham Dolbel (1720- ) [4] (St H)
      • 3 Marie Dolbel (1723- ) [5] (St H)
      • 3 Etienne Dolbel (1726- ) [6] (St H)
    • 2 Elizabeth Dolbel (1696- ) [7] (St H)
    • 2 Marie Magdaleine Dolbel (1699- ) [8] (St H) liv. 1723
    • 2 Fely Dolbel (1702?- ) m (10/1718, St S) Aaron Durell
    • 2 Jean Dolbel (1706-1780) [9] (St H) m (1736, St My) Anne Dowton (1713-1786) [10] d of Francois (St H) and Anne Le Gros, d of George and Marguerite, née Le Goupil (St L)
      • 3 Jean Dolbel (1736-1804) [11] (St S) m (1757, St Mt) Elizabeth Le Haguée d of Philippe and Elizabeth, née Gihommard
        • 4 Elizabeth Dolbel (1758- ) [12] (St H) m Philippe Valpy dit Janvrin [13]
        • 4 Anne Dolbel (1760- ) [14] (St H)
        • 4 John Dolbel (1762- ) [15] (St H) m (1786, St S) Elizabeth Le Breton (1765-1803) d of François [16] and Elizabeth Penrose, his wife
          • 5 Elizabeth Dolbel (1788- ) (St H)
          • 5 Julie Dolbel (1790- ) (St H)
          • 5 Marianne Dolbel (1792-1824?) (St H) m (1814, St S) John Dolbel, Gent. (St H) [17]
          • 5 Caroline Dolbel (1794- ) [18] (St H) m (1827, St Geo. Hanover Sq.) Caesar Henry Hawkins (Eng.)
          • 5 Charlotte Robinson Dolbel (1795- ) (St H)
          • 5 Charlotte Dolbel (1797-1884, ae 87) (St H) m (1834, St Geo. Hanover Sq.) William Henry Kemm, Lieut.-General, HEICS [19]
          • 5 John Shlesinger Dolbel (1798-1875) (St H > Tr) unmarried
          • 5 Harriet Dolbel (1803- ) (St H)
      • 3 Anne Dolbel (1739- ) (St H) m (1759, St H) Jean Hue (1725-1807, ae 82) [20]
      • 3 Jeanne Dolbel (1740- ) [21] (St H)
      • 3 Etienne Dolbel (1742-by 1747) [22] (St H)
      • 3 Marguerite Dolbel (1743-by 1748) (St H)
      • 3 Edouard Dolbel (1745- )
      • 3 Etienne Dolbel (1747- ) [23] (St H)
      • 3 Marguerite Dolbel (1748- ) (St H) m (1774, St Mt) Clement Hemery [24]
      • 3 Marie Dolbel (1750- ) (St H)
      • 3 George Dolbel (1752- ) [25] (St H)
    • 2 Rachel Dolbel (1708- ) (St H)
    • 2 Judith Dolbel (1713- ) (St H)

Notes and references

  1. An Etienne Dolbel was christened in St Saviour, son of Julian, in 1666, with Etienne Aubin as godfather, after whom he was apparently named. This may be the Etienne Aubin, son of Jean, who bought in 1637 and 1639, rentes from his sister, Sara Aubin, the wife of Pierre Dolbel: L/C/112/E2/45 and 48, respectively, at the Jersey Archive. Etienne Dolbel is likely to have had a brother named Jean, who married Marguerite Samson, perhaps a sister of Felice. The couple had issue, baptized in St Helier in October 1698, twin boys named Jean and Etienne. The latter had as godparents Estienne Dolbel and Fely (sic) Samson, his wife
  2. Etienne Dolbel burials took place in St Helier in 1695, 1759 (above) and 1788
  3. Godparents: Abraham Aubin junr., after whom he was named, and his sister. He was buried as “Abraham Dolbel fils Etienne Dolbel”
  4. Godmother [translated]: “Phely Samcon, Grandmother”
  5. Legatee in the 1775 Will of John Dolbel, Merchant, her uncle. Etienne Dolbel and Marie, his daughter, were her godparents, the latter identifying the former as being the infant`s grandfather
  6. Godparents: Me Thomas Le Tubelin and Mse Jeanne Dolbel, his wife
  7. Godfather: Mr Henry Aubin
  8. Godfather: Pierre Aubin
  9. Merchant. The Will of John Dolbel (sic), Merchant, of the Island of Jersey, was dated 2nd September 1775 and proved in 1784: D/Y/A/13/3, at the Jersey Archive. He is probably the man of this name listed among the first members of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, on its being founded on the 24th February 1768. He answered for one ship, or shares in ships, to the total of 30 tons, this being an average tonnage among the Chamber`s other members. This serves as a reminder that the era of large Jersey fleets had not yet arrived. A.C. Saunders, in Jersey in the 18th and 19th Centuries, (Jersey: J.T. Bigwood, 1930), 191, includes a list of the Island`s vessels in 1737, amounting to merely twenty-nine ships, a fleet similar in size to that belonging to just one of the larger merchants in the next century. John Dolbel`s Will mentions Dowton relatives, Le Cras; his son John Dolbel, grandchildren John Dolbel, Elizabeth Dolbel and Ann Dolbel; his beloved wife Ann Dolbel [née Dowton]; his daughters Ann Dolbel, wife of John Hue, and Margaret Dolbel, wife of Clement Hemery. The testator`s Hue grandchildren, John, Nicolas, Corbet, Ann, Mary and Jane were legatees and provision was made, should there have been issue born of his daughter Margaret Dolbel`s union with Clement Hemery. In fact there was issue, Clement Hemery junior, born in 1776. A bequest of £4 sterling was made in favour of “Mary Dolbel, the daughter of Abraham Dolbel, my Brother, deceased”. The testator was evidently prosperous. In A.G. Jamieson (ed.) A People of the Sea (London: Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1986), 181, the contributing author writes “ The names which appear most frequently among the owners of Jersey privateers with uncontested condemnations to their credit are those of the Janvrins, the Hemerys, Thomas Mallet and John Dolbel. ..John Dolbel, with John Kerby, was owner of Dolphin, to which 5 prizes were condemned in 1793 and 1794.” From the dates, three generations of merchant John Dolbels are clearly indicated. John Jean writes, in Jersey Ships and Railways, (Jersey: La Haule Books, 1989), 60: “Other owners listed as joint partners [of the Hemerys] in a number of vessels were....Jean Dolbel, shipowner 1782-1815”. This association of the name John Dolbel with the Hemerys, in both the above works, would tend to confirm the identity of the former. It should, however, be noted that there was a contemporary Dolbel merchant family, which also owned ships. This was the family featured in Descendants of Daniel Dolbel. As both families had John Dolbels, care is needed to avoid confusion, especially in the period 1790-1815
  10. Messervy, in his genealogy of the Hue family, in ABSJ V, 128 , appears to have mistaken this surname with Denton
  11. Merchant; Constable of St Helier, 1800-1803. His godfather was [translated]: “Me Etienne Dolbel, Grandfather” and godmother: Anne Le Gros [maternal] Grandmother
  12. Godparents: Mr John Dolbel senr., Grandfather, and Mse Elizabeth Gihommard, Grandmother, wife of Mr Philippe Le Haguée
  13. Jersey Merchant in Arichat, Cape Breton Island and the Bay of Gaspé, and Shipowner
  14. Godparents: Mr Philippe Le Haguée, Grandfather, and Mse Anne d`Autonne [Dowton], Grandmother, wife of Mr John Dolbel senr.
  15. Titled “Gentleman” in 1786 and “Esquire” in 1795, he will have been, respectively, a Lieutenant and then Captain in the militia. Merchant
  16. Dean of Jersey
  17. Marianne`s husband, John Dolbel, is identified by the description "Gentleman". Unlike England, where these ranks, despite government efforts to the contrary, were used fairly loosely, in Jersey they had, from the 1790s, legal force. There were effective and structured legal definitions for such titles. They had little to do with "family" or money. Seigneurs of major fiefs (the Dolbels held no fief), advocates and Oxbridge graduates, other than clergy, who had their own titles, were ranked as Ecuyers (Esquires), as were naval officers of the rank of Lieutenant and above. Military officers of the rank of Captain and above held, also, this rank. Seigneurs of lesser fiefs, naval midshipmen and military officers, which included those of local militias, of the rank of Lieutenant and below, were ranked "Gentlemen". Marianne`s husband was therefore a militia Ensign or Lieutenant. In the decade before her marriage and after it, only two John Dolbels were militia officers, her father being the elder of the two, and her husband, a Lieutenant in 1814 (Gentleman), promoted a Captain in 1815 (Esquire), being the other. He was the widowed John Dolbel son of Daniel
  18. Godparents: Philippe Valpy dit Janvrin, Uncle, and Elizabeth Dolbel, his wife, Aunt
  19. Bengal Army. Their son, Henry Caesar Kemm (1840-1872) was a Lieutenant, H.M. 91st Regiment of Foot (Argyleshire Highlanders)
  20. Vingtenier in St Helier and Merchant: ABSJ, V, 119. They were the parents of, amongst others, Corbet Hue, Dean of Jersey
  21. Godparents: Mr Thomas Le Tubelin and Mse Jeanne Dolbel, his wife, Uncle and Aunt
  22. Godfather: Me Etienne Dolbel, grandfather
  23. Godfather: Me Etienne Dolbel, grandfather
  24. Merchant and shipowner
  25. Godfather: Etienne Dolbel, Grandfather. He will have been the George Dolbel, Master Mariner, captain of the privateer Defiance in 1785: J. Jean, Jersey Sailing Ships, (Chichester: Phillimore & Co., 1982), 138, 39
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