Descendants of Eugene Perredes

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Descendants of Eugene Perredes

Eugene Perredes' reason for emigrating to Jersey are uncertain. He was not a refugee, or farmworker, from Normandy or Brittany, but a languages professor from the far south of France. His wife was from Jersey, but they must have returned to France, because census records show that their first two children were born there. The family would become one of the most important names in Jersey cattle breeding in the 20th century

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  • 1 Eugene Perredes (1835- ) St Croix Legere, France m Susanne Aubin (1835- ) (St S) daughter of Josue (1811- ) and Susanne Queree (1817- )
    • 2 Eugene Perredes (1859-1883) (Fr)
    • 2 Lydie Susanne Perredes (1863- ) (Fr) m Thomas Francis Whitley (1863- )
    • 2 Gedeon Paul Perredes (1869-1935) (St S) m Jane Esther Mourant (1863-1954)
      • 3 Eugene Charles Perredes (1892-1966)
      • 3 Adele Perredes (1897-1976)
      • 3 Alice Lydia Perredes (1899- )
      • 3 Aubin Mourant Perredes (1900-1964)
      • 3 Lucille Perredes (1904- )
      • 3 Florence Matilda Perredes903- ) (1
    • 2 Pierre Elie Felix Perredes (1874-1950) m Elizabeth Anna Henderson (1876-1961)
      • 3 John Felix Perredes (1905-1963)
      • 3 Paul Jago Perredes (1908-1975) m (1933, Norwich) Vera Gertrude Hodges
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