Descendants of Francois Le Calvez

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Descendants of Francois Le Calvez

This tree was supplied to us by a family member in 2017. It shows quite a common occurrence among Breton immigrant families. Desire Joseph and Marie Collett were married in France, moved to Jersey, where their first child was born, returned to France and had a daughter there, then moved permanently to Jersey and had eight more children


A Le Calvez family group photograph

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  • 1 Francois (possibly Jean) Le Calvez (1727-1772) (Tredrez, Cotes d'Armor, Brittany) m Anne Blanchet
    • 2 Desire Joseph Marie des Anges Le Calvez (1874-1945) (St Quay Portrieux, Brittany) to Jersey m Marie Noel Collett (1877-1967)
      • 3 Adolphe Joseph Le Calvez (1894-1962) (St P) m Clarice Le Claire (1896-1987)
        • 4 Emile Joseph Le Calvez (1917- ) (St B) m Maud Louise Chant (1905- )
        • 4 Marguerite Clarice Le Calvez (1920-1998)
        • 4 Adolphe Arthur Le Calvez (1922-1922)
        • 4 Lucille Rachel Le Calvez (1924-1996)
        • 4 Pauline Joan Le Calvez (1926-2014)
        • 4 Elvina Mary Le Calvez (1928-2005)
        • 4 Helen Mary Le Calvez (1930-2007)
        • 4 Madeline Ada Le Calvez (1932-2006) m Robert Edward Le Claire
      • 3 Marie Josephine Le Calvez (1897- ) (Plehedel, Brittany)
      • 3 Guilleaume Le Calvez (1896-1981) (St P) m Adele Augustine Marie Gautier (1886-1973) to USA
        • 4 Maurice William Le Calvez (1918- )
        • 4 Lucien Le Calvez (1920-1983)
      • 3 Adele Le Calvez (1898- ) (St P)
      • 3 Anne Marie Le Calvez (1900- ) (St P) m (1925) Ernest Frederick Elliott
      • 3 Alfred Jean Le Calvez (1902-1946) (St P) m (1922) Jeanne Eugenie Tardivel (1900-1980)
        • 4 Alfred Desire Victor Le Calvez (1922-1960) m Augustine Jeanne Florence Poulain (1917-2014) to UK
          • 5 Susan Le Calvez (1956-1978)
        • 4 Jeanne Eugenice Le Calvez (1924-1992) to USA on Queen Mary 1950 m (1952) Gerald Michael Rock (1925-2007)
        • 4 Victor Jean Le Calvez (1928-2009) to USA
      • 3 Eliza Le Calvez (1903- ) (St P)
      • 3 Jeanne Le Calvez (1905-1924) (St P)
      • 3 Leon Le Calvez (1907- ) (St P)
      • 3 Albert Le Calvez ( -1940) (St P) died on active service at Dunkirk
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