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This tree has been developed from a short tree submitted to us. That used the spelling Mignet for generation 1, Minier for the next three, but by generation 5 it had become Menier. Peter Francis Menier at generation 5 is shown with that spelling in the St Helier baptism register, and on his Australian death certificate, but his father and the rest of the family at generations 3 and 4 are clearly written as Minier in the 1881 census of St Lawrence and Meunier in 1891 and 1901.

Peter Francis Menier's father died after an accident in 1911, when his son was only four years old. His mother decided to emigrate to Australia to give Pete and his young sister Ivy a better chance in life.

But the family fell on hard times and Pete ended up as a ward of the State. After some hard times in care he ended up with Pop Willard, a farmer of Oakhampton, who treated him as part of his family. When his mother married again Pete rejoined the family to live at Cremorne and at 14 he started his apprenticeship as a hairdresser.

  • 1 Francois Mignet m Marie Jean Caubert
    • 2 Pierre Minier (1818- ) (Fr)
      • 3 Francois Minier (1843-1901) (Fr) m Marie Francoise Courcoue (1850- ) (Fr)
        • 4 Francois Minier (1871- )
        • 4 Mary Ann Minier (1876- )
        • 4 Louisa Reine Minier (1878- )
        • 4 Pierre Marie Minier (1879-1912) m Amanda Louisa Renault
          • 5 Peter Francis Menier (1807-1885) (St H) emigrated to Aus m (1931) Mavis Lillian Kay (1912-2001)
            • 6 Lyndsay Royce Minier (1834-1977)
            • 6 Shirley Minier
          • 6 Ivy Violet Minier (1909-2002)
        • 4 Ernest Minier (1885- )
        • 4 John Minier (1889- )
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