Descendants of George Deslandes

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Descendants of George Deslandes


George Deslandes, at generation 2, owned one of Jersey's largest shipbuilding companies in the mid-19th century. He was previously shown here as married twice, but all his children are now believed to be with Jane Le Feuvre

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  • 1 George Deslandes (1784-1857) [1] m (1806, St H) Judith Le Vavasseur dit Noel (1784-1843)
    • 2 George Deslandes (1808-1893) [2] m 1 (1835, St H) Jane Le Feuvre (1817-1862) d of George (1777-1842) and Margaret Elizabeth, nee Le Sueur (1791-1855)
      • 3 Jane Deslandes (1837-1925) m (1857, St H) Francis Le Sueur (1833- )
      • 3 Victoria Deslandes (1838-1842)
      • 3 George Noel Deslandes (1840-1888) OV. [3]
      • 3 John Noel Deslandes (1841-1844)
      • 3 Philip Noel Deslandes (1842-1842)
      • 3 Albert Deslandes (1842-1910) OV. [4] m Bridget Bourke (1854-1952) d of John and Mary
        • 4 Ethel Louise Deslandes (1880-1933) [5] m Thomas Pugsley
        • 4 Albert Le Feuvre Deslandes (1881-1932) OV. m (1908, Portsmouth) Mary Winifred Hennessey (1883-1969)
          • 5 Alwyn Ethel Deslandes (1909-1998) [6] unm.
          • 5 Albert Deslandes (1911-1965) m (1941, Plymouth) Christina Veronica Hale (1912-1965)
          • 5 Noreen Deslandes (1914-1915)
          • 5 Patricia Deslandes (1915-1991) m (1940, Salisbury) Kenneth Renouf
          • 5 Jane Deslandes (1917-1917)
      • 3 Alice Deslandes (1845-1931) m Daniel Le Vesconte [7]
      • 3 Louisa Deslandes (1846-1926) m (1866, St S) Philip Bourinot s of John
      • 3 Joseph Deslandes (1848-1908) [8] m (W. Derby, Lancs.) Ellen Brownlee Smith (1848- )
        • 4 George Peter Joseph Deslandes (1873-1949) (W. Derby) [9] m (1898, Everton, Lancs.) Hannah Keegan (1876-1944) d of James (Everton)
          • 5 William George Deslandes (1899-1983)
        • 4 Madeleine Deslandes (1875-1966) m (1902, Cheshire) Frederick William Billett
        • 4 Albert Francis Deslandes (1877-1879)
        • 4 Ellen Jane Deslandes (1879-1879)
      • 3 Edmund Peter Deslandes (1849- ) [10] m Jane A. ( -- )
      • 3 Francis Deslandes (1855- ) OV. [11]
    • 2 Jean Deslandes (1810-1840) [12]
    • 2 Julia Deslandes (1812-1845) m (1832, St H) Thomas Vibert (St My) [13]
    • 2 Jeanne Deslandes (1814-1863) m (1834, St H) Pierre Le Maistre (St My) [14] (issue)
    • 2 Noel Deslandes (1817-1817)
    • 2 Ann Deslandes (1820-1900) m (1852, Holborn) Thomas Vibert, Wdr. [15] s of Helier
    • 2 Rachel Deslandes (1821-1899, ae 78) m 1 John Le Gros; 2 (1868, St S) William Charles Gray (1831- ) [16] s of Thomas [17] (St H)
    • 2 Philip Deslandes (1825-1854) d Australia [18]

Notes and references

  1. Shipbuilder, shipowner and Founder of George Deslandes & Sons, (1824). He started the business at La Folie, St Helier, building there 27 vessels: J. Jean, cited below, 12. After 1843, shipbuilding was confined to the large yard at First Tower. In 1851, George Deslandes senr. employed there 200 men: 1851 UK Census, St Helier, "George Deslandes senr."; Burial entry, St Helier, 1857
  2. Major Shipbuilder, shipowner and, from 1865, Banker, having entered into partnership with Joshua Le Bailly as "Le Bailly, Deslandes & Co.", running the Jersey Mercantile Union Bank. This bank, partly due to the activities of Le Bailly, crashed in 1873, during an international recession. John Jean, cited below, wrote that George Deslandes [& Sons] had built, between 1827 and 1879, no less than 79 vessels at First Tower, St Helier. Of the vessels built by the firm, he wrote, 51 were family owned. A.G. Jamieson (ed.) in A People of the Sea, (Methuen, 1986), remarked that this latter part of the Deslandes business was as `specialist shipowners` rather than as merchants. The former merely transport goods by sea, rather as do hauliers on land, whereas merchants buy and sell the goods they transport. A large part of the Deslandes business was in the Pacific carrying trade, which may account for the relatively high number of ships lost, in comparison to most other Jersey owners
  3. Master Mariner (Jersey, 26/9/1863)
  4. Coal Merchant: 1891 UK Census, St Helier
  5. Schoolmistress in 1911, living in St Helier with her widowed mother: 1911 UK Census, St Helier, Jersey
  6. Lecturer, living in Nigeria for many years: UK and Ireland, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960 at
  7. "Ship Builder and Dock Manager" [Bristol?], born in St Helier, Jersey, living in Bedminster, Somerset, with 25-year-old wife, Alice, their children and Francis Deslandes, aged 15, "Brother-in-law": 1871 UK Census, Bedminster, Somerset
  8. Cashier in 1898, at the time of his son`s marriage; Shipbroker`s Cashier: 1901 UK Census
  9. Traveller, on marriage
  10. Master Mariner (13/7/1877, Bristol), having gained his Only Mate`s Certificate, 12/7/1873. He was previously Mate aboard the barque Brave of Guernsey (1873). He gained a year in age when taking his Master`s examination, giving then his date of birth as "24 October 1848, St Helier, Jersey". His address in 1877 was Green Bank Villa, 46, Coronation Road, Bristol. He was in Cardiff in 1891, when his Master`s Certificate was renewed. In 1881, he and his wife, 27 year-old Jane A. Deslandes, who was born in James Town, St Helena, were staying at the Ship Hotel, Newport, Monmouthshire: 1881 and 1891 UK Censuses, Monmouthshire and Cardiff, respectively; UK and Ireland Masters and Mates Certificates, 1850-1927, at
  11. Ship Broker`s Clerk, 1871: see above. On the 25/11/1870, Francis Deslandes, aged 15, became an apprentice in the Merchant Navy, serving aboard the Barque Brave: UK, Apprentices Indentured in Merchant Navy, 1824-1910 at
  12. Master Mariner: John Jean, Jersey Sailing Ships, (Chichester: Phillimore & Co., 1982), 137. He died at Odessa, Ukraine
  13. Master Mariner: Marriage register entry (1859, St Saviour) of his daughter, Julia Deslandes Vibert (1840-1862), to John Amy, Director of the States [of Jersey] Weigh Bridge
  14. Seigneur de la Maletière; Farmer (1851)
  15. Thomas Vibert was then, in 1852, a Merchant, as was his father, Helier
  16. Captain and Adjutant, East Regt., RJM; Bankers` Clerk (1861-1891-)
  17. Independant (1868); formerly a Merchant
  18. John Jean, op.cit., wrote that Philip was a Master Mariner, dying in 1854, and being buried in Green Street Cemetery. In all likelihood, his place and date of death were recorded in Green Street on a memorial inscription. He features as a "Sailor, Appr"[entice], in 1841: UK Census, St Helier
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