Descendants of George Evans

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Descendants of George Evans

This tree has been checked against church records and was added to the site in December 2016. We are not convinced that George at generation 2 was the son of George. He may have been born in England. Information from a family researcher in February 2018 led to the expansion of the tree and the inclusion of the three Evans sisters who had children by Theodore Francis Garrett

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  • 1 George Evans (soldier) m (1812, St Helier) Elizabeth Murtagh
    • 2 George Evans (1813- ) (St B) m (1835, St H) Ann Journeaux
      • 3 Herbert Philip Evans (1836- )
      • 3 Frederick George Evans (1837- )
      • 3 Henry John Evans (1838- ) m Mary Jane
        • 4 Ida Mary Augusta Erskine Evans (1862- )
      • 3 Francis Herbert Evans (1839- )
      • 3 Walter Journeaux Evans (1842- )
      • 3 Ernest Thomson Raimbach Evans (1844- )
      • 3 Annie Marion Evans (1847-1884 ) m Theodore Francis Garrett [1]
      • 3 Rosalind Octavia Bertha Evans (1849-1874 ) [2]
      • 3 George Thomas Le Breton Evans (1851- ) m Elizabeth Mary Julian
        • 4 Edward George Julian Evans (1882- )
        • 4 Ethel Maud Evans (1890- )
      • 3 Editha Blanche Evans (1853-1887 St Pancras London )
      • 3 Mary Jane Evans (1856-1886) m Theodore Francis Garrett 1875 [3]

Notes and references

  1. In 1867 in London, daughter Annie Maud Garrett born 1868; newspaper report of Annie Marion’s death on 19 February 1871; daughter Violet Ethel Garrett born 1880; died 1884 St Pancras, London
  2. Daughter Bertha Frances Garrett (1873–1874) Father was Theodore Francis Garrett. No marriage certificate found; died Lambeth
  3. Died Camberwell
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