Descendants of Guillaume Godfray

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Descendants of Guillaume Godfray



Humphrey Marett Godfray (1863-1892) Advocate and Greffier

This tree was added to the site in 2021 by Mike Bisson after research by Jerripedia editors into the Godfray family which owned La Fevrerie, Maufant, in the 18th century. It relies partly on the early generations of two online trees, which appear to have been conscientiously researched, although they both have obvious errors in the 16th century sections.

Neither tree provides any sources for the early sections, which appear to be based on unpublished family documents. (There are many other online trees covering this descendancy but they appear to be exact copies - including obvious errors - of those we have studied).

We would not normally take information from unsupported online trees, but we believe it to be justified in this case to enable us to include early generations of an important family not previously covered by our Godfray family trees. We strongly recommend that the section covering the 15-17th centuries is treated with a degree of scepticism. All early dates must be considered approximate.

We have added footnotes when church records exist to substantiate details in the early generations, and have indicated the lack of supporting records in later generations.

Although early records show variations in spelling, we have standardised on Godfray

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  • 1 Guillaume Godfray [1] (1463- )
    • 2 Bernabey Godfray (1495- )
      • 3 Onfroi Godfray (1515-1564) (St C) m (1538, St C) Unknown [2]
        • 4 Edmond Godfray (1539- ) m [3]
          • 5 Edmond Godfray (1575-1624) [4] m [5] Thomasse Nicolle ( -1624)
            • 6 Edmond Godfray (1600-1679) [6]
              • 7 Jean Godfray (1629- ) (St Mt) m (1653, St Mt) Jeanne Nouel
                • 8 Marguerite Godfray (1653-1733) (St Mt)
                • 8 Marie Godfray (1654-1711) (St Mt)
                • 8 Edmond Godfray (1660- ) [7] m (1688, St Mt) Rachel du Fresne (1659- ), daughter of Nicolas
                  • 9 Elizabeth Godfray (1689- ) (St Mt)
                  • 9 Edmund Godfray (1692-1743) (St Mt) [8]
                  • 9 Jean Godfray (1695- ) (St Mt) m (1718, Tr) Francoise Valpy (1685- ) [9]
                    • 10 Jean Godfray (1719- ) (Tr)
                    • 10 Edmond Godfray (1727-1806) (St Mt) m (1754, St Mt) Susanne Billot or Gruchy (1732- ) [10]
                      • 11 Philippe Godfray (1755-1832) (St Mt) m (1777, St My) Elizabeth Horman (1747-1824)
                        • 12 Elizabeth Godfray (1777- ) (St Mt)
                        • 12 Philippe Godfray (1779-1819) (St Mt) m (1804, St H) Anne Le Sueur (1785-1862) daughter of Amice and Elizabeth, nee Amy
                          • 13 Anne Godfray (1805-1880) (St Mt)
                          • 13 Esther Godfray (1808-1808) (St Mt)
                          • 13 Susanne Godfray (1809-1876) (St Mt)
                          • 13 Philippe Godfray (1811-1878) (St Mt) m (1833, St H) Elizabeth Vardon [11]
                            • 14 Philippe George Godfray (1834-1893) (St S)
                            • 14 John Charles Godfray (1836- ) (St S)
                          • 13 Jean Charles Godfray (1812- ) (St Mt)
                          • 13 George Godfray (1815- ) (St Mt)
                          • 13 Esther Godfray (1817-1869) (St Mt)
                          • 13 Elizabeth Douce Godfray (1819-1890) (St Mt)
                        • 12 Francoise Godfray (1782-1820) (St Mt)
                        • 12 George Godfray (1784-1861) (St Mt) m (1812, St Mt) Marie Messervy (1794-1869)
                        • 12 Esther Godfray (1787-1789) (St Mt)
                        • 12 Jean Godfray (1790-1868) (St Mt) [12] m (1821, St Mt) Jeanne Bertram (1801- ) daughter of George and Elizabeth, nee Nicolle
                          • 13 Jeanne Elizabeth Godfray (1821- ) (St H)
                          • 13 Henrietta Maria Godfray (1823-1907) (St H)
                          • 13 Edmund John Godfray (1824- ) (St H)
                          • 13 Eliza Jane Godfray (1826- ) (St H)
                          • 13 Walter Bertram Godfray (1831-1891) (St H) [13] m (1860, St P) Frances Sophia Marett (1832-1913) daughter of Pierre Daniel (1778-1838) and Mary Ann, nee Pipon (1798-1841)
                            • 14 Edna Frances Godfray (1861-1867) (St L)
                            • 14 Humphrey Marett Godfray (1863-1892) (St L) see Humphrey Godfray
                            • 14 Bertram Pipon Godfray (1866- ) (St L)
                            • 14 Arthur Walter Godfray (1869- ) (St L)
                      • 11 Susanne Godfray (1758-1764) (St Mt)
                      • 11 George Godfray (1761-1831) (St Mt)
                      • 11 Susan Godfray (1766-1857) (St Mt)
                      • 11 Thomas Godfray (1769-1774) (St Mt)
                      • 11 Francoise Godfray (1771-1828) (St Mt)
                      • 11 Elizabeth Godfray (1775-1863) m (1793, St S) Philippe Billot (1771- )
                  • 9 Nicollas Godfray (1699-1771) (St Mt)
                  • 9 Philippe Godfray (1702- ) (St Mt)
                • 8 Philippe Godfray (1666- ) (St Mt)
          • 5 Humphrey(1577- ) [14]
        • 4 Bernaby Godfray (1540-1615) [15] m (1572, St S) [16] Ysebel Messervy (1544-1613)
          • 5 Bernaby Godfray (1578-1627) (St C) [17]
          • 5 Thomas Godfray (1580-1637) (St C) [18]
          • 5 Jean Godfray (1582-1662) (St C) m (1606, St Mt) [19] Elizabeth Nicolle (1585- )
            • 6 Drouet Godfray (1607- ) (St Mt)
            • 6 Jeanne Godfray (1609-1671) (St Mt)
            • 6 Jean Godfray (1611-1671) (St Mt) m (1633, St Mt) Magdelaine Bree (1614-1652)
              • 7 Magdelaine Godfray (1635- ) (St Mt)
            • 6 Onfre Godfray (1613-1664) (St Mt) [20] m 1 (1636, St Mt) Marguerite Nouel, daughter of Leonard and Elizabeth, nee de Queteville
              • 7 Mabel Godfray (1636-1669)
            • 2nd wife of Onfre Godfray (1642, St Mt) Marguerite Le Couve (1615-1698)
              • 7 Marguerite Godfray (1643- ) (St Mt)
              • 7 Clement Godfray (1645-1719) (St Mt) m (1670, St Mt) Elizabeth Pallot ( -1690)
                • 8 Jeanne Godfray (1671- ) (St Mt)
                • 8 Unknown Godfray (1674- ) (St Mt)
                • 8 Clement Godfray (1680- ) (St Mt)
                • 8 Elizabeth Godfray (1683- ) (St Mt)
              • 7 Abraham Godfray (1648-1704) (St Mt) m (1674, St Mt) Margueritte Le Four ( -1702) daughter of Marthe
              • 7 Susanne Godfray (1652-1652) (St Mt)
              • 7 Philippe Godfray (1653-1654) (St Mt)
              • 7 Mabel Godfray (1656- ) (St Mt)
            • 6 Edmond Godfray (1615-1652) (St Mt) [21] m (1626, Tr) Margueritte du Feu (1612- ) [22]
              • 7 Katherine Godfray (1634-1697)
              • 7 Susanne Godfray (1636- )
              • 7 Thomasse Godfray (1639-1639)
              • 7 Edmond Godfray (1641-1725)
              • 7 Francois Godfray (1644- )
              • 7 Laurens Godfray (1646-1712)
            • 6 Marie Godfray (1617- ) (St Mt)
            • 6 Anne Godfray (1620- ) (St Mt)
          • 5 Jeanne Godfray (1584-1614) (St C)
          • 5 Marguerite Godfray (1586-1624) (St C)
          • 5 Marie Godfray (1588- ) (St C) [23]
        • 4 Onfroi Godfray (1541- ) [24] m Unknown

Notes and references

  1. Called William in the online trees
  2. The connection with St Clement in this generation has not been substantiated, but a Bernabey Godfray is known to have been Constable of the parish in 1545, and another Bernabey in 1587 and 1597. These must clearly have been at least two different people. The Godfray family has a long association with St Clement. The affiliation dates from before the earliest surviving baptismal records, which are for 1623, with court records showing that the family was well-established there by 1506
  3. Online trees show no wife and guess marriage in 1574
  4. Birth date is a guess
  5. Marriage record not found. Online trees show five other children either side of Edmond, none of whom can be positively linked to Edmond as father, and two of whom certainly were not his children. We have ignored them
  6. Online trees show five siblings of Jean, none of which are supported by church records. Jean is shown as son of Edmond, born in St Martin
  7. No baptism record found and date of birth estimated in online trees. The position of Edomond here has to be speculative, but his marriage record does show him as 'son of Jean'. Three other siblings whose position is not supported by records have been ignored
  8. Not named in baptism record
  9. Datestone at La Fevrerie, Maufant
  10. Susanne is found as Billot and Gruchy. She was the illegitimate daughter of Susanne Billot, christened at St Martin on the 13th December 1732. Her mother was married a week later, on the 20th December, to Matthieu Gruchy. The marriage entry includes Gruchy recognising Susanne, daughter of the said Susanne Billot, as his child. The baptismal records of most of her children show her as Susanne Gruchy. Her surname is given in her marriage record: "Susanne, daughter of Susanne Billot, wife of Matthieu Gruchy"
  11. There is some doubt about whether this marriage is to the correct Philippe
  12. Militia Lieut-Col. 'Gentleman' in son's marriage record
  13. Advocate of the Royal Court
  14. Birth date is a guess
  15. The suggestion in an online tree that Bernaby was Constable and Deacon of St Clement is not supported by church records. A Bernaby was elected Constable of the parish in 1587 and 1597. The office of Deacon is not known to have existed at this time. Bernaby was not a Rector of the parish but may have been a churchwards, or held another lay post. Many online trees, all evidently copied from a single source, show Bernaby as being born at Maison des Caves, St Clement. Nothing can be found elsewhere to support this assertion. Jersey houses did not have names at this time. They were either identified by their owner/occupier or as part of a district
  16. The St Saviour register records the marriage of Bernabe Godefrey and Ysebel Messervy
  17. Online trees show Bernaby as Constable of St Clement in succession to his father, but even with his family connections, we doubt that he would have been elected at the age of 19
  18. Probably elected Constable of St Clement in 1629
  19. Marriage in St Martin register. The children shown below are those recorded in the St Martin register, not those shown in online trees. We are not satisfied that a further daughter, Elizabeth, daughter of Jean, and born in 1629, is part of this family
  20. Shown as Onfray in records of two marriages. First marriage record shows him as 'son of Jean, of St Saviour'
  21. Of La Ville Bree
  22. This marriage presents a major problem. The only record of a marriage between Edmond Godfray and Margueritte du Feu is in Trinity in November 1626, when the groom would have been 11 and the bride 14. There is a record of the birth of a son Jean in St Martin in 1629, with no mother's name. The online trees we have partly relied on give a second date of 'about 1633' for the marriage and ignore the first child. Because there are no known Godfray descendants from the sons shown below, we have included this section of the tree, but with the warning that it cannot be correct. Unfortunately the invention of a second marriage date to fit with other information inevitably casts doubt on the accuracy of other elements of the online trees
  23. Online trees show Marie as dying in 1688, but we strongly doubt that she would have lived this long
  24. Although the online trees show Onfroi as having been Constable of St Clement as well as his brother, there is no evidence to support this
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