Descendants of Henry Bartlett

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Descendants of Henry Bartlett

This tree was submitted and added to the site in 2018. It has been expanded from Jersey church and other records, but some details in generations after Jersey lead us to suspect the accuracy of the tree. See notes

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  • 1 Henry Bartlett m 1 (1838, St S) Elizabeth Yates [1]
    • 2 George Henry Bartlett (1842- ) (St H)
    • 2 Susan Mary Bartlett (1844- ) (St P)
    • 2 Elizabeth Pamela Bartlett (1846- ) (St P)
    • 2 Amelia Amanda Bartlett (1848- ) (St P)
    • 2 Henry Joseph Bartlett (1850-1920) (St P) m (1870, Rockhampton, Aus) Eliza Ann Thorpe (1848-1916)
      • 3 Walter Marshall Bartlett (1870-1964) (Leeds) [2]
      • 3 Agnes Emily Bartlett (1871-1947) (Aus)
      • 3 Susan Caroline Bartlett (1873-1945) (Aus)
      • 3 Henrietta Bartlett (1876-1958) (Aus)
      • 3 George Henry Bartlett (1874-1875) (Aus)
      • 3 Beatrice Maude Bartlett (1880-1959) (Leeds) [3]
      • 3 Ella Wilhelmina Bartlett
    • 2 Jane Amanda Bartlett (1852- ) (St P)
  • 2nd wife of Henry Bartlett (1870, St H) Emma Grace Wead (1834-1891)
    • 2 John Bartlett (1860- )
    • 2 David Bartlett (1864- )
    • 2 Emma Bartlett (1866- )
    • 2 Edward Roland Bartlett (1871- )

Notes and references

  1. Shown as Elizabeth Cook in some online trees, but Jersey records confirm her name as Yates
  2. Walter's birth in Leeds, as shown in the submitted tree and several online versions conflicts with the family's belief that Henry Joseph Bartlett and Eliza Ann Thorpe met on a voyage to Australia when she was a passenger and he was a crewman. They are said to have married shortly after their arrival in Australia and he never rejoined his ship
  3. Again, the suggested birth of Beatrice in Leeds is suspicious because the family history does not suggest that the couple returned to the UK
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