Descendants of Henry Baton

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Descendants of Henry Baton

This submitted tree has been checked against Jersey church and other records. We were initially unable to discover where Henry, a miller, and Emma were born, but once we found their marriage record, it revealed that Henry was born in Plymouth, the son of sailor Joseph Baton, and Emma was born in St Helier, although there is no baptism record for her

This tree was added to the site in 2017 and reviewed in 2018

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  • 1 Henry Baton (1841- ) m (1862, St Helier) Emma Harriet Pitman (1842- ) d of Isaac (1817- ) and Mary Richards (1822- )
    • 2 Henry John Baton (1867- ) m (1893, St Luke) Louisa Elizabeth Brint (1868- ), d of Stephen
      • 3 Amelia Louise Baton (1896-1925)
      • 3 John William Baton (1896-1962) m (1922, St Luke) Charlotte Anna Moody (1896- )
        • 4 Marjorie Anna Baton (1923- )
        • 4 Phyllis Baton (1925- )
        • 4 Douglas William Baton (1928- )
      • 3 Stephen Baton (1898- ) m (1924, St Mark) Grace Ida Pirouet (1898- )
        • 4 Leslie Stephen Baton (1925- )
        • 4 Kenneth Baton (1931- )
      • 3 Teresa Baton (1899-1958)
      • 3 Henry Charles Baton (1901-1902)
      • 3 Edith Baton (1903-1951)
      • 3 Emma Alice Baton (1904-1932)
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