Descendants of Herbert Le Breton

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Descendants of Herbert Le Breton


This tree was added to the site in 2013. It previously stopped at Thomas at generation eight, but was extended back into the 13th century following a comprehensive review of Le Breton family trees and histories in 2019. This tree, as revised, is our master tree linking to a number of Le Breton descendancies.

The tree links to four trees from a definitive history of the Le Breton family by the Rev J A Messervy, identified as Branches A, B, C and D, and includes a number of Le Bretons mentioned in that history prior to generation nine, who are known to have been living at about the dates shown, but whose relationship with each other cannot be positively confirmed.

The earlier generations were extracted from a much longer tree which has been in the site since 2010. It was largely based on information shown by Burke's Landed Gentry in an entry for John Edward Francis Le Breton, born in England in 1952. The Burke's entry contains a number of glaring errors, which, as usual, causes us to be suspicious about other details.

We are reasonably confident in the descent from Thomas downwards in this tree and have added appropriate notes to the earlier generations. It will be seen that birth years in the early generations have all been rounded to multiples of 5 or 10. It is not until generation 11 that birth years are shown ending in other than 5 or 0, and there is no guarantee that they are exact

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In common with the majority of our trees, this descendancy has been subject to regular review by site editors and checked against Jersey church records. Trees including French ancestry have also been checked as far as possible against French primary records. It is not always possible to carry out such checks on sections of trees with United Kingdom and/or colonial content

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  • 1 Herbert Le Breton (1180-) [1]
    • 2 Alexandre Le Breton (1210-) [2]
      • 3 Philippe Le Breton (1240-) [3]
        • 4 Guillaume Le Breton (1270- ) [4]
          • 5 Guillaume Le Breton (1305-) [5]
            • 6 Guillaume Le Breton (1335- ) priest [6]
            • 6 Unknown Le Breton (1340- ) [7]
              • 7 Unknown Le Breton (1370-) [8]
                • 8 Unknown Le Breton (1400-) [9]
                  • 9 Thomas Le Breton (1430-1486) [10]
                    • 10 Jean Le Breton (1460- ) [11]
                      • 11 Jean Le Breton (1485-1545) m Michelle Guerdain ( -1542)
                        • 12 Jean Le Breton (1515- ) m Catherine Bisson ?
                        • 12 Ambroise Le Breton (1517- )
                        • 12 Collette Le Breton (1520- )
                        • 12 Jeanne Le Breton (1523- ) m Nicolas de Ste Croix
                      • 11 Servais Le Breton (1490-1567) m Helayne Esnouf - Branch B
                        • 12 Marguerite Le Breton [12] (1520- ) m John de la Haye (1520- )
                        • 12 Rogier Le Breton (1525- ) m Elisabeth Hamon (1540- )
                        • 12 Jean Le Breton (1530- ) m Helière Godel
                        • 12 Pierre Le Breton (1538- )
                        • 12 Marie Le Breton (1542- ) m Thomas Dorey (1540- )
                        • 12 Guillemette Le Breton (1544- ) m Pierre Le Geyt dit Maret
                        • 12 Laurence Le Breton (1545- ) m Pierre Beaucamp
                      • 11 Louise Le Breton (1493- ) m Philippe de la Rocque (1490- )
                      • 11 Ambroise Le Breton (1495-1554) m Genette Bisson living 1554 - Lillie Langtry ancestry
                        • 12 Servais Le Breton (1520- ) m (1545) Marguerite Falle
                        • 12 Unknown Le Breton (1525- ) m Nicholas Sohier (1525- )
                        • 12 Unknown Le Breton (1527- ) m Thomas Hamptonne (1525- )
                        • 12 Michel Le Breton (1530- )
                        • 12 Catherine Le Breton (1533- ) m Etienne Durel (1550- )
                        • 12 Marguerite Le Breton (1535-1578) m Pierre Le Rossignol (1532-1578)
                        • 12 Pierre Le Breton (1537- )
                        • 12 Jean Le Breton (1540-1616) - Branch C
                        • 12 Unknown Le Breton (1542- ) m Clement Vautier
                        • 12 Michel Le Breton (1546-1610) m Perronnelle Bibes (1560-1625) - Branch A
                      • 11 Perrinne Le Breton (1497- ) m Thomas Briard (1495- )
                      • 11 Drouet Le Breton (1500-1563) m Marie Barbey (1515- )
                        • 12 Guillaume Le Breton (1535- )
                        • 12 Michel Le Breton (1538- )
                        • 12 Servais Le Breton (1540- )
                        • 12 Michelle Le Breton (1542- )
                        • 12 Raulin Le Breton (1544- )
                        • 12 Marie Le Breton (1546- ) [13] m Jean Poingdestre (1540- )
                      • 11 Thomasse Le Breton (1505- ) m Matthieu Regnault (1505- )
                  • 9 Raulin Le Breton (1440-1485) [14] - Branch D
          • 5 Richard Le Breton (1310- ) [15]
        • 4 Pierre Le Breton [16]

Notes and references

  1. Shown by Messervy and Burke's (the latter doubtless copied from the former) as receiving in 1236 a pension of 20 sols sterling in the Island of Jersey for damages suffered in his service to the King [Lettres Closes, 9e Publication, 38]. This `service to the King` will have been rendered during the turbulent era of skirmishes with the French, that followed their seizure of continental Normandy in 1204. Herbert was said by Messervy to be, from this 1236 transaction, the first Le Breton on record in Jersey
  2. Seigneur of the Franc-Fief au Breton prior to, and in 1269. This fief is a dependency of the Fief of Noirmont in Jersey. The Seigneurs of Noirmont were, from the early middle ages until 1413, the successive Abbots of Mont St Michel, to whom the fief belonged, the Abbey being situated on the Norman border with Brittany. G.F.B. de Gruchy wrote in Medieval Land Tenures in Jersey, (Bigwoods, Jersey, published posthumously, 1957),45, regarding the long-standing action pursued by Alexandre Le Breton and his successors, from before 1269 until 1368, against Mont St Michel: "A misreading of the documents in this case has led to the erroneous idea that the Le Breton family were once Seigneurs of Noirmont". Stevens, Jean Arthur and Stevens, in Jersey Place Names, 1, 112 agree with this conclusion. Alexandre Le Breton and his successors, as Seigneurs of the Franc-Fief au Breton, were also cited by Burke, as having pursued a lawsuit against the Abbey for 100 years. The exact basis of this action is described by de Gruchy in the above work, 44-47. It is worth noting that the Le Bretons` property was such that de Gruchy describes them, in the 13th and 14th centuries, as "the most important of [Noirmont`s] tenants". Alexandre Le Breton was Prévôt of Noirmont, 1270
  3. Mentioned in the Extente of 1274, Philippe Le Breton, described in the action begun by his father and continued by him, as the son of Alexandre, only finally accepted the verdict of the Royal Court in 1291: De Gruchy, 44. He was Prévôt of Noirmont, 1283-1287
  4. Successor of Philippe, as Seigneur of the Franc-Fief au Breton, and described in the Rolls of the Assizes, of 1309, 275, as "Franc-tenant of the Fief de Noirmont". He was doubtless the Guillemot Le Breton of St Brelade, described on page 177 of the Assizes, who had a brother Pierre, also of St Brelade. By 1332, a further dispute had arisen between the Le Bretons and the Abbot of Mont St Michel: De Gruchy, 44
  5. Successor of Guillaume, above, as Seigneur of the Franc-Fief au Breton. He is mentioned as being a Jurat of the Royal Court of Jersey in 1362, and again in 1370. As Seigneur du Franc-Fief au Breton, he finally abandoned in 1368 the remaining issue that formed a part of the Le Bretons` action against Mont St Michel. He received in return, to cite de Gruchy, 44-45, "the appointment of counsel to the Abbey before all courts ecclesiastical and lay in Jersey at a salary of 4 li. per annum and in Guernsey at the expense of the Abbot, this salary to be raised by 20 s if Guillaume were to be appointed Seneschal of the Abbot`s fiefs in Jersey. [He] was discharged from all arrears of dues owing to the Abbot; an extraordinary provision of the settlement entitled Guillaume to have the goods of the Priory of St Clement sold by the sergent of the fief if the salary were not paid him"
  6. Probably son of Jurat Guillaume Le Breton. He was described as a priest in 1368, when he was Procureur in Jersey of the Abbot of Mont St Michel, an office in keeping with the elder Guillaume`s settlement that year of former claims against the Abbot
  7. Inserted between known individuals with estimated date
  8. Inserted between known individuals with estimated date
  9. Inserted between known individuals with estimated date. Note: If Thomas Le Breton (generation 9), with his Trinity descendants, and Raulin Le Breton of Trinity, who belonged to the same generation, were brothers, as seems likely, then this unknown Le Breton (1400- ) will have probably been the original settler in Trinity. If so, he was no doubt a younger son of the original St Brelade family. He may therefore have, like his grandson, owned Le Moulin d`Egouttepluie in that parish
  10. Shown by Burke's entry as grandson or great-grandson of Guillaume. He was probably a great-great-grandson. Birth year changed from 1450 to 1430 to agree with original shorter version of this tree starting at Thomas
  11. Jean Le Breton lived in Trinity [Extente, (1528), 45]. He was also, most significantly, the owner of Le Moulin d`Egouttepluie [ibid., (1528), 37] in St Aubin, the seigneurial mill of the Fief de Noirmont, which fief was `the cradle` from which the early Jersey Le Bretons sprang
  12. Jersey Archive document L/C/133/A/6 Partages des Héritage between Jehan de la Haye, Pierres Beaucamp, Thomas Dorey and Pierres Le Geyt on behalf of their wives, part heirs to the héritage of Servays Le Breton son of Pierres. Records the partition of the héritage of the late Servays Le Breton. Jehan de la Haye acting for his wife Margueritte receives land including; in Clos de ses Cosines and rentes. Pierres Beaucamp acting for his wife Laurence receives unidentified land and rentes. Thomas Dorey acting on behalf of his wife Marie receives land in Clos de la Gommare and Les Costils du Douaire and rentes. Pierres Le Geyt acting on behalf of his wife Guillemette receives land in Clos de Perronet, land in Clos de la Gommarre and rentes.
  13. Jean Poingdestre`s wife was, however, found by this researcher to be Collette Le Breton
  14. Probable brother of Thomas (1430- 1486)
  15. Possibly brother of Jurat Guillaume Le Breton. He was in 1331 Seigneur of the small Fief de Gemmesil, a dependency of the Fief d`Orglandes, in St Ouen
  16. Living 1309, St Brelade; mentioned as a brother of Guillemot Le Breton (generation 4)
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