Descendants of Jacques Denize

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Descendants of Jacques Denize

There are several Denize records missing from the St Lawrence registers. We have assembled this tree in an attempt to show the descendancy of the family which owned and lived in Le Manoir du Fief ès Neveux for some 600 years. Some generations are based on datestones on the property, others have been estimated where no records exist.

We believe that Jean Denize at generation 4 must have married for a second time. The St Lawrence baptism register shows three children of Jean and Marie de Ste Croix. Then there are several children naming just Jean as father after Marie's death in 1684. There is no record of the baptism of Jourdain at generation 5, but, if as is suggested in more than one history of the property, the manor passed from father to son through many generations, we believe that he must have been a child of Jean and a second wife. In the absence of further confirmation we have omitted any possible full siblings from this tree.

Those generations definitely linked to the manor by datestones or other histories are shown in red.

The Jean Esnouf Denise who had his own datestone erected at the manor in 1932 is a direct descendant of Jourdain and Marie at generation 7, but we have been unable to establish who his parents (and possibly grandparents) were in the generation(s) between.

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  • 1 Jacques Denize ( -1609) m (1581?) Francoise Le Cheminant
    • 2 Unknown Denize
      • 3 Jourdain Denize [1]
        • 4 Jean Denize (1647-1726) m 1 (1670) Marie de Ste Croix ( -1684)
          • 5 Josue Denize (1678- )
          • 5 Nicolas Denize (1682-1682)
          • 5 Mathieu Denize (1682-1682)
        • 2nd wife of Jean Denize, unknown
          • 5 Jourdain Denize (1720-1782) m (1741, St L) Elizabeth du Bois ( -1771)
            • 6 Jourdain Denize (1743-1827) m (1764, St My) Ann Fiott (1739-1805)
              • 7 Jourdain Denize (1765- ) m (1807, St L) Marie Gibaut
                • 8 Marie Denize (1808- )
                • 8 Jourdain Denize (1809- )
                • 8 Jean Edouard Denize (1811- )
                • 8 Edouard Denize (1825- )
              • 7 Anne Denize (1770- )
          • 5 Elizabeth Denize (1746- )

Notes and references

  1. Said to have entertained Charles II
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