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Descendants of Jean Alexandre


This tree for the Alexandres of Trinity was added to the site in 2018 by Guy Dixon

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In common with the majority of our trees, this descendancy has been subject to regular review by site editors and checked against Jersey church records. Trees including French ancestry have also been checked as far as possible against French primary records. It is not always possible to carry out such checks on sections of trees with United Kingdom and/or colonial content

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  • 1 Jean Alexandre (1470- ) [1] m unknown, died by 1523
    • 2 Regnauld Alexandre [2] (1500- ) Fouageur of Trinity, 1535 m unknown Le Boutillier [3]
      • 3 Jean Alexandre (1530- ) [4]
      • 3 Richard Alexandre (1530- ) [5] m Perronelle Bisson daughter of Pierre of Trinity [6]
        • 4 Jean Alexandre [7] (1560- ) (Tr) [8] m 1 Marie Carrel; 2 Elizabeth Benest daughter of Thomas and Collette, nee Bisson [9]
          • 5 Thomasse Alexandre (1595-1650) [10] m Jean Cabot
          • 5 Timothé Alexandre (1600-1671) [11] m Elizabeth de Gruchy daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth, nee Maret
            • 6 Marie Alexandre (1643- )
            • 6 Elie Alexandre (1646-1684) [12] m Susanne Messervy daughter of Josue and Elizabeth, nee Deslandes
              • 7 Jean Alexandre (1668- ) Tr) [13] m (1706, Tr) Marie Mollet
                • 8 Philippe Alexandre (1708-1726)
                • 8 Marie Alexandre (1710-1710)
                • 8 Susanne Alexandre (1710-1745) m (1732, St H) Jean Le Mercier [14]
                • 8 Marie Alexandre (1719- )
              • 7 Philippe Alexandre (1670-1727) [15] m (1691, St L) Marie Le Breton
                • 8 Philippe Alexandre (1692- ) of Rozel, Trinity [16] m 1 (1715, Tr) Marie Sterk, of St Martin (d -1727); 2 (1729, St H) Marie Mollet
                  • 9 Jean Alexandre (1716- ) [17]
                  • 9 Philippe Alexandre (1719-1720) [18]
                  • 9 Thomas Alexandre (1722- )
                • 2nd wife of Philippe Alexandre, Marie Mollet
                  • 9 Marie Alexandre (1730- ) m (1756, St H) Thomas Romeril of Trinity
                  • 9 Susanne Alexandre (1735- )
                  • 9 Jean Alexandre (1740- ) [19] m (1763, Tr) Elizabeth Grandin ( -1823), sister of Amice
                    • 10 Marie Alexandre (1766- ) m (1793, St S) Jean Le Bas of St Peter
                    • 10 Elizabeth Alexandre (1769- ) m (1794, St S) James Vibert of St Ouen
                    • 10 Josué Alexandre (16/01/1772- ) m (17/06/1789, Tr) Elizabeth de la Haye of Trinity
                      • 11 Jean Alexandre (1790-1793)
                      • 11 Josué Alexandre (1793- )
                    • 10 Susanne Alexandre (1774- ) m (1798, Tr) Charles Marion [20]
                    • 10 Jeanne Alexandre (1777-1783)
                    • 10 Anne Alexandre ( -1803) m (1791, St S) William Bradshaw
              • 7 Susanne Alexandre (1671- ) m (1706, Tr) Michel Vaudin
              • 7 Jeanne Alexandre (1673- )
              • 7 Elie Alexandre (1676- ) m (1701, St L) Elizabeth de Ste Croix, of St Laurence
                • 8 Elizabeth Alexandre ( -bef 1744)
              • 7 Thomas Alexandre (1683-1752) [21] m (1713, Tr) Marie Le Riche
                • 8 Thomas Alexandre (1714-1719)
                • 8 Philippe Alexandre (1716-1720)
                • 8 Marie Alexandre (1718- )
                • 8 Jean George Alexandre (1721- )
                • 8 Anne Alexandre (1723- ) m (1748, Tr) Jean Hubert of Trinity
          • 5 Marie Alexandre (1603?- ) m (1629, Tr) Thomas Godel
          • 5 Philippe Alexandre (1605?- ) [22]
          • 5 Richard Alexandre (1608?- )
          • 5 Elizabeth Alexandre, living 1647
        • 4 Marie Alexandre ( -1613) m Nicolas Gruchy
        • 4 Daughter Alexandre m Jean Le Gros
        • 4 Daughter Alexandre [23] m Edouard Picot son of Jean
      • 3 Leonard Alexandre (1530- ) [24] m Jeanne unknown
      • 3 Servais Alexandre (1533- ) [25]

Notes and references

  1. Of Ville a L'Eveque, Trinity, living 1523: Roll of the Treasury, Trinity, regarding his late wife's grave
  2. Probable son, if only by reason of his being the only known bearer of the surname in Trinity in his generation. The Chantry Certificate, of 1550 mentions him as having bought three cabots of wheat for an "Obitt" due by Jehan Alexandre
  3. Perhaps a relative of Leonard Romeril of La Fontaine, Trinity, whose wife was the daughter of Jean Le Boutillier and sister of Philippe Le Boutillier: Actions before the Cour d`Héritage in 1539, against Leonard Romeril, in right of his wife, and in 1547, one of the parties being Jean Romeril, probably Leonard`s son, an advocate)
  4. "Jean Alexandre fils Regnauld" - Cour d`Héritage 1585. He was probably of Ville a L`Eveque, Trinity
  5. "Richard Alexandre fils Regnauld" in a sale to Jean Le Boutillier snr, son of Philippe - Registre Public 2/132 (1607). He lived in Rondin, Trinity, on or by the Fief de Dielament - CH 1580. He was still alive in 1613
  6. RP 4/100
  7. RP 8/289 (1629): Sale by "Jean Alexandre fils Richard" to his elder son, Timothé of his house and land, Fief de Diélament. This property, now rebuilt, is situated to the west of Rue de La Falaise and north of the junction between Rue ès Picots and Profonde Rue, in Rondin, Trinity
  8. Extrait du Registre de la Paroisse de la Trinité, 1613 "Ceux [qui ont prit la Ste] Cene: "Rondin: Jean Alisandre, sa femme et sa mère"
  9. RP 11/14 (1636)
  10. Thomassee, wife of Jean Cabot, appears to have been provided for apart from her siblings, perhaps on her marriage. Charles Langton, the genealogist, in his Miscellany, describes her as "fille Jean Alexandre". This seems correct as RP 3/165 provides for her dowry, partly to come from income derived from rentes sold previously to Jean Le Boutillier, in right of his wife. The original sale to Le Boutillier is RP 2/131, the vendor being her grandfather, Richard Alexandre, father of Jean
  11. RP 9/434; "Timothé Alexandre fils Jean et de Marie Carrel, sa femme"
  12. Trinity Register: drowned at Bouley [Bay]
  13. A missing baptism entry; his daughter Susanne is named as co-heiress in the inheritance of Elizabeth Alexandre, daughter of Elie, who had died without issue. Elie was baptised "Elie.. fils Elie snr"
  14. RP 40/183 (1744): "Susanne fille de Jean Alexandre et femme de Jean Le Mercier, héritière en partie de deffunte Elizabeth Alexandre fille Elie"
  15. Baptism entry missing. RP 40/183 (1744) again assists, as his son and heir, also named Philippe, who survived him, is described: "Philippe Alexandre fils Philippe fils Elie", one of several co-heirs of the above mentioned Elizabeth Alexandre fille Elie (see below
  16. He had died by 18 September 1749, when his second wife was buried at Trinity and described as widow
  17. Died by 1740, but probably in infancy
  18. Trinity register reads "un enfant de Philippe Alexandre" buried 08 August 1720
  19. He had died by 1783, when his daughter, Jeanne, was buried as the "daughter of the deceased Jean Alexandre and Elizabeth Grandin"
  20. Their son, William Charles Marion, had William Bradshaw and Anne Alexandre, his wife, "oncle et tante," as godparents in 1801. Their daughter, Jeanne Marion, had James Vibert and Elizabeth Alexandre, his wife, "oncle et tante", as godparents in 1804
  21. Settled in St Helier
  22. RP 13/227 (1647): "Timothé Alexandre fils ainé de feu Jean Alexandre d`une partie et Philippe Alexandre, Richard Alexandre, Marie Alexandre femme de Thomas Godel, enfants puinés..Elizabeth la plus petite soeur"
  23. RP 4/100 (1614): Philippe Gruchy, fils Nicolas, a cause de sa mere, fille ainee de Richard Alexandre; Jean Le Gros, fils Jean, a cause de sa mere, defunte et Edouard Picot fils Jean, a cause de sa femme, filles de Richard Alexandre" sell to Jean Alexandre fils Richard, their elder brother
  24. Probably son. He may have been named after Leonard Romeril before the first litigation, above, in 1539. He was Fouageur of Trinity, 1579-1582. He was also engaged in court actions against the Le Boutilliers, as was Servais Alexandre, regarding matters of inheritance. For his issue and their descendants, see Descendants of Leonard Alexandre
  25. Probable son, see Descendants of Leonard Alexandre
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