Descendants of Jean Laurens

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Descendants of Jean Laurens


Bellozanne Priory


Bellozanne Priory, as it has been called in and since the 20th century, was for many generations the home of the de Ste Croix family. It was inherited, at the close of the 18th century, by George Laurens, whose family and descendants are shown on this page

The first six generations of this tree were added to the site in 2011. It has been reviewed on a number of occasions since, but extra details were not added until the review in 2019.

This review cast doubt on the descent at generations 4-7. Guy Dixon, in 2022, amended these generations by the creation of a new tree, Descendants of Elie Laurens - 2, which enabled the correct descent to be extracted and entered on this page

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In common with the majority of our trees, this descendancy has been subject to regular review by site editors and checked against Jersey church records. Trees including French ancestry have also been checked as far as possible against French primary records. It is not always possible to carry out such checks on sections of trees with United Kingdom and/or colonial content

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  • 1 Jean Laurens (1540-1621) m Rauline Le Bas (1545- )
    • 2 Elie Laurens (1570- ) m Unknown Le Boutillier (1575- )
      • 3 Jean Laurens (1600-1688) m (1630, St L) Jeanne Le Gallais (1605- )
        • 4 Jean Laurens (1625-1710) m (1654, St H) Jeanne Elizabeth Messervy (1629-1710) daughter of Noe (1590-1656) and Sarah Le Brun
          • 5 Jean Laurens (1659-1719) [1] m (1681, St L) Elizabeth Luce (1661-1719)
            • 6 Susanne Laurens (1683-1684) (St L)
            • 6 Jean Laurens (1685-1690) (St L) [2]
            • 6 Esther Laurens (1688-1720) (St L) m Jean Esnouf [3]
            • 6 Susanne Laurens (1690- ) (St L) m Charles De Ste Croix [4]
            • 6 Anne Laurens (1692-1761) (St L) m (1711, St L) Thomas Bertaut ( -1751)
            • 6 Elizabeth Laurens (1695- ) (St L)
            • 6 Philippe Laurens (1696- ) (St L > St H) [5] m (1718, St L) Sara Giffard
              • 7 Philippe Laurens (1719?- ) (St H) [6] m (1/1/1743, St B) Jeanne de Ste Croix d of Edouard
                • 8 Jeanne Laurens (4/1744- ) (St H) [7]
                • 8 Philippe Laurens (1746-by 1751) (St H) [8]
                • 8 Esther Laurens (1749- ) (St H) [9] m Clement Le Gallais (St H)
                • 8 Philippe Laurens (1751- ) (St H)
                • 8 Elizabeth Laurens (1755- ) (St H) [10] m (1780, St S) Jean Le Quesne (Mont à L`Abbé) [11]
                • 8 Anne Laurens (1757- ) (St H) [12] m (1778, St S) Philippe Vaudin ( -by 1784) (St H)
                • 8 Sara Esther Laurens (1760- ) (St H) [13] m Matthieu Mauger junr.
              • 7 Elizabeth Laurens (1720?- ) (St H) m (1745, St L) Jean Langlois (Oaklands) [14]
              • 7 Jean Laurens (12/1722- ) (St H)
              • 7 Sara Laurens (1724- ) (St H) [15]
              • 7 George Laurens (1727- ) (St H) [16] liv.1749
              • 7 Esther Laurens (1729- ) (St H)
              • 7 Anne de Ste Croix (1734- ) (St H)
            • 6 Jeanne Laurens (1699- ) (St L) m (1721, St J) Abraham Malzard
            • 6 Jean Laurens (1703- ) m (1721, St L) Judith d`Allain
              • 7 Philippe Laurens (1730- ) (St L) [17] liv. 1774, 1804 m (1751?) Marguerite Le Rossignol ( -1782)
                • 8 Marguerite Laurens (1752- ) (St L) [18] m (1/1773, St L) George Romeril
                  • 9 Marguerite Romeril (1774- ) (St L) [19]
                  • 9 Marie Romeril (1776- ) (St L)
                  • 9 George Romeril (1778-by 1780) ( St L) [20]
                  • 9 George Romeril (1780- ) (St L) [21]
                  • 9 Charles Romeril (1782- ) (St L)
              • 7 Susanne Laurens (1732- ) (St H)
              • 7 Judith Laurens (1736- ) (St L) [22]
              • 7 Anne Laurens (1740- ) (St L) [23]
              • 7 George Laurens (7/1743-by 1794) (St L > St H) [24] m (1770, St L) Madeleine de Ste Croix (1750-1797) d and h of Charles and of Madeleine Elizabeth Lempriere (St H) [25]
                • 8 George Laurens (1771- ) (St L > St H) [26] m (1797, St S) Jeanne Ahier (1776-1861, ae 85y 3m) d of Jean (St H)
                  • 9 Jeanneton Laurens (1798- ) (St H) liv. 1832
                  • 9 Madeleine Elizabeth Laurens (1799- ) (St H) [27] m (1824, St H) Samuel Le Feuvre junr. (St H)
                  • 9 George Laurens (1801- ) (St H) [28] m (1828, St H) Betsey Le Boutillier (Tr)
                    • 10 Elizabeth Laurens (1829- ) (St H) m 1 Francis Le Sueur; 2 (1871, St S) Charles Vaucour (Gsy > St H) [29]
                    • 10 George John Laurens (1831-1899) (St H) [30] m (1859, St S) Harriet Balleine d of John (St P)
                      • 11 Harriet Elizabeth Laurens (1860- ) (St H)
                      • 11 Isabella Mary Laurens (1861- ) (St H)
                      • 11 Hannah Margaret Laurens (1862-1916, ae 54) (St H) m (1888, St S) Charles John Labey [31]
                        • 12 Donald Charles Labey (1890- ) (St H) [32] m (1920, St H) Edith May Ward d of Thomas Henry (St L) [33]
                        • 12 Irene Balleine Labey (1891- ) (St H) m (1922, A.S.) Alfred Labey Amy [34] s of Philip du Parcq Amy (Gr)
                        • 12 Reginald George Labey (1893- ) (St H) [35]
                        • 12 Vernon James Labey (1904- ) (St H)
                      • 11 George Balleine Lempriere Laurens (1866-1920, ae 54) (St H) [36] unm.
                  • 9 Philippe Laurens (1804-1864) (St H) [37] m (1827, St H) Catherine Giffard ( -1/1838, ae 31y and 8m) (St B)
                    • 10 Jane Mary Laurens (1830- ) (St B) [38] m (1857, St S) Elie Jean Laffoley [39] s of Pierre
                    • 10 Philippe Giffard Laurens (1831-1900, ae 69) (St B) [40] m (1862, St B) Anna Sophia Valpy d of George (St H) [41]
                      • 11 Elvina Ann Laurens (1863-1863) (St H)
                      • 11 Edith Valpy Laurens (1864-1935, Ldn.) (St H) unm.
                      • 11 Stenley Giffard Laurens (1870-1872) (St H)
                      • 11 Herbert Giffard Laurens (1878- ) (St H) [42]
                    • 10 John Laurens (1832-1833) (St B) [43]
                  • 9 Jean Laurens (1806-1859) (St H) [44] m (1835, Tr) Mary Anne Le Gallais (1809-1860) (St H)
                    • 10 Gallais Laurens (1837- ) (St H) m (1859, St H) [45] Elvina Vickery d of Thomas (St H)
                    • 10 Frederick Lempriere Laurens (1838-by 1840) (St H)
                    • 10 Frederick Lempriere Laurens (1840- ) (St H) m (1869) Janet Lock Davidson (1846- )
                    • 10 Anna Laurens (1841- ) (St H)
                    • 10 James Laurens (1843-1888) (St H) [46] m (1868) Louisa Fuller (1843-1928)
                      • 11 Frederick Fuller Laurens (1869-1946) (St P) [47] m 1 (1898, St S) Ida Mary Emily Campbell Bates ( -1901) d of Robert Campbell Bates [48]
                        • 12 Ida Madeleine Laurens (1899- ) (St H) m (1923, St S) Henry Falla (St J)
                      • by the 2nd marriage of Frederick Fuller Laurens (1930, St P) Edith Maria Balleine ( -1968) no issue
                      • 11 Isabella May Laurens (1876- ) (St H) m (1900, St S) Ellis John Hidden [49]
                    • 10 Louisa Ann Laurens (1846- ) (St H)
                    • 10 Walter William Laurens (1851- ) (St H) [50] m (1880, Durham) Margaret J Leonard (Eng.)
                  • 9 Francois Laurens (1809-1839) (St H)
                  • 9 Charles Laurens (1813- ) (St H) [51] liv. 1872 m (1847, St C) Mary Elizabeth Le Quesne (St H) d of Nicolas [52]
                    • 10 Mary Sophia Laurens (1848- ) (St H)
                    • 10 Ada Theresa Laurens (1852-1866) (St H)
                    • 10 Delphine Jane Laurens (1853- ) (St H) m 1 (1885, St J) Frederick William Kirkham (Norfolk) [53]; 2 (1889, Denmark) Philip Walter Picot, below
                    • 10 Jessie Maria Sutherland Laurens (1858-1888) (St H > St J) m (1883, St J) Philip Walter Picot (1849-1914) grandson of Philippe Picot, Jurat (Herupe)
                • 8 Madeleine Laurens (1774- ) (St H) m (1794, St S) Jean Le Gallais (St H) [54]
          • 5 Elizabeth Laurens (1668-1742) m (1687, St L) Nicolas Gibaut ( -1717) [55]

Notes and references

  1. No record of this baptism found. The tree as originally submitted showed Jean's birth in 1652, as do many online trees. But his baptism is unlikely to have been before his parents' marriage. Other trees show his birth in 1661, but there is also no record of a baptism then. We believe that Jean was born in St Lawrence in 1659, the son of Jean, as shown in the church register
  2. Jean's baptism shows father as Jnr. His burial shows him as Jean fs Jean fs Jean
  3. Mge not found. Cour du Cattel record 1746 confirms mge
  4. Mge not found
  5. Of Mont à L`Abbé House, St Helier; Centenier of St Helier, 1734: St Helier Church Register (1734), on the christening of Anne Laurens. Joan Stevens noted that his initials, with those of his parents, are engraved upon the property, with the date 1718: "IL. EL. PL. 1718". This was perhaps slightly before his marriage with Sara Giffard, which took place in the same year
  6. Philippe Laurens junr. seems to have been unlucky, where church records were concerned. His christening either went unrecorded or is yet to be found, whilst his wife Jeanne had, on marriage, her name recorded as Anne! Fortunately, godparent evidence is unambiguous, leaving no room for doubt
  7. Jeanne`s godfather was Edouard de Ste Croix, Grandfather; her godmother was Esther de Ste Croix, his daughter, her Aunt
  8. Philippe`s godparents were [translated]: "Me Philippe Laurens, formerly Centenier of the parish of St Helier, and Mse Sara Gisford, his wife, Grandfather and Grandmother"
  9. Esther`s godparents were Me George Laurens [then aged 22], Uncle, and Esther de Ste Croix, Aunt
  10. Elizabeth`s godparents were Me Jean Langlois, Uncle, and Mse Elizabeth Laurens, his wife
  11. Engraved at Mont à L`Abbé House are the couple`s initials and the date 1798, by which date the property had presumably passed to the Le Quesne family: "ILQ . ELR 1798"
  12. Anne Laurens, "veuve Me Philippe Vaudin", was the godmother in 1784 of her niece, Anne Le Quesne
  13. Sara Esther Laurens and her husband, who was named, were the godparents in 1791 of Sara`s nephew, Nicolas Le Quesne
  14. They were the great-grandparents of Dr Philip Langlois, one of the founder members of La Société Jersiaise, in 1873. They were the godparents of their niece, Elizabeth Laurens in 1755
  15. Godparents: Mr Charles de Ste Croix, fils Noe, and Mse Susanne Laurens, his wife
  16. Godparents: Me Jean Laurens, Uncle of the child, and Mse Judith Dallain, his wife
  17. Godparents: Mr Philippe Laurens and Mse Sara Giffard, his wife
  18. Marguerite`s register entry, on christening, is most useful: [translated] "Marguerite, daughter of Mr Philippe Laurent and Mse Marguerite Le Rossignol, his wife, presented [in baptism] by Me Pierre Le Rossignol and ..Judith Dallain, mother of the said Laurent". Marguerite, the infant, was thus daughter of Philippe, son of Jean Laurens and the said Judith Dallain, his wife
  19. Godparents: Me Philippe Laurens, fils Jean, and his wife
  20. Godparents: Mr Simeon Romeril and Mse Madeleine de Ste Croix, wife of Me George Laurens
  21. Godparents: Me George Laurens and Mse Madeleine de Ste Croix, his wife
  22. Godparents: Mr Abraham Malzard and Mse Jeanne Laurens, his wife
  23. Godparents: "Mr Thomas Bertault and his wife", being Anne Laurens, above
  24. Godparents: Me Philippe Laurens junr. and [Jeanne] de Ste Croix, his wife, who had married on New Year`s Day, that year, in St Brelade. This Philippe Laurens junior was a son, born about 1719, of George`s uncle Philippe Laurens [senr.], although his christening has not yet been found
  25. By which marriage, the property now misleadingly called Bellozanne Priory, passed into the Laurens family
  26. Godparents: Me Philippe Laurens, fils Jean, [the former being the brother of the child`s father] and Mse Marguerite Laurens [14 months before her marriage], his daughter
  27. Godparents: Me Jean Ahier, Grandfather, and Mse Madeleine Laurens, wife of Me Jean Le Gallais, Aunt
  28. Godparents: Jean and Rachel Ahier, Uncle and Aunt, respectively. In the 1851 Census, St Helier, in "la paroisse" (the country) not "La Ville", George was shown as farming 16 acres, being about 40 vergées. The property had by then acquired a name, the rather self-conscious Windsor Farm, which name was later to be exchanged for The Priory, becoming in the mid-20th century, Bellozanne Priory. His initial and name "G. Laurens" on Hugh Godfray`s Map of Jersey (1849) indicate clearly the location. "GLR. 1826", previously misread as "GLP", engraved upon the well-head, probably represent this man, rather than his father, perhaps denoting the year he inherited, although the date of his father` burial has not yet been discovered
  29. Bank Manager
  30. Farmer of 15 acres, at Windsor Farm, in the 1861 census, living with his wife Harriet, daughter Harriet Elizabeth, widowed uncle Philippe, and father-in-law, John Balleine, who was aged 65. In the 1881 St Helier Census, Mont Cochon, George was naming his home "The Priory", and still farming an almost identical acreage, namely 17 acres
  31. Farmer
  32. Bank Clerk, in 1920
  33. Farmer
  34. Farmer
  35. Farming at The Priory, 1929, but it appears to have passed, either by inheritance or otherwise, into other hands before the German Occupation (1940)
  36. George B. L. Laurens was the 34 year-old owner and farmer of The Priory at the time of the 1901 St Helier Census, Mont Cochon, living with his widowed mother and single sisters, Harriet and Isabella. On death, his address was still The Priory
  37. Carpenter, living in part of the house adjoining that of his brother George, with his widowed mother, Jeanne, who was aged 75. His godparents in 1804 had been Me Philippe Laurens, Geat-Uncle, and Mse Marguerite Laurens, Widow of Me George Romeril. Philippe was described in 1851 as a Widower, whilst in that of 1841, he had the additional company of his 10 year-old son, Philippe Laurens, whose mother had died three years previously, in January 1838, being buried as "femme Me Philippe Laurens," aged 31 years 8 months
  38. Her godmother was Mse Jeanne Ahier
  39. Carpenter
  40. Draper`s Assistant in 1851 and Draper, in St Helier, at the time of his marriage and thereafter
  41. Shipwright, as was the bridegroom`s father, in censuses described as a Carpenter
  42. Merchant Seaman in the Pacific, 1909
  43. His godmother was Mse Jeanneton Laurens
  44. Cooper, with a cooperage in the Town of St Helier employing, in 1851, 2 men and 3 boys: St Helier Census (1851)
  45. He was, on marrying, "a candidate for the ministry"
  46. Deputy-Sheriff, Petty Debts Court: 1881 St Helier Census
  47. Journalist; afterwards Chief Clerk, States Offices
  48. Assistant-Paymaster, R.N.
  49. Electrical Engineer
  50. Master Mariner, gaining his Master`s Certificate in 1885: UK and Ireland Masters` and Mates` Certificates, 1850-1927, at
  51. Solicitor and Notary Public, -1847--
  52. Merchant and Shipowner
  53. Physician
  54. The Le Gallais` son Matthieu had as godparents, in 1794, Mr Matthieu Le Gallais, Uncle of the child and Mse Madeleine de Ste Croix, Grandmother [of the child], widow of Me George Laurens
  55. Godmother, as the "veuve Nicolas Gybault" in 1722 of Charles de Ste Croix and Susanne Laurens` daughter Elizabeth, and described as the child`s "Aunt", a term often used at this time, to include great-aunts
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