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Descendants of Noel Gouffini

This family came to Jersey from Brittany. We spent a considerable amount of time in 2017 checking a submitted tree and are still not fully confident in what is shown.

Researching the lineage is complicated by the number of Jean Francois who appear to be shown as Francois Jean in some records, and Jean Francois or Jean Marie, who are just shown as Jean.

Jean Marie's (Gen 2) first wife appears to have died, possibly in childbirth, in 1876, but his first child by his second wife was born in the same year, which is puzzling. We previously showed Jean Francois and Francois Jean, at generation 2, as the same person, married twice, supported by online tree information, but it is now clear from Census returns that they were different people.

Francois Jean was living with his family in Trinity in 1911, and Jean Francois was living in St Martin. We believe that all these Gouffinis have a common ancestor in Noel Gouffini. We have found the wedding record for Jean Marie to Esther Norman, which shows that he was born in Tresignol, Cotes d'Armor, Brittany, the son of Noel, but his name is spelt Goufinic and Tresignol does not appear to have ever existed. Our research has not been helped by the fact that the French Geneanet database holds no records for this name.

The only Gouffinis in the site are those from Jersey's 1901 census

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  • 1 Noel Gouffini
    • 2 Jean Marie Gouffini (1841- ) [1] m 1 (1863, St S) Esther Norman, d of Jean
      • 3 Louise Gouffini (1864- ) m (1881) John Houillebecq
      • 3 Mary Ann Gouffini (1867- )
      • 3 Alice Gouffini (1870- )
      • 3 Jean Francois Gouffini (1872-1914) (Gr) [2] m 2 (1898, St S) Jeanne Alexandrine Louise Bougeard, daughter of Louis; 1 (1894, St S) Marie Philomene Guillermic (1864- ) (Fr)
      • 3 Matilda Maria Gouffini (1875- ) m (1896, St S) Emile Tirel, son of Emile
      • 3 Mary Ann Gouffini (1876-1876)
    • 2nd wife of Jean Marie Gouffini, Jane Anne Gosset
      • 3 Francois Jean Gouffini (1876- ) (St S) [3] m (1898, St S) Jeanne Alexandrine Louise Bougeard (1874- ) d of Louis
        • 4 Francois Jean Gouffini (1901- ) m (1922, St C) Louise Angele Olive Le Tellier (1904- ) (Gsy) d of Jacques Louis
        • 4 Joseph Louis Gouffini (1902- ) (Tr) [4] m (1923, St S) Marie Angele Gougion (1901- ) (Fr) d of Jean [5]
        • 4 Raymond Gouffini (1908- )
        • 4 Marguerite Louise Gouffini (1913- ) m (1935, St L) Thomas Edward Lewes, son of John
      • 3 James Edwin Gouffini (1878-1878)
      • 3 Louise Gouffini (1881- )
      • 3 William Gouffini (1884-1884)
    • 2 Jean Francois Gouffini (1840- ) (Fr) [6] m (1882, St S) Jeanne de Gruchy (1844- ) d of Jean [7]

Notes and references

  1. Grower
  2. Grower
  3. Farmer
  4. Farmer
  5. Labourer
  6. Farmer
  7. Widow of Thomas Mourant
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