Descendants of Jean de Quetteville (1558)

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Descendants of Jean de Quetteville

The nucleus of this Tree was assembled and added to the site in 2013 from a handwritten tree in La Société Jersiaise Library. This tree was then corrected and expanded in October 2018 using church records which were not available when the original was created. The Jean at the head of this tree is the same Jean at the head of Descendants of Jean de Quetteville (1535) and the two agree in early generations and then follow different branches or descendances. The tree was, lastly, revised and amended in 2020, in the light of the the 1930s research into the family, by the late genealogist, Charles Langton, whose work is now to hand. The home of the de Quettevilles who are featured on this page, was probably for four centuries the property known as Les Charrières, overlooking St Catherine`s Bay in St Martin (see notes by generations 3 and 5)

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  • 1 Jean de Quetteville (1480?- ), son of Clement [1] m Regnaulde Gallichan d of Philippot
    • 2 Edmond de Quetteville (1520?-1597) [2] m 1 Jeanne Le Ray; 2 (1555?) Elizabeth Le Marquand d of Raulin; [3]
      • 3 Marie de Quetteville (1558?- ) m (1582?) Jean Horman (St S)
      • 3 Elizabeth de Quetteville (1563?- ) m Leonard Noel (St Mt)
      • 3 John de Quetteville (1567-1652) [4] m (1594, St Mt) Elizabeth Dumaresq d of Clement, of La Chesnée
    • by the 3rd marriage of Edmond de Quetteville, (1576?) Catherine La Cloche (1550?-1625)
      • 3 Clement de Quetteville (1577?-1662) m (1604) Marie Le Maistre d of François [5]
        • 4 Francois de Quetteville (1605-1605)
        • 4 Madeleine de Quetteville (1607?-1686) m Abraham Journeaux s of Abraham
        • 4 Kateline de Quetteville (1611-1645) m (1644) Renault Badier (1616-1678)
        • 4 Amyce de Quetteville (1614-1691) (St Mt) m 1 (1637, St Mt) Marie Gaudin (1611-1645) d of Jean and Anne Machon
          • 5 Marguerite de Quetteville (1638- )
          • 5 François de Quetteville (1639-1694) [6] m (1667, St Mt) Catherine Machon (1645-1697) d of Abraham and Sara Le Breton
            • 6 Sara de Quetteville (1668-1748) m (1687, St Mt) Michel Fauvel
            • 6 Jean de Quetteville (1670- )
            • 6 Charles de Quetteville (1673- )
            • 6 Catherine de Quetteville (1676- ) m Philippe Anley
            • 6 Anne de Quetteville (1679- ) m (1702, Gr) George Gaudin
            • 6 Elie de Quetteville (1680- )
            • 6 David de Quetteville (1683-1725) [7] m (1703, St Mt) Elizabeth Le Couteur (1679-1750) d of the Revd. François, Rector (St Mt)
              • 7 Elizabeth de Quetteville (1705-1784) m (1730, St H) Jean Neel
              • 7 David de Quetteville (1707-1712)
              • 7 Jeanne de Quetteville (1709-1750) m (1730, St Mt) George Gaudin
              • 7 Francois de Quetteville (1710-1710)
              • 7 Amice de Quetteville (1711-1711)
              • 7 David de Quetteville (1713-1797) m (1737, St Mt) Elizabeth Godfray (1714-1800) d of Edmond
                • 8 Elizabeth de Quetteville (1738- )
                • 8 Marie de Quetteville (1741- )
                • 8 Douce de Quetteville (1743-by 1759)
                • 8 David de Quetteville (1746-1746)
                • 8 David de Quetteville (1747-1786) m (1784, St Mt) Esther Mourant (1764- )
                  • 9 Esther de Quetteville (1785- ) [8]
                • 8 Francois de Quetteville (1750-1833) m 1 (1780, St Mt) Marie Mourant
                  • 9 Francois de Quetteville (1781-1871) [9] m 1 (1803, St H) Marie Mourant (1785-1820)
                    • 10 Francois de Quetteville (1804-1880) [10] m (1842, St Mt) Marie Nicolle (1807-1891)
                      • 11 Mary Jane de Quetteville (1847-1867) unmarried
                    • 10 Philippe Charles de Quetteville (1806-1876) [11] m (1836) Mary Mauger (1803-1867)
                      • 11 Marie Ann de Quetteville (1832- ) m William Gallichan [12]
                      • 11 Jane Armande de Quetteville (1839-1906) m Emile Marie Joseph Mouchet [13]
                      • 11 Elizabeth de Quetteville (1842- )
                    • 10 Marie Anne de Quetteville (1809- ) m (1829, St H) Philippe Buesnel
                    • 10 Julie Henriette de Quetteville (1811-1894) unmarried
                    • 10 Sophie Charlotte de Quetteville (1814-1893) unmarried
                    • 10 Eliza Esther de Quetteville (1816-1880) m (1859, St Mt) Nicolas Renouf
                    • 10 Caroline de Quetteville (1818-1884) m (1842, St Mt) Jean de Gruchy of Les Vaux (Tr)
                  • 2nd wife of Francois de Quetteville (1781-1871), m (1823, St Mt) Elizabeth Nicolle (1804- ) d of Philippe and Jeanne Aubin
                    • 10 Elizabeth de Quetteville (1824-1903) m (1851, St Mt) Francis Aubin [14]
                    • 10 Frederick Nicolle de Quetteville (1825-1903) Jurat [15] m (1858, St S) Anne Poingdestre d of Philippe (St S)
                      • 11 Clara Ann de Quetteville (1859-1942) unmarried
                      • 11 Frederick Winter de Quetteville (1861-1877)
                      • 11 Frederick Emile de Quetteville (1879-1913) [16]
                • 2nd wife of Francois de Quetteville (1750-1834) m (1792, St Mt) Elizabeth Sohier (1769-1846) [17] d of Edouard Jean (St Mt)
                  • 9 Elizabeth de Quetteville (1794-1874) m (1812, St Mt) David Gaudin
                  • 9 David de Quetteville (1797-1864) [18] m (1823, St Mt) Anne Nelson (1800- ) d of Joseph and Elizabeth Collas (St Mt)
                    • 10 Elizabeth de Quetteville ? died an infant
                    • 10 David Nelson de Quetteville (1834-1870) [19] m (1858, St Mt) Mary Ann Valpy d of John George
                      • 11 Stanley David de Quetteville (1861-1939) [20] m (1887, St H) Jane Priaulx Stonelake d of Robert, Shipbuilder (Gsy)
                        • 12 Stanley Nelson de Quetteville (1889-1916) Lieutenant, R.N.; Killed in action
                        • 12 Douglas Labey de Quetteville (1890-1896)
                        • 12 Dorothy Irene de Quetteville (1894-1907)
                      • 11 Clifford Nelson de Quetteville (1862-1928) (Can.) [21] m (1890) Julie Vibert Tuzo (descendants in Canada)
                    • 10 Mary Anne de Quetteville (1838- )
                  • 9 Marie de Quetteville (1800-1885) m George Aubin
                  • 9 Esther de Quetteville (1806-1884) m (1828, St H) Jean de Gruchy of Surville (St Mt)
                • 8 Philippe de Quetteville (1753-1800)
                • 8 Charles de Quetteville (1756-1792) m (1779, St Mt) Marie Messervy (1750-1826)
                  • 9 Marie de Quetteville (1780-1823) m (1803, St Mt) George Beaugié
                  • 9 Charles de Quetteville (1783-1871) [22] m 1 (1804, St H) Susanne (Jeanne) Gallichan (1782-1806) [23] 2 (1808, St H) Anne Amy (1781-1869) (St S)
                    • 10 Charles de Quetteville (1805-by 12/1839) m Emilie Picot (St H) [24]
                      • 11 Charles de Quetteville (1829- ) [25] Living 1841
                      • 11 Amelia de Quetteville (1833- ) [26] m Charles Winter Tibot (1838-1876) (St H) [27]
                      • 11 Jane Caroline de Quetteville (1835- ) m (1858, Eng.) William Henry Goodridge [28]
                      • 11 George de Quetteville (1837-1898) [29] unmarried
                    • 10 Nancy de Quetteville (1806-1886) m (1829, St Mt) Jean Laffoley
                  • 9 Elizabeth de Quetteville (1787-1844) m (1825, St H) Edouard Vardon (Tr)
                • 8 Douce de Quetteville (1759-1835) m (1782, St Mt) Jean Gallichan
                • 8 Thomas de Quetteville (1761-1804)
              • 7 Anne de Quetteville (1715- )
              • 7 Philippe de Quetteville (1717- ) [30] m (1737, St H) Elizabeth Noel d of Jean and Elizabeth Sohier
              • 7 Francoise de Quetteville (1725- ) m (1745, St Mt) François Fauvel
            • 6 Marie de Quetteville (1687- ) m (1711, St Mt) Edmond Godfray
          • 5 Amice de Quetteville (1642-1703)
          • 5 Clement de Quetteville (1643- )
          • 5 Catherine de Quetteville (1645- )
        • 2nd wife of Amyce de Quetteville, Marie Laurens ( -1662) d of Jean and Judith, née Valpy
          • 5 Jean de Quetteville (1650-1650)
          • 5 Clement de Quetteville (1652- )
          • 5 Abraham de Quetteville (1656- )
          • 5 Judith de Quetteville (1658- )
        • 4 Thomas de Quetteville (1615?-1659) [31] m Jeanne de Ste Croix
          • 5 Abraham de Quetteville
          • 5 Thomas de Quetteville ( -1733)
          • 5 Clement de Quetteville m Unknown
            • 6 Jeanne de Quetteville m (1698, Gr) Clement Falle
            • 6 Marie de Quetteville m (1703, Gr) Laurence Shepherd
          • 5 Sara de Quetteville m Edmond Noel
        • 4 Clement de Quetteville (1616?-1690) [32] m Judith Laurens
          • 5 Benjamin de Quetteville (abt. 1640?-1681) m (1663, St Mt) Anne Le Seelleur d of Jean, of Faldouet
            • 6 Philippe de Quetteville (1668- )
            • 6 Nicolas de Quetteville (1674- ) living 1723
            • 6 Marie de Quetteville (1678- )
        • 4 Elizabeth de Quetteville (1617?-1680) m (1635) Nicolas Gaudin (1618-1676)

Notes and references

  1. According to a genealogy extracted from court records, by the late Charles Langton, Jean was the son of Clement de Quetteville and Barbe, his wife, a discovery that has now been confirmed. Clement will have been born circa 1450. Jean was mentioned as still living in 1558
  2. Constable of St Martin, 1587-1597
  3. Cour d`Héritage, livre 6 folio 307 (1598). Elizabeth, Langton notes, was still living in 1574. They had issue an elder son, Jean de Quetteville, who married in 1594, Elizabeth Dumaresq. Their descendants lived at Le Câtillon, St Martin, and included the Channel Islands` Methodist pioneer, the Revd. Jean de Quetteville
  4. Died aged "about 85". Jean`s descendants lived, in the senior line, at Le Câtillon, St Martin, which was about 400 metres away from Les Charrières, the home of his younger brother Clement`s descendants. Les Charrières was clearly the older of the two properties. It was not unusual in Jersey, when adjoining land was divided between sons, for the eldest to build a new, more convenient, house on his larger share of the land. This was probably the case in this instance. Therefore, Les Charrières is likely to have been the home of Clement de Quetteville (1450- ), the father of Jean, in generation 1
  5. Constable of St Martin, 1586-1587; Seigneur of the Fief de Quetivel, in right of his wife, Marguerite Gardener, daughter and heiress of John and of Collette Payn, his wife, the daughter and heiress of John Payn, Seigneur de Quetivel, Vicomte of Jersey: J.B. Payne, An Armorial of Jersey, 224; ABSJ, VI, 139
  6. Of Les Charrières, St Martin, where his and his wife`s initials are engraved: "FDQ.KM", the "C" of Catherine being then interchangeable with the letter "K". It should be noted that François was the eldest son of Amice, who was the eldest surviving son of Clement. In Jersey`s Norman law, the house and adjoining fields passed, on the death of the father, to the eldest son. Clement de Quetteville (1577?-1662), on this basis, will have lived at Les Charrières. In the Middle Ages, as fuel was scarce and homes hard to heat in winter, sheltered sites, out of the prevailing wind, were selected for building. Such is the location of this neat, attractive property, situated under the lee of a hill, overlooking the sea to the east. There are here chamfered stones, being those having the edges plained off them, which are a feature of pre-1650 Jersey houses. There is also a `weather-stone` in the present-day kitchen, built into what was formerly a west-facing exterior gable wall. When such a stone glistened or was damp, rain was on the way and when dry, fine weather. This sort of house can be hard to date, if predating 1600, which is likely to be the case. It could have been either a 16th or even 15th century construction. This writer favours the latter, for reasons given above
  7. Of Les Charrières, St Martin
  8. Godparents: Me Jean Gallichan and Mse Douce de Quetteville
  9. Of Faldouet, St Martin, Farmer of about 50 vergées (1851)
  10. Of Faldouet; Lieutenant RJM
  11. Labourer in 1851 and Farmer`s son, with his father, in 1871: St Martin Censuses. His daughter, Marie Ann, was a Dressmaker in 1851
  12. Will of her sister Jane Armande, in which the oil on canvas portraits of Jane, Mr Mouchet and their little son were bequeathed to Mary Ann, who was executrix and residual legatee, after bequests, which included those to her four children, William Harry Gallichan, Charles de Quetteville Gallichan, Mrs Marett and Mrs Wilson: D/Y/A/65/69 at The Jersey Archive
  13. Jane`s Will stipulates that she be buried in Jersey or Gaspé, depending upon the time of her death
  14. Master Mariner
  15. Solicitor, of 24, Hill Street, St Helier; Constable of St Martin and Jurat
  16. Of Beuvelande, St Martin
  17. Elizabeth Sohier, "widow in his 2nd marriage of François de Quetteville" was buried in St Martin in November 1846, aged 78---78th year?
  18. Inherited Les Charrières, the family`s older, but no longer the larger, property
  19. Solicitor`s Clerk; owner of Les Charrières and Lieutenant, RJM
  20. Brewer`s Clerk; of 13, David Place, St Helier, owner of his paternal property, which he let to tenants
  21. Settled in Arichat, Canada, and being buried in St Paul, Gaspé. The burial entry mentions that he was a one-time inhabitant of Connecticut, U.S.A.
  22. Journeyman (Daily) Labourer, 1841-61, living in Georgetown, Jersey, 1851
  23. On marriage, she was named as Susanne but on baptism of both children and burial, as Jeanne
  24. Emilie Picot married secondly, in December 1839, Edward Mudge of St Helier, Tinman. They had a daughter, Matilda Mudge, who married Nathaniel Harden, a Sailor. With either of these two families, Mudge or Harden, in both Jersey and Southampton, there usually lived Emilie`s children of her first marriage
  25. Charles was christened on the 3rd March 1830, but may have been born the previous winter (1829), as his age in 1841, when he was living with his grandparents, was given as "13"
  26. Godparents were Jean Laffoley and Anne de Quetteville
  27. Master Mariner
  28. Of River View, Woolston, Hampshire, in 1871, but born in Wyke Regis, Dorset. He was a Relieving Officer and Registrar of Births and Deaths
  29. Of Southampton, Tinsmith, then Master Tin Plate Layer
  30. Settled in St Helier
  31. Thomas de Quetteville and his wife, three sons, daughter and two grand-daughters were identified through court records by the genealogist, Charles Langton. Significantly, in the succession of Clement de Quetteville and Marie Le Maistre, his wife (generation 3) court records show that Amice was the eldest son, Thomas was the second son and Clement junior, the youngest son. The property long enjoyed by Amice`s descendants, named Les Charrières, would thus have been almost definitely that, previously enjoyed, by the above mentioned Clement and Marie Le Maistre, his wife
  32. For full details of the descendants of Clement de Quetteville junior and Judith Laurens, see St Martin de Quetteville descendancy
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