Descendants of Laurens Mallet (1470)

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Descendants of Laurens Mallet


This tree was added to the site in 2011 and updated in 2019. Original research by Guy Dixon featured in The Channel Islands Family History Society Journal, Nos 83, 84, 87, 88, 89 and 90 (1999-2001) under the heading The Mallets of Jersey, 1180-1750. He undertook a major review of all the site's Mallet trees in 2023 and extended some branches of this tree into the 19th and 20th centuries. According to the site practice, early dates of birth are estimated

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  • 1 Laurens Mallet (1470-1545) (St Mt) [1] m Symone Unknown
    • 2 Henry Mallet (1500-1556) (St Mt) [2] m Catherine Amy (1500- ) daughter of Drouet and Guillemette (Gr)
      • 3 Jacques Mallet (1525-by 1586) (St Mt) [3] m Jacquette Romeril (1540- ) daughter of Leonard (Tr)
        • 4 Jean Mallet (1555-11/1611) (St Mt) [4] m Jeanne Cornet ( -10/1611) (St Mt) daughter of Jean
          • 5 Jacques Mallet (1580-by 1639) (St Mt) [5] m (1612, St Mt) Madelaine Michel
            • 6 Jean Mallet (1612-1689- ) (St Mt > Tr) [6] m (1635, Mt and Tr) Marthe de Gruchy ( -1689) daughter of Abraham (Tr)
              • 7 Elisabeth Mallet (1642- ) (St Mt)
              • 7 Marie Mallet (1644- ) (Tr) [7] m (1663, Tr) Philippe Vaudin
              • 7 Rachel Mallet (1646-1646) (Tr)
              • 7 Rachel Mallet (1648-1690) (Tr) m (1676, St S) Philippe Besnard
            • 6 Anne Mallet (1614-1615) (St Mt)
          • 5 Jean Mallet (1583-1611-1615) (St Mt) [8]
          • 5 Abraham Mallet (1586-1616) (St Mt) [9]
          • 5 Philippe Mallet (1590-1596) (St Mt)
          • 5 Pierre Mallet (1594-1657) (St Mt > St S) [10] m (1618, St Mt) Elizabeth Gallichan daughter of Jean
            • 6 Philippine Mallet (1618-1626) (St S) [11]
            • 6 Sara Mallet (1621-1621)
            • 6 Elizabeth Mallet ( -1624)
            • 6 Elizabeth Mallet ( -1627) (St S)
            • 6 Marie Mallet (1628- ) (St S)
            • 6 Jean Mallet (1632-1632) (St S)
            • 6 Philippine Mallet (1634-1683) (St S > St Mt)
            • 6 Elizabeth Mallet (1637-1702) (St Mt) m Laurens Le Bastard [12]
            • 6 Judith Mallet (-1670) m 1 (1658, St Mt) Richard Falle son of Edmond (St S); 2 (1665, St Mt) Clement Asplet
            • 6 Marie Mallet (1639- ) (St Mt)
          • 5 Clement Mallet (1596-1633) (St Mt > St S) [13] m (1622, St S) Marie Tannequin ( -1665) (St S)
            • 6 Jean Mallet ( -1623) (St Mt)
            • 6 Anne Mallet (1623-1623) (St S)
            • 6 Jeanne Mallet (1624-1663- ) (St S)
            • 6 Henri Mallet (1628-1631) (St S)
          • 5 Philippe Mallet (1598-1611) (St Mt)
          • 5 Marie Mallet (1600-1668) m Pierre Brée
        • 4 Henry Mallet (1560- ) [14] m Unknown
          • 5 Jean Mallet (1585- ) [15]
        • 4 Fille Mallet (1565- ) (St Mt) [16] m Jean Braye (Brée)
        • 4 Michel Mallet (1568-1636) (St Mt) [17] m (1602, St Mt) Marie Bree ( -1637), daughter of Jean and Jeanne, nee Le Ray
          • 5 Jean Mallet (1605-1661) (St Mt) m (1637, St Mt) Elisabeth Hubert, daughter of Jean [18]
          • 5 Anne Mallet (1608-1608) (St Mt)
          • 5 Michel Mallet ( -1626) (St Mt)
        • 4 Jacques Mallet (1570- ) (St Mt) [19]
        • 4 Jacquette Mallet ( -1607) (St Mt)
        • 4 Edouard Mallet (1575-1639) (St Mt) [20] m (1626, St S) Marthe Ahier
      • 3 Philippe Mallet (1530-1593) (St Mt) [21] m Francoise Baudains ( -1599) daughter and heiress of Nicolas, son of Gratien (Rozel, St Mt)
        • 4 Jean Mallet (1565-1609) (St Mt) [22] m Marie Cornet daughter of Jean [23]
          • 5 Philippe Mallet (1594-1680) (St Mt) [24] m 2 (1653, St Mt) Marie Effard ( -1662) [25] daughter of Nicolas [26]; 3 (1663, St S) Sara Ahier ( -1690) daughter of Guyon (St S); 1 (1614, St Mt) Susanne Dumaresq ( -1652) daughter and co-heiress of Clement [27] (St Mt)
            • 6 Philippe Mallet (1615-1623) (St Mt)
            • 6 Jean Mallet ( -1698) (St Mt) [28] m (1641, St Mt) Elisabeth Gaudin ( -1673) daughter of Philippe
              • 7 Jean Mallet (1642-by 1705) (St Mt) [29] m (1687, St Mt) Elisabeth Noel ( -1732) [30]
                • 8 Elisabeth Mallet (1687-1755) (St Mt) [31] m (1705, St Mt) Noe Nicolle son of Noe, son of Nicolas (St Mt)
              • 7 Philippe Mallet (1644-1682) (St Mt) [32] m (1682, St Mt) Marguerite d'Assigny daughter of Pierre [33]
                • 8 Marguerite Mallet (1683-1683) (St Mt)
              • 7 Clement Mallet (1645- ) (St Mt)
              • 7 George Mallet ( -1653) (St Mt)
              • 7 Clement Mallet (1650-by 1677) (St Mt)
              • 7 Susanne Mallet (1651-1702) (St Mt) m (1685, St Mt) Philippe Mallet [34] son of Laurens (St Mt)
              • 7 Edouard Mallet (1653-1677) (St Mt) [35]
              • 7 Anne Mallet (1655-1691) (St Mt) m (1682, St Mt) Renault Badier
              • 7 Francois Mallet (1657-1704) (St Mt) m (1697, St Mt) Sara Perchard ( -1725) daughter of Thomas (St Mt)
                • 8 Elisabeth Mallet (1699-1734) (St Mt) m (1720, St Mt) Thomas Le Huquet
                • 8 Susanne Mallet (1702-1774) (St Mt) m (1738, St Mt) Jean Badier
            • 6 Marguerite Mallet (1618-1646) (St Mt) m (1640, St Mt) Jean Messervy son of Jean (St Mt)
            • 6 Laurens Mallet (1621-1690) (St Mt) m (1644, St Mt) Catherine Bree daughter and heiress of Jean of Ville Brée (St Mt)
              • 7 Susanne Mallet (1645-1709) (St Mt) m (1669, St Mt) Thomas Noel son of Clement (Tr)
              • 7 Jean Mallet (1647- ) (St Mt)
              • 7 Philippe Mallet (1649-1723) (St Mt) [36] m (1685, St Mt) Susanne Mallet (1651-1702) [37] daughter of Jean (Rozel, St Mt)
                • 8 Elisabeth Mallet (1685-1757) (St Mt) m (1716, St Mt) Philippe Nicolle son of Jean (Ville Bree)
                • 8 Susanne Mallet (1687-1761) (St Mt) m (1719, St Mt) Jean Messervy son of Clement
                • 8 Jean Mallet (1688-1764) (St Mt) [38] m (1724, St Mt) Marie Collas daughter of Philippe (St Mt)
                  • 9 Jean Mallet (1724-1724) (St Mt)
                  • 9 Jean Mallet (1725-1725) (St Mt)
                  • 9 Jean Mallet (1726-1797) (St Mt) m (1764, St Mt) Rachel Godfray ( -1825) (St Mt) [39]
                  • 9 Marie Mallet (1728-1792) (St Mt)
                  • 9 Philippe Mallet (1731-1766- ) (St Mt) [41]
                  • 9 Laurens Mallet (1736-1755) (St Mt)
              • 7 Pauline Mallet (1653- ) (St Mt) m (1681, St Mt) Nicholas du Feu (Tr)
              • 7 Laurens Mallet (1657- ) (St Mt)
              • 7 Catherine Mallet (1665-1719) (St Mt)
            • 6 Clement Mallet (1624-1703) (St Mt) [42] m 1 (1647, St Mt) Pauline Guerdain ( -1684); 2 (1684, St Mt) Rachel Collas ( -1693) [43] (St Mt)
              • 7 Philippe Mallet (1685- ) (St Mt)
            • 3rd wife of Clement Mallet, [44] Jeanne Filleul
              • 7 Clement Mallet (1695-1759) (St Mt) m (1719, St H) Anne Aubin daughter of Unknown Aubin and Jeanne Gorey
                • 8 Clement Mallet (1720-1720) (St Mt)
                • 8 Anne Mallet (1721-1810) (St Mt) [45] m (1748, St Mt) Philippe Richardson
                • 8 Clement Mallet (1723- ) (St Mt)
                • 8 Elisabeth Mallet (1725-1814) (St Mt) m (1747, St Mt) Jean Falle
                • 8 Philippe Mallet (1729-1733?) (St Mt)
                • 8 Jean Mallet (1732- ) (St Mt) [46] m 1 (1760, St Mt) Elisabeth de Rue ( -1764) (St Mt)
                  • 9 Jean Mallet (1761-1841) (St Mt) [47] m (1810, St H) Jeanne Perchard daughter of Jean
                    • 10 Marie Mallet (1811-1891- ) (St Mt)
                    • 10 Jean Mallet (1814-1851- ) (St Mt) [48] m 1 (1846, St H) Marie Nicolle (1814-1858) daughter of Edouard, MRCS (no issue); 2 (Methodist?) Eliza Jane Hooper daughter of John William
                      • 11 Eliza Mary Mallet (1862- ) (St Mt)
                      • 11 John Hooper Mallet (1863-1955) (St Mt) [49] m (1887, St Mt) Alice Mary Noel daughter of George Edouard [50] (St Mt)
                        • 12 Alice Mary Mallet (1893- ) m Alfred George Le Moeur
                      • 11 Hooper Mallet (1868- ) (St Mt)
                      • 11 Wesley John Mallet (1871-1957) (St Mt) [51] m (1896, St Mt) Henriette Anley daughter of David
                        • 12 Hooper Pelgué Mallet (1901-1985) (St L) [52] m (1932, Melbourne) Ethel Margaret Stewart (Tasmania)
                        • 12 Arthur Anley Mallet (1907-1982) (St L) [53] m (1932, St H) Edith Sara Emma Martin (1905- ) daughter of James Henry (Ldn)
                          • 13 Michael Anley Mallet (1935- )
                          • 13 Joyce Edith Mallet (1939- )
                  • 9 Elisabeth Mallet (1764-1775) (St Mt)
                • 2nd wife of Jean Mallet, m (1764, St S) Elisabeth Collas ( -1814) daughter of Philippe (St S)
                  • 9 Anne Mallet (1765- ) (St Mt) [54] m (1783, St Mt) Edouard Noel
                  • 9 Philippe Mallet (1770- ) (St Mt) m (1797, St Mt) Anne Elizabeth Falle ( -1798) (St Mt)
                    • 10 Philippe Mallet (1798-1841) (St Mt)
                • 8 Susanne Mallet (1736- ) (St Mt) m (1760, St Mt) Philippe Le Boutillier
                • 8 Jeanne Mallet (1739-1831) (St Mt)
          • 5 Marie Mallet (St Mt) [55] m (1611, St Mt) Jean de la Haye son of Nicolas
          • 5 Francoise Mallet ( -1637) [56] m (1619, Tr) Richard Grossier (St J)
          • 5 Susanne Mallet ( -1669) (St Mt) m (1619, St Mt) Richard Nicolle
          • 5 Jeanne Mallet ( -1638) (St Mt) [57] m Jean du Fresne (St Mt)
          • 5 Catherine Mallet (1598-1617) (St Mt)
          • 5 Elizabeth Mallet [58]
        • 4 Catherine Mallet ( -1646) (St Mt) [59] m Nicolas Noel
      • 3 Henry Mallet (1530-1602) (Gr) [60] m Jeanette Amy, daughter and principal heiress of Macy (Gr)
        • 4 Jean Mallet (1560-2/1617) (Gr) [61] m Michelle Amy ( -4/1617) [62] daughter of Thomas (Gr)
          • 5 Philippe Mallet ( -1682/3) (Gr) [63] m (1623, Gr) Elizabeth Le Gros ( -1670) (Gr)
            • 6 Philippe Mallet (1624-1684- ) (Gr) m Marguerite Gallie ( -1684) (Gr)
              • 7 Philippe Mallet (1659-1731?) (Gr) [64] m Sara Falle
                • 8 Philippe Mallet (1688-1742/3?) (Gr) [65] m (1710, Gr) Susanne Hooper
                  • 9 Philippe Mallet (1714-by 1734) (Gr)
                  • 9 Elizabeth Mallet (1718?-1794) (Gr) [66] m (1766, St S) Clement Falle son of Jean [67]
                  • 9 Jean Mallet (1722-1769?) (Gr) m (1753, Gr) Marie Jennes ( -1785) (Gr)
                    • 10 Jean Mallet (1753- ) (Gr) [68]
                    • 10 Jeanne Mallet (1756- ) (Gr)
                    • 10 Henry Mallet (1760- ) (Gr) m (1795, Gr) Marie Mallet
                      • 11 Marie Mallet (1797-1838) (Gr) [69] m Jean Le Riche ( -by 1838)
                    • 10 Marie Mallet (1762- ) (Gr) [70]
                    • 10 Elizabeth Mallet (1765- ) (Gr)
                  • 9 Jeanne Mallet (1727- ) (Gr) m (1761, St Mt) Philippe Touzel (Gr)
                  • 9 Susanne Mallet (1731-1801) (Gr) m 1 (1753, St Mt) Pierre Menage; 2 (1776, St S) Edouard Le Masurier
                  • 9 Philippe Mallet (1734- ) (Gr) m (1769, Gr) Susanne Mauger
                    • 10 Jeanne Mallet (1772- ) (Gr)
                    • 10 Philippe Mallet (1775- ) (Gr)
                    • 10 Jean Mallet (1777-1839) (Gr) [71]
                    • 10 Marie Mallet "daughter of Philippe" [72]
                • 8 Sara Mallet (1690- ) (Gr)
                • 8 Charles Mallet (1699-1745) (Gr) [73] m (1719, Gr) Elizabeth Touzel
                  • 9 Charles Mallet (1724-1786) (Gr) [74] m (1752, St Mt) Elizabeth Aubin
                    • 10 Elizabeth Mallet (1753- ) m (1782, St Mt) Richard Cook (Gr)
                    • 10 Marie Mallet (1755- ) (Gr) m (1786, Gr) Pierre Simon
                    • 10 Charles Mallet (1757-1823) (Gr) [75] m (1786, Gr) Jeanne Coutanche (Tr)
                      • 11 Charles Mallet (1787-1844) (Gr) [76] m (1818, Gr) Marie Hooper daughter of Thomas [77]
                        • 12 Charles Mallet (10/1818-1845) (Gr) [78]
                        • 12 Thomas Mallet (1820- ) (Gr) [79] m (1843, Gr) Elizabeth de la Haye daughter of Charles [80] (St O)
                          • 13 Malvena Elizabeth Mallet (1844- ) (Gr) [81]
                          • 13 Thomas Mallet (1849- ) (St O)
                          • 13 Jane Mallet (1851- ) (St O)
                        • 12 Marie Mallet (1822- ) (Gr)
                        • 12 John William Mallet (1824-1861) (Gr > Eng) [82] m (1848, St H) Ann Messervy daughter of Philippe [83] (St Mt)
                          • 13 John William Mallet (1849- ) (Gr) [84]
                          • 13 William Frederick Mallet (1852-1852) (Gr) [85]
                        • 12 William Mallet (1827-1844) (Gr) [86]
                        • 12 Philippe Mallet (1829- ) (Gr)
                        • 12 Jeanne Marie Mallet (1831- ) (Gr)
                        • 12 Elizabeth Anne Mallet (1837- ) (Gr) m (1860, Gr) Frederick Mallet [87] son of Thom (St B)
                        • 12 Anne Elizabeth Mallet (1837-1839) (Gr)
                      • 11 Philippe Mallet (1789-1841-by 1851) (Gr) [88] m (1828, St H) Marie Elizabeth Allix (1812- ) (St H)
                        • 12 Philip George Mallet (1833-1890) (St L) [89] m (1867, St S) Ada Annie Thomas [90] daughter of John (Haverfordwest)
                      • 11 Jean Mallet (1792- ) (Gr)
                      • 11 Thom Mallet (1794-1846)[91] (Gr > St B) [92] m (1816, St B) Jeanne Remon (1785-1832) [93] daughter of Edouard Remon [94] and Anne, née Pipon (St B)
                        • 12 Edouard Remon Mallet (1818- ) (St B) [95]
                        • 12 Elizabeth Anna Mallet (1820-1899) (St B) [96]
                        • 12 Louisa Jane Mallet (1821-1872) (St B) m (1840, St H) Francois Renouf (1819-1882) (Tr) [97]
                        • 12 Frederick Mallet (1825-1871) (St B) [98] m (1860, Gr) Elizabeth Anne Mallet [99] daughter of Charles (Gr)
                      • 11 Francois Thomas Mallet (1799- ) (Gr)
                      • 11 George Mallet (1804- ) (Gr)
                      • 11 Jeanne Mallet (1806-1824- ) (Gr)
                    • 10 Philippe Mallet (1760-by 1788) (Gr)
                    • 10 Anne Mallet (1763- ) (Gr) m (1788, Gr) Jean Falle
                  • 9 Elizabeth Mallet (1725- ) (Gr)
                  • 9 Philippe Mallet (1729- 1766) (Gr) m (1750, Gr) Elizabeth Vicq ( -1782) (Gr)
                    • 10 Jean Mallet (1751- ) (Gr)
                    • 10 Philippe Mallet (1754-1815-by 1839) (Gr > St S) [100] m (1782, St Mt) Marie Le Clercq ( -1839) (St C) [101]
                      • 11 Marie Mallet (1783- ) (Gr) m (1806, St S) Jean Renouf (St S) [102]
                      • 11 Philippe Mallet (1785- ) (Gr > Tr > St H) [103] m (1805, Tr) Betty Le Sauteur
                        • 12 Elizabeth Mallet (1806-1889) (Tr) [104] m (1833, St H) John Jeune (St Mt)
                        • 12 Marie Mallet (1809- ) (Tr) m (1841, St H) Robert Seal [105]
                        • 12 Jean Francois Mallet (1812-1883) (Tr > St H) [106] m 1 (1839, St H) Ann Le Sueur (1815-1841) [107]
                          • 13 Ann Esther Mallet (1840-1840) (St H) [108]
                        • by the 2nd marriage of Jean Francois Mallet (1844, St H) Jane Mollet daughter of Jean [109]
                          • 13 John Mallet (1845- ) (St H)
                          • 13 Jane Mallet (1847) (St H)
                        • 12 Anne Mallet (1814-1814) (Tr)
                        • 12 Nancy Mallet (1817-1852) (Tr)
                        • 12 Esther Mallet (1821-1840) (St H)
                        • 12 Jenny (Jane) Mallet (1825-1851- ) (Tr) [110]
                      • 11 Thomas Mallet (1786-1841) (Gr) [111] m (1808, St H) Esther Bisson ( -1834) (Gr)
                        • 12 Thomas Mallet (1810-1853) (St H) [112] m (1832, St H) Jane Le Brun (1811- ) [113] daughter of Jean and Marie Binet
                          • 13 Jane Mallet (1834-1851- ) (Gr > Utah) m William Taylor, brother of Zachary Taylor [114]
                          • 13 Thomas Mallet (1836-1851- ) (Gr)
                          • 13 Jean Mallet (1838-1851- ) (Gr)
                          • 13 Philippe Mallet (1/1841-1851- ) (St H)
                          • 13 Esther Mallet (1842-1851- ) (St H)
                          • 13 Henry Mallet (1845- ) (St H)
                          • 13 Mary Elizabeth Mallet (1848- ) (St H > Utah) m (1868, USA) Robert Hamill Porter (USA) [115]
                      • 11 Elizabeth Mallet (1789- ) (Gr)
                      • 11 Jean Mallet (1792- ) (Gr)
                      • 11 Jeanne Mallet (1794- ) (Gr)
                    • 10 Marie Mallet (1757- ) (Gr)
                    • 10 Elizabeth Mallet (1762-1841) (Gr)
                  • 9 Jean Mallet (1734-1763- ) (Gr)
              • 7 Henry Mallet (1663?- ) [116] m (1684, St Mt) Marie Nicolle daughter of Matthieu
              • 7 Elizabeth Mallet (1665-1743) (Gr) [117] (1684, Gr) Jean Amy (Gr)
            • 6 Elizabeth Mallet (1627-1683) (Gr) m Thomas Neel
          • 5 Jacques Mallet (1587- ) (Gr)
          • 5 Marie Mallet (1589-1617) (Gr)
          • 5 Jane Mallet (1591-1592) (Gr)
          • 5 Jean Mallet (1592-1616) (Gr)
          • 5 Mabel Mallet (1599- ) (Gr)
          • 5 Catherine Mallet (1601-1640) (Gr)
          • 5 Michelle Mallet (1603- ) (Gr)
          • 5 Collette Mallet (1608- ) (Gr)
            • 6 Richard Mallet (1625-1637) (Gr)
        • 4 Laurens Mallet ( -1611) (Gr) [118]
        • 4 Jacques Mallet ( -1614) (Gr) [119]
        • 4 Catherine Mallet [120] </ref> m Jean Anthoine
          • 5 Jean Anthoine ( -1604- )
      • 3 Bernabe Mallet (1535- ) [121] m Unknown
        • 4 Marie Mallet ( -by 1606) [122]
      • 3 Anne Mallet [123] m 1 (1568, St S) Macy Falle (St S); 2 (1570) Nicolas Romeril son of Symon (St J)
      • 3 Catherine Mallet ( -1569) [124]
      • 3 Daughter Mallet m Collas Mallet [125]
        • 4 Richard Mallet, liv. 1607 [126]
    • 2 Collas Mallet (1500- ) (St Mt) m Thomasse Noel daughter Jean [127]
      • 3 Daughter Mallet m Barthelemy Amy [128]
      • 3 Collette Mallet [129] m Laurens Baudains [130]
      • 3 Daughter Mallet m Jean Gallie [131]
    • 2 Michel Mallet (1500- ) (St Mt > Gr) [132] m Unknown
      • 3 Daughter Mallet [133] m Jean Labey
    • 2 Marguerite Mallet (1495- ) [134] m Richard Grossier (St J)
    • 2 Daughter Mallet m Unknown Nicolle
    • 2 Daughter Mallet m Martin Jutize ( -1571) (Gr) [136]
  • 1 Paul Mallet ( -1550) [137]

Notes and references

  1. Cour d`Héritage (CH) 1548, St Martin: "Nicolas Jennes, on behalf of himself and his sisters, owes one quartier of wheat annually on the Clos de Faldouet, and states that in the past Laurens Mallet held the Clos.....Henri [now] due one quartier". This reveals that Laurens Mallet probably lived in Faldouet, as he owned when alive, the Clos de Faldouet. Furthermore, that his successor as owner of the Clos was Henry Mallet, whom actions before the court (below) show to have been Laurens` son. Laurens Mallet was almost certainly the brother of Sire Paul Mallet, priest, as he was his procureur in 1535 and in 1544 was described, before the CH, as his heir. Actions before the same Court in 1534 and 1548, suggest a kinship with the Jennes family. In earlier actions before the Court, in 1524 and 1527, Laurens' name is linked to that of Richard Mallet, perhaps Richard, Seigneur of La Malletière, although little detail is given. In 1534 this Richard Mallet featured as an arbitrator on behalf of Laurens. He was no doubt a relative, but not a brother. Laurens Mallet was amongst those testifying in 1531 regarding the state of Mont Orgueil Castle: ABSJ, VI, 100
  2. Constable of St Martin, 1551-1553. He had been Fouageur of St Martin in 1534. CH (1547): `Sire Guillaume Le Roy sued by Michel Mallet, concerning the purchase of a Quartier of annual wheat rente that Laurence Mallet had acquired from the guardian of Sire Guillaume, which purchase Henry Mallet, as eldest son had returned to Sire Guillaume; the said Michel suing the said Sire Guillaume, as having bought from the said Henry`. Family assets sold by a member of the family or their guardian could be reclaimed by law, provided the purchase price was refunded in full to the purchaser. There was clearly doubt about the latter, which would affect Michel`s inheritance, Laurens having recently died
  3. CH (1587, St Martin): `Jean, son of Jacques Mallet, the said Jacques son of Henry, the said Henry son of Laurens and of Simone, his wife.` Also, CH 4 (April 1572): Jacques` descent from Catherine, daughter of Drouet Amy and Guillemette his wife, entitling him to a share of Drouet and Guillemette`s inheritance
  4. Jean was described in RP 2/72 (1606) as "Jean Mallet, eldest son of Jacques Mallet". His "younger brother" Michel Mallet, is also mentioned. The following, with Jean as the eldest son, responsible for a full declaration of his parents` assets and for ensuring a fair division of these among his younger siblings, shows the wealth of genealogical information to be found in Jersey`s court records- CH (May 1587, St Martin): `Jean Mallet son of Jacques, the said Jacques son of Henry, the said Henry son of Laurens Mallet and of Symone, his wife, sued by Laurens Baudains and Jean Gallie, in right of their wives, daughters of Collas Mallet, and by Philippe Mallet, Jean Labey, in right of his wife, daughter of Michel Mallet, and by Richard Dolbel, in right of his wife, heiress of Marguerite Mallet, the above-named being co-heirs of the said Laurens Mallet and of his said wife, to cause him to bring a faithful declaration of all the assets of the above-named, for the purpose of `partage`, or division; also the heritage, or assets, that had belonged to Paul Mallet.` In 1613, Edouard Mallet was appointed guardian of the under-aged children of Jean Mallet `by Martin Romeril, Jean Brée, Jean Mallet son of Henry`: RP 4/116 (1613). Jean was stated, on burial, as having been of Faldouet, St Martin. He had been, in 1595, Officier des Chemins, Faldouet
  5. RP 4/142 (13th February 1613): `Jacques Mallet eldest son and principal heir of Jean Mallet, sold to Collas Mallet son of Richard, the following pieces of land..` and RP 4/129 (1613): `Jacques Mallet, having right of Jean Laffoley, son of Jean of St Martin, sold to Nicolas Mallet son of Richard a house on the Fief of Anneville, St Martin.` Jacques Mallet had apparently died by 1639: RP 12/15 (1639). It also transpired that Abraham Herault, procureur of Richard Dumaresq made a settlement with Michel Mallet, uncle of Jacques, concerning no less than 60 vergées that Jacques had sold out of his own paternal inheritance!
  6. Baptised as "Jean Mallet son of Jacques," having Collas Mallet of Grouville as his godfather: St Martin Parish Register (December 1612). Jean`s marriage was recorded in both St Martin and Trinity, where he subsequently lived, perhaps because his father had sold most of their land! In 1639, Jean Mallet son of Jacques, was the principal heir collateral of his great-uncle, Edouard Mallet, the co-heir being his 1st cousin-once-removed, Jean Mallet son of Michel: RP 12/15 (1639). Jean was still alive at the time of his wife`s death but must have died not long afterwards, the last of the senior male line, which descended from Laurens Mallet and Simone, his wife
  7. Baptised as `the daughter of Jean Mallet`. A deed of 1700 (RP 27/110) shows her to have been Marie Mallet. It also shows that Jean Mallet, her father, had retained land in Les Monts Mallet, in Grouville. Field names include Les Camps de la Croute on the Fief au Sauteur, between the land of Clement Le Bastard and Michel Mallet, and Les Camps des Monts Mallet on the Fief du Roy
  8. RP 3/244 (30th November 1611): `Martin Romeril, Jean Romeril, Edouard Mallet, Jean Mallet son of Henry, Jacques Mallet and Jean Mallet, the sons of the late Jean Mallet son of Jacques and of Jeanne, his wife, daughter of Jean Cornet, chose Michel Mallet to be guardian of the under-aged children of Jean Mallet (generation 4) and of his said wife. CH Volume 4 (1663): `Jeanne Mallet daughter of Clement Mallet, son of Jean and Jeanne Cornet, his wife` shows that `her uncles` Jean and Abraham Mallet had died without issue
  9. RP 7/188 (1623): `Clement Mallet son of Jean and of Jeanne Cosnet (sic) his wife, sold to Clement Messervy all to which he, Clement Mallet, was entitled of the inheritance of his parents and that of the collateral succession of his brother Abraham`, showing that Abraham had died without heirs of his body
  10. RP 4/139 (1614): `Pierre Mallet, son of Jean, was approved as being twenty years old (of age in Jersey), by the oaths of Martin Romeril, Jean Brée, Clement Le Bastard, Philippe de la Garde, Michel Mallet...`. Pierre latterly returned to St Martin
  11. Philippine`s godfather was her grandfather, Jean Gallichan
  12. Langton`s Miscellany: `Laurens Le Bastard ca-ux (in right of his wife) daughter of Pierre Mallet`, at La Société Jersiaise
  13. RP 7/123 (1624): `Clement Mallet son of Jean and of Jeanne, the daughter of Jean Cosnet (sic)...` and RP 12/40 (1640): `Jean Mallet, eldest son of Jacques Mallet, eldest son of Jean Mallet senr., the principal heir in the collateral succession of Edouard Mallet, brother of the said Jean Mallet senr., Pierre Mallet son of the said Jean Mallet senr. and Marie Tannequin, widow of Clement Mallet son of the said Jean senr.` This deed shows, as does the other, that Clement was son of Jean senr. and of Jeanne Cornet, but also that, in chronological order of seniority, Clement was Pierre`s younger brother. Marie Tannequin was the tutrice in 1640 of the surviving child, named as Jeanne Mallet in 1663: CH Volume 4 (1663)
  14. Extente (1607): `Henry Mallet, son of Jacques, son of Henry, owing the Crown, in discharge of Jacques Le Brun`
  15. Ibid: `Jean Mallet, son of Henry, son of Jacques`
  16. CH 5/116, St Martin (1586): `Jean Mallet son of Jacques, sued by Jean Braye, in right of his wife, to cause him to declare the full details of the inheritance formerly of Jacques Mallet.` Also, CH 5/270: `Jean Mallet, eldest son of Jacques Mallet, sued by Jean Braye, in right of his wife, daughter of the said Jacques`
  17. Constable`s Officer in 1616, and churchwarden, 1620-1623. RP 3/157 (1610): `Jean Mallet, eldest son of Jacques Mallet and of Jacquette his wife, daughter of Leonard Romeril and of Jehanette, his wife, daughter of Jean Le Boutillier, the elder,, sold to Michel Mallet, his second brother, 5 cabots of annual wheat rente..`. Also, RP 4/251 (1615): `Michel Mallet and Marie, his wife, daughter of Jean Brée and of Jeanne Le Ray...`. For his death, see St Martin Burials (January 1636): "Michel Mallet of Faldouet found dead last Saturday evening, walking back from Town - aged about 65 or above"
  18. Queruée
  19. RP 3/247 (21st December 1611): `Jacques Mallet, son of Jacques`
  20. Officier des Chemins, Faldouet, 1614. RP 3/133 (13th October 1610): `Jean Mallet son of Henry, of the parish of Grouville, sold to Edouard Mallet of Faldouet, son of Jacques, 10 cabots of annual wheat rente`. Jean Mallet, son of Henry, was Edouard`s 1st cousin. RP 12/40 (1640) is the `partage` of Edouard`s property and rentes. He seems to have lived at, or in the vicinity of, the property now called La Hauteur, in Faldouet, St Martin. He also had land in Grouville, on Les Monts Mallet and near La Malletière
  21. It is not certain who was the elder between Philippe and his brother Henry, as their names are inconsistent, with regard to chronological order in deeds and court cases. Philippe, however, married an heiress, his grandson married a co-heiress and one of his great-grandsons also married an heiress, so this branch has been the more affluent. The inherited Baudains property was adjacent to Rozel Mill and was probably that later called `Moulin de Rozel,` which still retains some 17th century features. Le Clos de Mallet is nearby. Philippe reclaimed in 1573 part of his family inheritance from Edouard Machon, who had bought it from Philippe`s brother Bernabey: CH (September 1573). Again, in 1574, he reclaimed part of his paternal inheritance from Jacques Jennes, who had purchased it from Philippe`s brother Henry: CH (September 1574). He died in about 1593, as in 1594, Jean Mallet and Edouard Payn were procureurs, with regard to the inheritance of Regnauld Baudains, of Francoise, described as "widow of Philippe Mallet": CH Volume 6 folio 160 (1594)
  22. CH 6/298 (1598, below) and RP 2/72 (1606): Jean Mallet eldest son of Jacques Mallet sold to Michel Mallet, his younger brother, 4 cabots of annual wheat rente to be received from Jean Mallet, son of Philippe. Jean Mallet, son of Philippe, was also guardian of the under-aged children of his kinsman, Thomas Baudains: RP 1/77 (1602). He was also mentioned in a deed of 1594. His wife is named in RP 6/104 as is her father, Jean Cornet. Jean Mallet died in about 1609 as, in RP 2/349 (11th May 1609), Collas Noel, son of Noel, was appointed guardian of the under-aged children of Jean Mallet, son of Philippe, by Edouard Payn and Jean Mallet, son of Henry
  23. Cornet, meaning a cornet, or junior cavalry officer, has been a surname recorded in Jersey from 1309, that gave its name to La Cornetterie, or Côneterie, near La Chasse cross-roads, at La Ville ès Gaudins, St Martin: Stevens, Arthur and Stevens, in Jersey Place Names, I, 163. The Armorial of Jersey, 270, regrettably features for this Marie Cornet the arms of the English family Cornish, as engraved in stone at Mont Orgueil Castle. The Jersey Cornets, a different family, are not known to have been armigerous
  24. Vingtenier of Rozel, St Martin, 1621; Procureur du Bien Public, 1655-1660; Sermenté for the Extente, 1668. Philippe was accepted as having come of age on 14th January 1614, his father being named as Jean: RP 4/217 (1614). He died in 1680, his age given as 85. His will, dated July 1675, features legacies to Philippe, Clement, Edouard, Francois, Anne and Susanne, children of his eldest son Jean, which is useful to the researcher as his son Jean`s baptism has proved elusive. Another beneficiary was Laurens, son of his younger son Laurens. Anne and Susanne received bahurs (linen or clothes trunks), and the latter one quartier of annual wheat rente and 12 cabots 'for recompense and remuneration for good care and services of and to the testator in the past, which he hopes she will continue until the end of his life' (D/Y/A/4/13, Jersey Archive). A codicil, dated 29 May 1676, included a legacy to his eldest grandson Jean. A further codicil, dated 13 September 1677, left his grandson Francois the 9 cabots of wheat rente that would have been inherited by his grandson Clement, whom the testator states, had died. The testator`s grandson Edouard, who was buried in St Martin on 9 February 1677, having drowned while vraicing had his share of the inheritance transferred to his sister Anne. The laws of Jersey relative to real estate will have provided for the testator`s, sons and daughters
  25. Widow of Thomas Poingdestre
  26. Rector of St Saviour
  27. Of La Chesnée. Susanne was the widow of Abraham Messervy
  28. Described in the St Martin register (1641) as 'Jean Mallet, son of Philippe, of the Fief de Rozel'. Sued in 1681 by Laurens and Clement Mallet, his younger brothers, and by the children of Jean Messervy and his late wife Marguerite, nee Mallet, the only daughter of the late Philippe Mallet, for their respective portions of his inheritence: (CH, Volume 16, 27 January 1681)
  29. Jean`s godparents were Philippe Mallet and Susanne Dumaresq, his wife, grandfather and grandmother of the child, which further evaluates the placements. Jean was sued in 1699 for a just partage or division of the inheritance of his late parents by his sole surviving brother, Francois, and by Philippe Mallet, in right of his wife and by Renault Badier, as guardian of his children, on behalf of Anne Mallet, their mother: (CH 19/131, 1699)
  30. Widow of Thomas Cabot
  31. On 19 May 1714 Elizabeth, described as the only daughter of Jean Mallet and wife of Noe Nicolle, sold two fields on the Fief de Rozel, lying within la pièce du moulin a vent (windmill). The location of the two fields shows that, even in her generation, the Mallets still retained their Baudains inheritance (see generation 3): RP 29/138 (1714)
  32. Philippe made a will in 1682, providing for his wife and their unborn child. Philippe and the child, who was baptised Marguerite, died within a few months of his having made the will (D/Y/A/4/23, Jersey Archive)
  33. Rector of St Martin
  34. Her first cousin
  35. Drowned whilst vraicing
  36. Philippe`s signature is on the Oath of Association Roll of 1696. In 1719 he sold three fields to Thomas Perchard, a sale challenged by his brother-in-law, Thomas Noel, in right of his wife, who had a claim to the retraite (RP 31/49, 1719)
  37. First cousin of her husband
  38. On a window lintel at Ville Brée, St Martin are engraved: "IML ♥ MCL 1728". This property, the north-east property at Ville Brée, was inherited from Jean`s grandmother
  39. Widow of Jean Nicolle
  40. Rector of St Peter 1789-1800, St John 1800-1808 and Grouville. In 1788, before ordination, he was a lieutenant in the North Regiment of Militia as "Jean Mallet of Rozel", to distinguish him from his 3rd cousin-once-removed of the same name who lived at that time in the Vingtaine of Queruée. On 15 June 1799 he advertised his farmhouse at Ville Brée, with its 65 vergées of land, for sale. It was bought by David Gorey: Gazette de Jersey 15 June 1799 and 9 March 1800. As Rector of Grouville, Jean Mallet was present at the laying of the foundation stone of Victoria Harbour in 1841 and can be clearly seen on G Reynold`s painting of the scene. From Jean is descended the Malet de Carteret family, Seigneurs of the Fief Haubert, St Ouen
  41. Philippe and his sister Marie were the godparents in 1766 of their nephew Jean Mallet
  42. Centenier of St Martin 1655-1660 and 1682-1693. He was presumably a Parliamentarian. The St Martin register described Clement as `Centenier and Lieutenant of the 1st Company of St Martin` [Militia] in 1682. In 1687 the register showed that he was a Churchwarden and Captain in the Militia. Clement was in 1696 the tutor of his son, Philippe, by his second wife, Rachel Collas (CH Volume 19, 1696)
  43. Rachel Collas was the widow of Thomas Falle and was buried as the 'wife of Clement Mallet'
  44. Marriage record was apparently never entered in the register. However, St Martin`s Register, 18 January 1695 describes Jeanne Filleul as the wife of "Mr Clement Mallet". The rank "Mr" denotes a well-to-do individual. The only Clement Mallet to match this description in this generation, in St Martin or elsewhere in the Island, was Clement, son of Philippe Mallet, as shown here
  45. Anne was baptized as "a child of Clement". Her burial as the widow of Philippe Richardson, her marriage in 1748 and appearance as godmother in 1765 of Anne daughter of Jean, son of Clement, enabled her to be distinguished from her sisters. Likewise, her sister Elizabeth was also so baptised but she can be recognised as the Elizabeth Mallet who married Jean Falle by her age, as given at the time of her burial, which names her
  46. Probably the Jean Mallet, Centenier of St Martin in 1785. He is stated in Payne's Armorial of Jersey to have once served in the Royal Navy. His godparents were Jean Mallet and Marie Collas, his wife, his father`s first cousins-once-removed, who had married eight years previously
  47. Constable of St Martin 1808-1811. He was, from 9 December 1806, a Captain RJMA. He lived at Le Huquet (formerly known as Le Carrefour) and then at his newly built, house at La Croix au Maitre, St Martin
  48. Of Croix au Maitre. Farmer in 1846
  49. Farming at Croix au Maitre with his father in 1891: Census, St Martin
  50. Foncier, in 1887
  51. Farmer in 1896
  52. RNR. Commodore of the P & O Line; served in WW1 as a Midshipman, HMS Excellent. In WW2, he served in the Royal Naval Reserve; finally retiring to New Zealand: Island of Jersey. The Great War, 1914-1919...Records of Service, 84; Francis Corbet, A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, Volume 11, (Société Jersiaise, 1998)
  53. Dental Surgeon. One-time of Roseville Street, St Helier
  54. Godparents: Philippe Richardson and Anne Mallet, his wife
  55. A deed dated 5th April 1628 records the sale by Marie Mallet, daughter of Jean Mallet, son of Philippe, and wife of Jean de la Haye, son of Nicolas, to her eldest brother, Philippe Mallet: RP 8/76 (1628)
  56. Francoise Mallet, wife of Richard Grossier, was described in the St Martin burials register as `widow of Richard Grossier and daughter of Jean Mallet.` She was also mentioned in a deed of 1650: RP 14/208 (1650)
  57. Jeanne Mallet, wife of Jean du Fresne, sold part of her inheritance to her "elder brother Philippe", the deed naming her parents: RP 6/152 (1623). An action before the Cour d`Héritage in 1682, brought by her grandson, Jean du Fresne, son of Nicolas, against his 1st cousin, Jean Badier, son of Anne du Fresne, also mentions Jeanne and her husband, Jean du Fresne
  58. RP 6/104 mentions Elizabeth daughter of Jean Mallet and of Marie, his wife, daughter of Jean Cornet, selling part of the inheritance to her elder brother, Philippe Mallet
  59. CH 6/298 (1598): Jean Mallet, eldest son of Philippe Mallet, has divided in favour of Nicolas Noel, in right of his wife, the daughter of the said Philippe, their paternal inheritance
  60. Constable`s Officer, 1587. CH 3 (1564): `Henry Mallet, son of Henry, sues his elder brother Jacques Mallet, regarding a division of the inheritance of the said Henry and Catherine, his wife`. Also, CH 4 (1571): `Henry Mallet, in right of his wife, sells to Anthoine Payn a share of the inheritance of Macy Amy, the said Payn being procureur of Marie Amy, daughter of the said Macy`. Ibid., (1572): `Henry Mallet ordered to have appointed a guardian of his children, in right of their mother, daughter of Macy Amy`
  61. Jean Mallet is described as being the son of Henry in a deed of 1616, when he sold to his cousin Michel Mallet, son of Jacques, land on the Fief au Sauteur in Grouville: RP 4/319 (20th April 1616). Various deeds name his wife Michelle as the daughter of Thomas Amy of La Rue de Grouville, where Jean`s descendants also lived: RP 1/199 (1604)
  62. RP 1/199 (1604): `Michelle, wife of Jean Mallet, sold to Jean Amy son of Thomas..` and RP 4/98 (1613) `Jean Mallet, son of Henry, and Michelle his wife, sell..`
  63. Philippe is described in the Extente of 1668 as [translated] `son of Jean, son of Henry` and owed the King 10 sols on behalf of his kinsman Jean Amy of La Rue, Grouville. One of two Philippes in Grouville at that time, both of whom died within two months of each other, his burial was either in November 1682 or January 1683. His sisters Mabel, Catherine and Collette were involved in a sale to Edouard Jutize in 1638 and can thus be identified and placed: RP 11/278 (1638)
  64. Vingtenier of La Rue, Grouville, 1713-1714. There are two Philippe Mallet burial entries in Grouville, either of which could refer to this Philippe. They were 28 February 1731 and 30 April 1732
  65. Philippe was one of two Philippes in Grouville to marry at about the same time. The other, on godparent evidence, married Rachel Le Rougetel
  66. RP 51/94, (1769). Her Will was dated 23rd August 1794
  67. RP 72/34
  68. Godparents: Clement Jennes and Jeanne Mallet
  69. Buried 1838, aged 41, "widow of Jean Le Riche"
  70. Godparents: Philippe Mallet jr. and Elizabeth Mallet
  71. Died aged 61. In the Military Census (1815) Jean is probably the Jean, of La Rue de Grouville, with wife, son and three daughters
  72. Mentioned in the 1794 Will of Philippe`s sister, Elizabeth. Which baptism of a Marie Mallet, if any, relates to her is unclear
  73. Of Home Farm, La Rue, Grouville. On a roadside lintel are the initials and date 17 CML ETZ 41. This date may actually be 1745, perhaps to commemorate twenty-five years of marriage
  74. Of Home Farm; Vingtenier de La Rue, 1770
  75. Lieutenant RJMA in 1815; Centenier of Grouville 1813-1819
  76. Of Home Farm, La Rue; Captain, East Regiment of Militia and Centenier of Grouville 1825-. Charles Mallet experienced financial ruin by 1841, when he was still living in the parish with his wife and family, but was described as a Labourer: UK Census, Grouville, Jersey, 1841. Home Farm thus passed into the hands of the Hemery family, whose name was shown by the property in 1849, being the date of Hugh Godfray`s Map of Jersey. Worse was to come. Charles was drowned, with his son William, after vraicing near the rock named La Conchière, on Jersey`s south-east coast. The vraicing party had travelled out to La Conchière aboard the cutter Laurel, which anchored upwind of the rock, as the weather was fair. The wind soon rose, and with it a heavy swell. With only some of the party back aboard ship, the master attempted to leave, without sufficient sea-room to weather the rock. The vessel struck, instantly taking on water, and soon capsized. Most of those comprising the party were drowned
  77. Captain RJM; Constable of Grouville
  78. Daily Labourer. Died of consumption, aged 26
  79. Navigator (1843) and Marin, or mariner (1844)
  80. Farmer
  81. Godparents: Charles Mallet and Marie Mallet
  82. Shoemaker (1824), then Printer and Stationer (1861); died in Toxteth, Merseyside, aged 37
  83. Sailor (1848)
  84. Godparents: Philippe Messervy and Mary Mallet, the former being perhaps the child`s maternal grandfather
  85. Godparents: Mons. Frederick Mallet and Mse Anne Mallet, the former being the father`s 1st cousin
  86. Drowned in 1844, with his father
  87. Farmer, her first cousin
  88. Master Mariner: His son`s marriage record (1867). The Military Census (1815) has: "Philippe Mallet, Vingtaine de la Rue, Grouville, age 25, at sea" His marriage in 1828, in St Helier, gives his parish as being Grouville. The St Brelade 1841 census gives his age quite accurately, surprisingly for that census, as "50". He evidently had, at that stage in his life, taken to the dual role of Farmer and Mariner
  89. Tobacconist, of 28, Queen Street, St Helier (1871)
  90. Widow of Charles Aubin
  91. Thom (or Tom or Thomas) died before the 1851 Census. There is a burial record for 1846. In the 1841 Census he was Head of household in Grouville
  92. Settled in St Brelade. He was in 1820 a Lieutenant RMIJ
  93. Jeanne Remon was buried in Grouville
  94. Merchant and shipowner, Constable of St Brelade 1779-1782, Colonel RJM
  95. His godparents were Charles Mallet and his wife Jeanne, nee Coutanche, and Anne Pipon, widow of Edouard Remon
  96. Died on 28 November 1899 at Town Mills
  97. Emigrated in 1865 to Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia, arriving with seven of their children, in January 1866, before moving by 1869 to Sydney, where Francis died. Louisa died there in 1872. One Renouf daughter, Louisa Jane, remained in Jersey and married Charles de Ste Croix
  98. He died in Guernsey before the 1871 census, when his widow was head of household
  99. His first cousin
  100. Philippe was a militia "Invalide" aged 60 in 1815, living in Maufant, St Saviour, but adjoining St Martin, where he married. His widow, Marie, nee Le Clercq, evidently joined their son and his family in St Helier, where she was buried in 1839: Jersey Military Census (1815)
  101. Aged 80
  102. RP 142/96 (1826)
  103. Philippe settled in St Helier in about 1819, judging by the baptisms of his children, having formerly lived in his wife`s parish of Trinity. The 1851 St Helier census confirms that he was Grouville-born. He was then a Labourer. His daughter Marie`s marriage register entry gives his occupation in 1841 as Shoemaker
  104. Godparents: Jean Mallet and Elizabeth Mallet, perhaps her paternal uncle and aunt. Her burial entry gives her age in January 1889 as 82 yeara, 9 months and describes her as the widow of Mr John Jeune
  105. Labourer, son of William, Farmer. The bride`s father is here described as a Shoemaker
  106. Carpenter
  107. Buried aged 26 years, wife of Jean Francois Mallet. However, the register contains a clerical error, her name being given as "Jeanne"
  108. Godparents: Philippe Mallet, grandfather, and Nancy Mallet, aunt
  109. Shoemaker
  110. Jenny was perhaps baptised in Trinity as her godparents were Francois Alexandre and Jeanneton Betty Alexandre, his sister. She was living in St Helier in 1851 (Census)
  111. Of Le Marais, Grouville
  112. Butcher, living in Grove Place, St Helier, in 1841, in which parish he had settled the previous year: St Helier Census, 1841. His family was featured in St Helier in the 1851 census, although he was absent from the household, being perhaps away on business. He joined the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, in Jersey, in 1852. His widow accompanied fellow Island `Saints` aboard the ship Marshfield to the United States of America in 1854. They travelled overland from St Louis, Missouri, to Salt Lake City, where she died: Turk, Marion G., The Quiet Adventurers in North America (Detroit: Harlo, 1983), 421-2
  113. Died in Salt Lake City, USA
  114. Turk, op. cit., 422. Turk provides the information that William Taylor was the brother of Zachary Taylor, President of the United States of America
  115. Turk, op. cit.
  116. His baptism does not appear in the Grouville registers. He is named in a deed dated 22 August 1695, with Elizabeth Mallet, his sister, wife of Jean Amy, of Catillon de Bas, which also names their father and mother, when they sold part of their inheritance to their elder brother, Philippe: RP 23/226 (1695). The initials PML on the Grouville Oath of Association Roll (1696) are probably those of their father, in old age
  117. Elizabeth and her husband were evidently most querulous, frequently appearing before the Cour de Samedi between 1705 and 1708. The problems arose from an Ordre de Justice in 1705 (C Sam Volume 80, April 1708) forbidding anyone from using `their accesses and rights of passage within and across the land of the said Amy, to which the said wife has right. This applied especially to Thomas Payn, son of Thomas, who believed he had a right to use the water from the `fontaine` and catchment of Catillon de Bas: C Sam, 6 September 1707
  118. RP 2/127 (1606): `Laurens Mallet, younger son of Henry and of Jeanette, his wife, daughter of Macy Amy, sold to Thomas Giffard, son of Jacques...7 cabots...`. and: `RP 4/164 (1614): `Thomas Giffard, son of Jacques, having right by purchase to part of the inheritance of Laurens Mallet..sold (it) to Jean Mallet, son of Henry, heir to the collateral succession of the said Laurens Mallet, his brother...`. Laurens, to have had a collateral heir, will have had no heir of his own
  119. Buried as 'Jacques Mallet son of Henry'
  120. CH 5 (1587), Grouville: `Jean Mallet, eldest son of Henry Mallet and of Jeanette, his wife, eldest daughter of Macy Amy and of his wife, was sued by Jean Anthoine, in right of his wife, to bring about a division of the inheritance of the said Jeanette`. To be entitled to a share of a deceased`s inheritance, there needed to be direct descent, other than in the case of collateral succession. The latter not being mentioned, the inheritance will have been by direct descent. Also, RP 4/201 (1604):` Catherine Mallet, daughter of Henry, and (also) Jean Anthoine, son of the said Catherine...`
  121. CH 4 (1573): `Philippe Bisson, guardian of the children of Jacques Mallet, is obliged to meet the legal requirements with regard to Bernabey Mallet and Collas Mallet, in right of his wife`. The requirement was for an elder sibling, on or after his parents` death, to ensure a fair division of the estate with his younger siblings, such as Bernabey and the wife of Collas Mallet. Jacques was the elder son. His children had been under guardianship since 1572 (CH 4), which suggests an approximate date of death, in Jacques`s case. The guardian will exercise the power of the next `ainé` until he attains his majority
  122. RP 2/72 (1606): `Jean Mallet, elder son of Jacques Mallet, sold to his younger brother, Michel Mallet half of a field to which he had acquired title as a result of the death of Marie, daughter of Bernabey Mallet`
  123. CH 5/151 (1586): `Jean Nicolle, guardian of Edmond Falle, son of Macy and of Anne his wife, daughter of Henry Mallet and of his wife, sued by Clement Romeril, guardian of the children of Collas Romeril and of the said Anne his wife, in her latter marriage`, regarding their inheritance
  124. CH (1569):"`Jacques Mallet (the eldest son) principal heir in the collateral succession of Catherine Mallet sued by Henry Mallet in order for Jacques to equally divide amongst heirs Catherine`s inheritance
  125. See CH 4 (1573), above
  126. `Richard Mallet, son of Collas`
  127. Généalogie de la Famille Baudains, by the Revd. J.A. Messervy
  128. "Barthelemy Amy, in right of his wife, elder daughter of Nicollas Mallet, co-heir of Laurens Mallet": Cour de Samedi, Volume 6
  129. CH (April 1580): `Laurens Baudains, in right of his wife, daughter of Nicollas Mallet and of Thomasse, his wife, sued (as the husband of the senior sibling) by Jean Gallie, in right of his wife`
  130. Farmer and Merchant. Founder of Le Don Baudains, being the Baudains Charity for the perpetual benefit of Island scholars, in enabling them to attend the universities of Oxford or Cambridge
  131. CH (April 1580): `Jean Gallie, in right of his wife, younger daughter of the said Mallet`--see above
  132. Fouageur of Grouville, where he had settled, 1558
  133. CH (1587, St Martin): `Jean Mallet, son of Jacques, son of Henry, son of Laurens (sic) and of Symone, his wife, sued [as the `ainé` responsible, each generation, for the division of family land] by Jean Labey, in right of his wife, daughter of Michel Mallet`
  134. CH 2/291 (1545): `Henry Mallet [the ainé] is ordered to transfer the full amount due, [of the inheritance] of Laurens Mallet and of his wife to Marguerite, widow of Rychard Grossier, his sister.` Also, CH (1583):`Rychard Dolbel, in right of his wife, eldest daughter of Jean Grossier, the said Jean eldest son of Rychard Grossier and of Marguerite, his wife, daughter of Laurens Mallet..`
  135. CH (1545): `Henry Mallet [the ainé] to make his co-heirs furnish a share of the inheritance to Thomas Nicolle, in right of his mother`, who was evidently a Mallet
  136. Constable of Grouville, 1550-1552; 1558-1571. Their son was Edouard Jutize, a subsequent Constable of Grouville 1587-1608, who had married into the Mallet family of La Malletière: see Descendants of Robert Malet
  137. Priest. Sire Paul Mallet died in about 1550 and the above Laurens Mallet, in about 1545, yet their succession was still in dispute in 1587: CH (May 1587). This action named most, if not all, of Laurens` immediate family and provides the first name of his wife. The action was brought against "John Mallet, son of Jacques, the said Jacques being son of Henry, the said Henry being son of Laurens Mallet and of Symone, his wife". The other parties were "Laurens Baudains and Jean Gallie, in right of their wives, daughters of Collas Mallet; Philippe Mallet; Jean Labey, in right of his wife, the daughter of Michel Mallet; and Richard Dolbel, in right of his wife, heiress of Marguerite Mallet (above), all being co-heirs of Laurens Mallet and his wife, the said John Mallet being required to make a fair partage of the estate of their ancestor and his wife, and that of Paul Mallet"
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