Descendants of Louis Guerrier

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Descendants of Louis Guerrier

We were suspicious about the change of name from Guerrier to Geary in generations 4 and 5 in this tree because anglicisation of a surname, particularly in a country parish such as Grouville, was virtually unheard of in the 19th century. However, we have now been told by a member of the Geary family, still present in Jersey today, that there is a simple explanation. The Guerrier family were seafarers and sailed all over the world. In or about the 1860s, the men who had previously been listed as Guerrier began to be recorded as Geary in the Seaman Benefit Register which had to be completed for each voyage. The person recording the surnames wrote them down as he thought they should be spelt and the change was perpetuated in subsequent church and census records

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  • 1 Louis Guerrier (1769-1808) (b France, d Alderney) m Marie Le Sauvage
    • 2 Jean Guerrier (1796- ) (Alderney) m (1821) Betsey Le Brun, d of Philip (1763- ) and Marie de Gruchy, of Jersey
      • 3 John George Guerrier (1822- ) (Alderney) moved to Grouville, Jersey m Elizabeth Frimpain (1829- ) (Gr)
        • 4 Elizabeth Guerrier (1852- ) (Gr)
        • 4 William Charles Guerrier (1853-1925) (Gr) m (1881) Mary Ann Butler (1860-1941)
          • 5 Henry Charles Geary (1882-1965) (St H) m Alice Amy Hopgood (1883-1946)
          • 5 John Charles Geary (1885-1960) (St H) m Adelina Jessie Mary Gulley (1887-1933)
            • 6 Christine Maud Martin Geary (1909- )
            • 6 Madeline May Cecilia Geary (1911-1911)
            • 6 Derrick Verdun Geary (1916-1987)
          • 5 William Geary (1887- ) (St H)
            • 6 Edith Florence Geary (1892-1902)
          • 5 Ernest Albert Geary (1889-1948) (St H)
          • 5 Arthur Clarence Geary (1891-1964) (St H) m Louisa Lamberton
            • 6 Kethlyn Lorna Geary (St H)
            • 6 Eric Percival Geary (St H)
          • 5 Edward Percy Geary (1893-1979) (St H)
          • 5 Percy Harold Geary (1895-1977) (St H) m Laura Pretoria Chillingworth (1900-1985)
            • 6 Denis Arthur Geary (1928-2002)
          • 5 Evelyn Cecilia Geary (1897-1962) (St H) m Edward Rudolph Aubin (1899- )
          • 5 Ivy Grace Geary (1899-1989) (St H) m Stanley Francis Syvret (1899- )
        • 4 Thomas Guerrier (1857- ) (Gr)
        • 4 Louisa Susan Guerrier (1859- ) (Gr)
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