Descendants of Lucas Vibert

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Descendants of Lucas Vibert


This tree, although unfinished, was added in 2019 by Guy Dixon. Research is ongoing, however, with regard to the first two generations. The tree should be viewed in conjunction with Descendants of Jean Vibert

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  • 1 Unknown? Vibert (1500?- ) [1]
    • 2 Lucas Vibert (1530?-by 1613) [2] (St P) m Georgette Le Vesconte ( -by 1613) [3] d of Jean and Catherine Le Brun
      • 3 Philippe Vibert (1560?- ) (St P) [4] m Priscille Robin [5]
        • 4 Jacques Vibert (1590?-1654) [6] m (by 1627) Georgette Daudierne ( -1665) [7] d of Jean [8]
          • 5 Jacques Vibert (1615?-1672) (St P) m (1639, St O) Marie Le Cornu ( -1680) [9]
            • 6 Priscille Vibert (5/1640- ) "fille Jacques" [10]
            • 6 Katerine Vibert (1646- ) [11]
            • 6 Marie Vibert (1650- ) [12]
            • 6 Rachel Vibert (1651- ) [13]
            • 6 Jacques Vibert (1655?-1730) [14] m (1690) m Rachel du Heaume ( -1737) "veuve" [15]
          • 5 Jean Vibert (1617?-1641) [16] m Unknown ( -1641)
            • 6 Genette Vibert (5/1640- ) [17]
          • 5 Simon Vibert? ( -1641)
      • 3 Jacques Vibert (1565?-1641) [18] living 1632
      • 3 Pierre Vibert (1567?-by 1627) [19] living 1625 m Jeanne Le Blancq [20]
        • 4 Samuel Vibert "fils Pierre" [21]
      • 3 Susanne Vibert (1570?- ) m Etienne Carrel [22]
      • 3 Elizabeth Vibert [23]
    • 2 Symeon Vibert ( -by 1613) "hers de Symeon Vibert" (1613) [24]
    • 2 Catherine Vibert "veuve" (1599) m Abraham Le Petevin ( -1599) [25]

Notes and references

  1. See note 2
  2. R.P.2/237 (1608): Isaac Vibert (the head of the parish`s senior branch of Viberts, living at Beech Farm) was elected guardian of the under-age child of the late George Vibert (nephew of Isaac`s grandfather, Philippe) by Helier de Carteret fils Pierre (the local seigneur), Jean Vibert senior (George`s 1st cousin), Lucas Vibert and Jean Le Vesconte. The electeurs, with the exception of the seigneur and possibly Le Vesconte, were either known to have been related, or were evidently related, to the deceased. Lucas may have been, like Jean senior, a 1st cousin. However, from his estimated date of birth, Lucas may equally have been an uncle of George Vibert. A case before the Cour d`Héritage in 1583, shows that Lucas was then also the owner of La Pièce des Camps Pellez, in St Peter
  3. From a partage, R.P.4/54 (1st May 1613), it is evident that both Lucas and his wife were then deceased
  4. "Ainé" in the 1613 partage, R.P.4/54. In 1607 (R.P.2/198) Philippe Vibert bought a field on the Fief de Vingt Livres (where his home, and that of Isaac Vibert, was situated, on each side of La Rue ès Viberts) from Isaac Vibert fils Pierre (for whom, see above, 1608). In R.P.5/83: Philippe was sold a further section of land by Isaac Vibert, on the said fief, whilst Isaac reserved a right of way over the land. This was perhaps northward, to the main road leading to St Mary`s Church, where a `droit de passage` or access is shown on all 19th century maps
  5. "Veuve Philippe" (1627): R.P.7/424
  6. R.P.13/8 (1646): "Jacques Vibert, fils Philippe, fils Lucas"
  7. Georgette was buried on the 19th May 1665 at St Peter as "la mère Jacques Vibert"
  8. Georgette Daudierne sold land in St Brelade to Jean Syvret in 1627 (R.P.8/42). She was described then as "femme Jacques Vibert, et fille Jean Daudierne." A further deed (R.P.14/11), dated 1648, describes her husband as "Jacques Vibert, fils Philippe"
  9. "Marie, veuve Jacques" buried 1680
  10. Godfather: Jacques Vibert senior
  11. Godparents: Jean Le Cornu and his wife
  12. Godparent: Helier Vibert; who will be he of Beech Farm, on the other (south) side of the lane
  13. Godparents: Nicolle Vibert and his wife
  14. Probably the Master Mariner of this name, commanding the vessel L`Amazone, living in 1707: Cour du Samedi 26/7/1707
  15. Engraved on an outhouse at `Montrose`, Rue ès Viberts, Augerez: "17 IVB.RDH 17"
  16. Placed on godparent evidence and from his date of burial, the 4th January 1641. Buried on the same day was Jacques Vibert, their great-uncle who, as far as can be known, was unmarried, and with whom Jean and his wife probably lived. It is of note that no further children were born to the couple after Genette in May the previous year. Buried twenty days later, was Simon Vibert. As the recently deceased Jacques Vibert had an uncle or brother called Simeon who died by 1613, Simon, whose name is derived from Simeon, was probably a further son of the family. This sad sequence of burials followed an earlier burial in St Peter, that of Nicolas Daudierne, sixteen days before. This very rare surname came from St Brelade, where Georgette had previously owned land. It would be unlikely that this earlier burial was unconnected with those that followed it so swiftly. "Judith Vibert," buried on the 30th January 1641, six days after Simon, may have been a further relative. Note: All these will have been christened before the earliest surviving St Peter Baptismal Register; they will have almost all died, with the exception of the older Jacques, before appearing in legal records
  17. Godparents: Jacques Vibert senior and his wife
  18. R.P. 5/60 (1616) refers to Jacques Vibert, whilst R.P.5/130 shows he owned former Carrel land on the St Peter side of Les Quennevais, near that of Isaac Vibert, in right of his wife
  19. R.P.5/61 (1616) refers to Pierre Vibert, as does R.P.7/190 (1625), in which he sold inherited land to his brother Jacques
  20. Jeanne Le Blancq was "femme Pierre" in 1625: R.P.7/190, and "veuve" in 1627: R.P.7/424
  21. Samual was accepted by the court as "en age," 20/05/1637, by the oath of Jacques Vibert: R.P.11/116
  22. R.P.4/54 (the 1613 partage) and R.P.7/424. Susanne sold her share of inheritance to her brother Jacques: R.P.9/307
  23. Possible daughter: R.P.7/106 (1625)?
  24. Symeon Vibert is only known from his heirs being mentioned in the family`s 1613 partage (R.P.4/54). It was taken that he had belonged to the previous generation. However, had he been born about 1570, in generation 3, and died shortly before 1613, mention would also have been made of any heirs
  25. Catherine`s presence in generation 2 is uncertain; research is ongoing
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