Descendants of Matthieu Le Loreur

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Descendants of Matthieu Le Loreur

This descendancy from the 1996 Annual Bulletin of La Société Jersiaise by Guy Dixon, added to the site in 2012, shows the probable line of the early owners of La Chasse, Maufant

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  • 1 Matthieu Le Loreur (1270-1332) [1]
    • 2 Matthieu Le Loreur (1300- ) [2]
    • 2 Guillaume Le Loreur ( -1353) [3]
      • 3 Pierre Le Loreur (1330- ) [4]
      • 3 Guillaume Le Loreur ( -1401) [18]
      • 3 Michel Le Loreur, [19]
    • 2 Robert Le Loreur (liv 1331) [20]
    • 2 Collin Le Loreur (liv 1338) [21]

Notes and references

  1. The original holding of the Le Loreurs was the property now known as Maufant Manor: ABSJ (1996), 568. Matthieu Le Loreur was Viscount, 1309; Jurat, 1329; and Bailiff, 1332
  2. Definite son of the above
  3. Probable son of Matthieu; Jurat, 1348-1353
  4. Possible son; Jurat, 1379
  5. He may have been the son of Guillaume. Seigneur, in part, of Diélament, 1413; Jurat, 1397-1432
  6. Definite daughter of Regnauld
  7. Seigneur du Fief Mottier; Jurat, 1450-52; Bailiff, 1452-53-
  8. He may have been a grandson of Regnauld or child of a second marriage. Procureur of St Saviour, 1454; Jurat, 1452-1483
  9. Of La Chasse, Maufant, probably son of Jean; Jurat, 1503-23
  10. Definite son of Regnauld senior
  11. Definite daughter of Regnauld
  12. Noé Le Geyt dit Le Maillier, of Mont à L`Abbé, St Helier, was Seigneur of the Fief de La Carrière
  13. Definite daughter of Regnauld
  14. Of St Saviour
  15. Almost certainly brother of Regnauld; Seigneur, in part, of Diélament, 1413; Jurat, 1407-1437
  16. ABSJ VII, 265
  17. Seigneur of Rosel, H.M. Receiver of Revenues, 1430; Bailiff, 1434-. Their eldest son, Regnauld Lemprière, the first of this name in that family, killed at the Seige of Mont Orgueil Castle in 1467, was no doubt named after his Le Loreur uncle. Jehanette`s second son, George Lemprière, was Seigneur of Diélament, having presumably bought out his two uncles
  18. Probable son; Jurat, 1382-1401
  19.  ;Tentative son; Rector of St Clement, 1377
  20. Tentative son
  21. Tentative son
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