Descendants of Philip John Le Geyt

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Descendants of Philip John Le Geyt



Philip John Le Geyt (1835-1894), Patriotic poet, songwriter and artist

Town branch of Le Geyt dit Le Maillier

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  • 1 Philip John Le Geyt (1835-1894) [1] m (1857, St H) Mary Ann Susan Gallichan (1839-1925) daughter of Josué (Joseph), Butcher [2] son of Thomas
    • 2 Philip Joseph Le Geyt (1859-1894) [3]
    • 2 Thomas Edward Le Geyt (1859- ) [4]
    • 2 Matthew John Le Geyt (1860-1861)
    • 2 Charles Matthew Le Geyt (1862-1931) [5] m (1892) Mary Sarah A. Parker (1871- ) [6]
      • 3 Charles Philip Le Geyt (1893- ) (St H) [7] m (Can.) Emily Snow Durman (1887- ) [8]
        • 4 Reginald Charles Le Geyt (1913-1990) [9] m (Can.) Dorothy Buckhart (1916-1987)
        • 4 Philip James Le Geyt (1916-1999) (Alberta) m (Can.) Margaret Jean Bailey (1921-2015)
          • 5 James Allen Le Geyt (1946- ) (m with issue)
          • 5 Linda Margaret Le Geyt (1948- ) m (1995, Okotoks) Larry Ralph Patterson
        • 4 Thomas Albert Le Geyt (1920- ) (Alberta) [10] m (Can.) Agnes Maley Dunnett (Can.)
        • 4 Charles Haig Le Geyt (1927- ) (Alberta) m (Can.) Iva Elizabeth Pigden (Can.)
        • 4 Edward Albert Le Geyt (1930-11/2021, ae 91) (Alberta) m (Can.) Lorraine Haroldine Digney (Can.)
    • 2 Joseph James Le Geyt (1864-1864)
    • 2 Stillborn child (1865-1865)
    • 2 Mary Ann Esther Le Geyt (1866- ) m (1887, St S) Alfred James Lucas [11]
    • 2 Daniel Eugene Le Geyt (1868-1868)
    • 2 William Francis Le Geyt (1869-1884) [12]
    • 2 George Henry Le Geyt (1871-1944) [13] m Elvina du Heaume d of Ernest John and Mary Ann Le Gresley, of L`Etacq, (St O)
      • 3 Philip John Le Geyt (1912- ) living 1985 m (1935, St H) May Dorothy Balcam (1911-1987) d of Walter Thomas, Mariner
        • 4 Brian Philip Le Geyt (1935- ) B.A. [14] m (1958, Oxon.) Margaret Ann Trafford, Deputy [15] (issue in Eng.)
        • 4 Male Le Geyt [16]
      • 3 Leila Maud Le Geyt (1914-1987) m Sydney Charles Balcam (1909-1960), an ex-Soldier, H.M. Forces [17]
    • 2 Ellora Margaret Le Geyt (1874- ) unmarried
    • 2 Alfred Edmund Le Geyt (1876- ) [18] m Marie Catherine Le Page (1881- )
      • 3 Kathleen Lilian Maud Le Geyt (1902-1918) "died aged 16", (`flu)
      • 3 Alfred Philip Francis Le Geyt (1903-1977) (St H) [19] m (1929, St S) Phyllis Maud Le Marquand, d of Edward, Farmer (St P)
        • 4 Catherine Phyllis Le Geyt (1930- )
        • 4 Elfreda Jean (1937-1994)
        • 4 Lawrence Edward Le Geyt (1938- ) [20] m Sylvia Isabelle Pulman (1927-2002) (no issue)
        • 4 Three other daughters
      • 3 Edna May Le Geyt (1905-1998) m 1 (1927, St H) Cyril Prior [21]; 2 ( -- ) Brown
      • 3 Eileen Doris Le Geyt (1907- ) m James Hazelhurst Le Boutillier
      • 3 Claude Thomas Le Geyt (1910-1991) settled in Scotland [22] m Isabella Irvine [23] of Ayrshire, Scotland
        • 4 Alan Philip John Le Geyt (1949-2003) (Scotland)
        • 4 Living son (Scotland)
        • 4 Living daughter
      • 3 Kenneth Charles Le Geyt (1912-1943) [24] m (1939, St Mk) Marjorie Jones d of Thomas [25]
      • 3 Edmund Le Geyt (1915?- )[26] unmarried
      • 3 Lawrence Philip Le Geyt (1919-3/2010) settled in Yorkshire [27] m (1944, Lancs.) Norah Johnson (issue: 2 sons in Yorkshire)
    • 2 Rosa Susan Le Geyt (1878- ) m Henry Lucas (issue: 2 sons)
    • 2 Clara Elizabeth Le Geyt (1879-1879)
    • 2 Leila Peirsona Gallichan (1881-1881) [28]
    • 2 Lilian May Le Geyt (1883- ) m Joseph White (St H) [29]
    • 2 Matthew John Le Geyt (1885-1885)

Notes and references

  1. Philip John Le Geyt was a poet, song-writer and artist of considerable talent. His life, however, was a struggle against misfortune and poverty. Eight of his seventeen children died prematurely, seven within their first year. His father, Colonel Matthew Le Geyt, had himself struggled with debt--his creditors were sixty-one in number in 1822--when he was declared `en désastre`, so there was little he could do to help his son. Apparently in the hope that the young man might one day recoup the family`s lost fortune, he was placed as a clerk in the office of a coal merchant; he was afterwards a confectioner, furniture broker and then a "china and glass merchant". Without the capital to start his own business, this would unfortunately never lead to a sufficient income to support him and his large family, whilst enabling him to fully devote himself to his literary pursuits. Despite this, the younger Le Geyt`s output of patriotic verse and song was astounding. His zealous patriotism shines through such titles as The Fadeless Flags of England, The Royal Lion and His Whelps, The Love that Never Dies, The Sailor Boy`s Parting - a Nautical Song dedicated to the Jovial Tars of Jersey, Guernsey and England, whilst Primrose Day, produced and printed in 1884 reflects his staunch support for the ideals and aspirations personified by Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield, whose favourite flower was the primrose. This had led to the primrose giving its name to the Primrose League, and for its use as an emblem on Primrose Day and other occasions, which marked the anniversary of the death of the great statesman and former Prime Minister, of whom it was said that "he made Queen Victoria an Empress and she him an Earl." Letters of acknowledgment of the receipt of his works survive from the Principal Librarian, British Museum, dated 30th June 1884, and from the Privy Purse Office, Buckingham Palace, dated 1st October 1890. At 9:10 am on the 6th January, 1881, his wife gave birth to their daughter Leila, who was promptly named Leila Piersona after the hero of the Battle of Jersey, the centenary of which, was that day. The Centenary of the Battle of Jersey was penned in his home at 20, Devonshire Place and published in the Jersey Express on January 8th: "My lov`d countrymen! - Jerseymen! - loyal and brave See! in spirit before us - glory covered in gore- Patriot soldiers who died their lov`d country to save!" Poets and artists thrive under patronage. Philip John Le Geyt had neither. Nor did he have the backing of either half-brother or half-sisters. He hardly knew them. On the 4th February 1881, his half-sister, Margaret Houghton, acknowledged his gift to her of his poems "Dear Mr Le Geyt" thanking him and enclosing a £1 cheque [admittedly worth more then than now] as "you have plenty of mouths to feed". The gift needed no acknowledgment she said, ending "Yours sincerely, Margaret Houghton." One can imagine how mortified Philip felt. On the 18th February, in a more mellowed tone, she wrote "Mr Le Geyt, my brother has asked.. your acceptance of Henry`s Bible", which she offered to have rebound, at her expense, ending as before "Yours sincerely..." Henry will have been their mutual cousin, Henry Dumaresq. Philip`s half-brother, Matthew Le Geyt in England, conducted a fairly regular and arguably warmer correspondence with him, if with an appallingly patronising air: "Dear Philip", he wrote, mentioning his intention to include Philip "in a corner of my Will [for] a share of the small capital which may then be disposable." He continued "I have had an eye upon your conduct for years and have satisfied myself, by enquiries, that you are bringing no disgrace upon the name you bear. As long as this continues, you shall have my sympathy and help" [Letter dated 11th July 1885]. The "small corner of his Will" was left for his widow, Louisa Amelia, née Terry, to fulfil, which she did, in her own Will, but the sum was small. The key to the family`s relationship with their struggling, gifted, half-brother lies in the wording of Louisa`s bequest to Philip, in which she describes him not as the "brother" or "lawful and natural" brother of her late husband, which were the normal terms used at that time, but as "the natural brother" of her late husband. Although Philip John Le Geyt`s mother, Esther Mourant, was described in the St Helier Christenings Register (1835) as Matthieu Le Geyt`s "femme" (wife), the marriage of the parties has not yet been found, despite a thorough search, some years ago. It is likely that the word "femme" in 1835 had regard to the good name of the family, rather than fact. Certainly Philip was not brought up with the Le Geyt family but with Esther Mourant [Jersey Census 1841] and neither was he included in partages (divisions of inheritance) at any time. The talented and able poet was almost totally excluded
  2. The Will of Personalty of Mary Ann Gallichan, daughter of Thomas, bequeaths everything to her niece, Mary Ann Susan Gallichan "daughter of my brother Josué Gallichan and wife of Philip John Le Geyt". The latter`'s wife was, therefore, daughter of Josué, son of Thomas (usually called Joseph)
  3. Died in Cardiff aged 34 years and 6 months. His father wrote a poem lamenting his sad loss. His father had also presented him with a Royal Family Bible on 2 August 1867, with his name embossed in gold lettering on the red leather cover. Philip John Le Geyt's widow, after his death, presented it afresh, to Lilian May Le Geyt, on 1 September 1894, with her name embossed on the back cover
  4. Mariner, who last features in Jersey records in 1891 (the census of that year). On being previously discharged, at his request, from a local coaster, the Robert and Hannah, 45 tons, his Certificate of Discharge describes him: "Ability: very good", "Character of Conduct: very good"
  5. Charles served in the Royal Navy until some time before 1891 when, in the census of that year, he is described as a "Disabled Sailor of H.M. Navy". He was in 1911 a Photographer, living at 1, Poonah Road, St Helier: 1911 Census Return
  6. Mary filled in the 1911 Census Return that she had been married for 19 years and had one child, still living. Her father had been born in Chard, Somerset
  7. Settled in Canada, at Alberta, where he has descendants
  8. Formerly of Guernsey. In Alberta, Canada, Charles Philip Le Geyt and Emily had five sons, four of whom had families: Turk, M. The Quiet Adventurers in Canada (Harlo, Detroit, 1979), 337-8; also family information, as displayed, from Linda Le Geyt (1998) of Okotoks, Alberta
  9. Of Alberta, Canada
  10. Served in the Royal Canadian Navy in WW2, aboard HMCS Snowberry, (Flower class corvette) in convoy escort duties, during the Battle of the Atlantic. He and his wife had no issue
  11. Seaman, R.N.
  12. Died aged 15 years 14 days; William Francis Le Geyt perished in a fire at the family`s home, while saving his five-year-old brother, Alfred. His father composed the following verses in memory of William, which were inscribed upon his gravestone: "Kind-hearted, Noble-minded, Gentle and Brave; To grasp Alf from the flames, his life he gave, Friend! Angels heav`nward bear that heart-drawn tear, Thy [illegible--?Father/Family shed]-in memoriam-o`er his bier"
  13. At one time a Mariner, of 3 Nelson Street, St Helier. In 1911, he was a Hall Porter at the Royal Yacht Hotel: Census Return
  14. States of Jersey Civil Service; one-time schoolmaster and College Lecturer
  15. For many years a Deputy in the States of Jersey. Brian and Margaret retired to England
  16. Settled in England, married with daughters
  17. Brother of May Dorothy Balcom, above
  18. A Fishmonger in 1891, the Family Bible reads: "Alfred..joined H.M.`S Navy Feb. 8th 1892-left for the Boscawen at Portland." He served in WWI as a Corporal, in the South Staffordshire Regiment. Note: Jersey`s Roll of Honour and Service (1919), 73, incorrectly gave his rank as Private. He afterwards lived and worked in St Helier
  19. Gas Worker in St Helier, Jersey, 1941
  20. Hairdresser
  21. Painter
  22. "Married and settled in Scotland." In fact, Claude Le Geyt "worked for many years with the Jersey Gas Board". He saw "service as a gunnery sergeant in the Royal Artillery, in North Africa and Italy [WW2] before returning to Jersey to return to his old job. He followed the family to Scotland, where he worked for years, before retiring back to St Helier, Jersey": Jersey Evening Post, 14 February 2012
  23. "Language Teacher at Victoria College... and went back to Scotland, ten years later": Jersey Evening Post, 14 February 2012
  24. Electrician, on marriage in 1939. Served in WW2: Serjeant, Hampshire Regiment; killed in action, Sicily, 25/07/1943
  25. Motor Mechanic, of Tonypandy, Wales
  26. "Died young in an accident"
  27. "Died aged 90" (Huddersfield, Yorkshire)
  28. Named after the gallant Major Peirson, the centenary of whose death at the Battle of Jersey was 1881
  29. Parents of Mrs Verreour, of Montana, Route de Beaumont, Jersey, who has provided much of the information regarding the final generations above, to whom the author of these notes is most grateful
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