Descendants of Philippe Le Boutillier

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Descendants of Philippe Le Boutillier

This tree, which has no obvious links to any of the other Le Boutillier trees in Jerripedia, was added in January 2019. It was assembled from church records to show the ancestry of Great War flying ace Captain Oliver Le Boutillier

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  • 1 Philippe Le Boutillier m Esther Le Maistre [1]
    • 2 Philippe Le Boutillier (1790- ) (St J) m (1811, St J) Elizabeth de la Cour
      • 3 Philippe Le Boutillier (1812- ) (St J)
      • 3 John Le Boutillier (1814- ) (St J)
      • 3 Elizabeth Le Boutillier (1817- ) (St J)
      • 3 Edouard Le Boutillier (1819- ) (St J)
      • 3 Marie Le Boutillier (1822- ) (St J)
      • 3 David Le Boutillier (1825- ) (St J) [2] m (1853, St J) Anne Barette, daughter of Jean [3]
      • 3 Ann Le Boutillier (1827- ) (St J)
      • 3 George Le Boutillier (1829- ) (St J)
      • 3 Daniel Le Boutillier (1832- ) (St J)
    • 2 Edouard Le Boutillier (1792- ) (St J)
    • 2 Esther Le Boutillier (1794- ) (St J)
    • 2 Joan Le Boutillier (1795- ) (St J)

Notes and references

  1. No marriage record found. Philippe was either baptised in St John in 1763, the son of Philippe and Esther, nee Hamon; or in 1766, the son of Pierre and Esther, nee de Carteret
  2. Mariner
  3. Grower
  4. Great War flying ace
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