Descendants of Philippe de Gruchy and Elizabeth Le Geyt

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Descendants of Philippe de Gruchy


This tree was added in 2010 and has been comprehensively reviewed on a number of occasions since by Guy Dixon, who provided the footnotes


Abraham de Gruchy (1780-1864) circa 1840

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  • 1 Philippe de Gruchy (1741-1804) [1] m (1766, St S) Elizabeth Le Geyt, daughter of Abraham [2] and Anne Alexandre [3]
    • 2 Philippe de Gruchy (1767-1831) [4] m (1789, St S) Elizabeth Binet, daughter of Edouard of Trinity and Elizabeth Binet [5]
      • 3 Philippe de Gruchy (1789- )
      • 3 Moïse de Gruchy (1791-1814) [6]
      • 3 Abraham de Gruchy (1793- ) [7]
      • 3 Jean de Gruchy (1796- )
      • 3 Edouard de Gruchy (1798-1835) [8]
      • 3 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1801-1874) m (1835, St H) Thomas de Gruchy (1803- ) [9]
      • 3 Elie de Gruchy (1803-1866) [10] m (1843, St H) Jeanne Le Geyt (1824-1900), his cousin, daughter of Philippe, [11] and Rachel de Gruchy
        • 4 Elie Philippe de Gruchy (1844-1869) [12]
        • 4 Jeanne Marguerite de Gruchy (1846- ) [13] m (1870, St S) Thomas Gaudin [14]
        • 4 Lydia Jane de Gruchy (1847-1919) m (1870, St S) William John Ogier ( -1929) [15]
        • 4 Louisa Matilda de Gruchy (1849-1866)
      • 3 Charles de Gruchy (1804-1805)
      • 3 Marie de Gruchy (1806-1851) m (1829, St H) Jean Picot [16]
      • 3 Marguerite de Gruchy (1808-1888) m (1848, St S) François Ahier [17]
      • 3 Anne de Gruchy (1810-1882) m (1830, St Mt) Elie Whitley [18]
    • 2 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1770-1807) m (1789, St S) Philippe Alexandre of Augrès, Trinity [19]
    • 2 Jeanne de Gruchy (1772-1788)
    • 2 Anne de Gruchy (1775-1848) [20]
    • 2 Jean de Gruchy (1776-1788)
    • 2 Elie de Gruchy (1778-1793)
    • 2 Abraham de Gruchy (1780-1864) [21] m (1808, St P) Marie Le Brocq (1784-1867), daughter of William [22] and Jeanne Le Feuvre of La Hougue
      • 3 William Philippe de Gruchy (1809-1881) [23] m (1837, Camberwell) Louisa Chapman, daughter and eventual heiress of Charles William [24] and Louisa Burrell, daughter of Charles, of Denmark Hill, Camberwell [25]
        • 4 William Laurence de Gruchy (1838-1920) [26] m (1864, St Luke) Augusta Chambers Smith, [27] daughter and heiress of Jabez and Charlotte, nee Ward, of Millbrook Lodge, St Lawrence
          • 5 Maud Irene de Gruchy (1865-1957) [28] m (1886, St B) Ernest Briard (1859-1906) [29]
          • 5 Guy Fortescue Burrell de Gruchy (1867-1940) [30] m (1916, Eng) Catherine May Miller, [31] younger daughter and co-heiress of Henry [32] and Ada Percival Nicholls [33] daughter of Hawkins, formerly of Toft House, Lincolnshire [34]
            • 6 Philip de Gruchy (1917-1973) [35]
            • 6 Hope May de Gruchy (1918-1995) [36] m (1942, Eng) William George Moore Dixon (1914-1988) [37]
            • 6 Elizabeth Noèmi de Gruchy (1922-2015) m (1949, St B) Hugh Norman Bellamy (1904-1974) [38]
          • 5 Murray Laurence de Gruchy (1868-1868)
          • 5 Violet Augusta de Gruchy (1872-1884)
        • 4 Philippe Henry de Gruchy (1843-1899) [39] m 1, (1866, St H) Elizabeth Eales Frankum ( -1873); 2, (1875, St S) Emma Elizabeth Le Quesne (1848-1931), daughter of William [40]
          • 5 Hugh Laurence de Gruchy (1876-1880)
          • 5 Reginald Frankum de Gruchy (1877-1949) [41] m (1921, Wiltshire) May Rawlins, daughter of Alfred and Fanny, née Moore, of Figheldean, Wiltshire
            • 6 Philip Hugh de Gruchy (1922-2009) [42] m Jane Doreen Parsons Jolly, daughter of Sir Gordon Jolly, KCIE [43]
            • 6 Vincent John de Gruchy (1925-2023) [44] m (1955, Wokingham) Pamela Wheeldon, daughter of Douglas Parker (descendants in female lines in England)
          • 5 Louise Hilda de Gruchy (1878-1964) [45]
          • 5 Vera Maud de Gruchy (1881-1949) [46]
      • 3 Marie Anne de Gruchy (1811-1817)
      • 3 Philippe de Gruchy (1812-1889) [47]
      • 3 Jean de Gruchy (1816-1862) [48]
      • 3 George de Gruchy (1819-1893) [49] m (1851, Eng) Mary Anne Burrill, daughter of John of Masham, Yorkshire [50]
        • 4 George John de Gruchy (1853-1875) [51]
        • 4 Henry de Gruchy (1854-1934) [52] m (1888, Montgomery) Harriet Ellen Charlotte Monck, daughter of George Gustavus, JP, and Harriet, nee Horne, daughter of Sir William [53]
          • 5 George Henry Adrian de Gruchy (1889-1889)
          • 5 Beatrice Harriet de Gruchy (1891- ) m (1926, Chelsea) The Rev Harold Lucas [54]
          • 5 Henry Eustace Bligh de Gruchy (1897-1981) MC [55] m (1934, Ceylon) Barbara Blanke (1908-2003) of Connecticut (USA), daughter of Everett [56] and Harriet Isabella, nee Cutler
            • 6 Henry de Gruchy (1939-2014, USA) (no issue)
            • 6 Barbara Anne de Gruchy (1943-2009) (USA)
        • 4 Mary Louisa de Gruchy (1856-1936) m (1881, Eng.) John Bligh Monck (1855-1918) [57]
        • 4 Elizabeth Lucinda de Gruchy (1857- ) m (1898, Eng) Kerchever Tillyard [58]
        • 4 Charles William de Gruchy (1860-1944) [59] m (1903, Eng) Maria Sybil Watkins ( -1931), daughter of Lewis Powell
        • 4 Constance Annie de Gruchy (1861-1957, Ind) [60] m (1894, Bombay) John Sempill Lambert [61]
          • 5 Constance Joyce Sempill Lambert (1896-1977)
          • 5 Denis de Gruchy Lambert (1900-1994) [62] m (1933, Lucknow) Mary Gwendoline ffolliott Powell, daughter of Atherton, Colonel [63]
        • 4 Herbert Burrill de Gruchy (1864-1864)
        • 4 Herbert James Burrill de Gruchy (1865-1866)
        • 4 Alice Frances de Gruchy (1867-1867)
      • 3 Thomas de Gruchy (1821-1822)
    • 2 Matthieu de Gruchy (1783-1787)
    • 2 Charles de Gruchy (1784-1788)
    • 2 Matthieu de Gruchy (1789-1866) [64] m 1 (1811, St S) Françoise Le Cappelain (1792-1872), daughter of Jean (St P); 2 (1826, London) Hannah Bateman
      • 3 Matthieu de Gruchy (1814-1851) [65] m (1847, St H) Jane Eliza Le Capelain, daughter and heiress of François (St H) and Jeanne Cabot
        • 4 William de Gruchy (1850-1937) [66]
      • 3 Mary de Gruchy (1817- ) m (1843, St H) Daniel Norman [67]

Notes and references

  1. of Maufant Farm, St Saviour
  2. Of Pigneaux, St Saviour
  3. Of Longueville, St Saviour
  4. Philippe bought a house and land in 1803 to the north of Maufant Farm and incorporated the land into that inherited by him in 1804, as eldest son, on his father`s death. This was described in 1851 as totalling 45 vergées. In 1824 he bought the house adjoining, and to the south of the nearby Calvinist Chapel. In addition to property owning, Philippe may have been one of the two master mariners of this name living at the start of the 19th century, and co-owner of the 60-ton sloop, Young Eliza, which was lost in January 1809 off La Tour de Rozel
  5. Of Les Côtils, Rozel, Trinity
  6. Died abroad
  7. Died abroad. Abraham, who was of St Saviour and nephew of A de Gruchy, was almoner of St Saviour, 1822-3, but disappeared from his parish shortly afterwards. The family`s neighbour, Jeanneton Beaugié, having given birth out of wedlock to a son she named Abraham de Gruchy (1824-1843), may have had something to do with this. From his father's partage in 1833, it is evident that Abraham had died by then, without [lawful] issue. This applied also to his brothers Philippe, Moise and Jean
  8. Heir of his father (1832)
  9. Vingtenier of Maufant, 1856-
  10. Of Laurel Lands, Maufant (1844). He was a master mariner, employed on ships owned by François Hocquard. Marriage in 1843 led to his retirement from the sea the following year. Despite being a sixth son, Elie inherited all of his late father`s land, as heir in 1839 of his brother Edouard, the fifth son. In 1844 he built Laurel Lands, the choice of name marking his political allegiance, on a field he owned on the east side of the Maufant main road. In 1848 he bought from his brother-in-law, François Ahier, the adjoining farm, with its 26 vergées. He thus owned, with his late father's 45 vergées, 71 vergées of farmland, with a rates assessment of 331 quartiers. He was a rates assessor in 1864 but died two years later. A photograph of him, seated, with his son Elie Philippe standing behind the chair, shows him to have been a stocky man of medium height
  11. Master mariner
  12. OV, BSc (Caen); a medical student. He died from an illness contracted when furthering his studies at the Sorbonne, before becoming a doctor. A photograph of him, in the album of the late Miss Maud Ogier, his niece, shows him to have been a tall, thin, young man
  13. Engraved on the north extension of La Maitrerie, Queruée, St Martin: 18 TG♥ JMdeG 92
  14. Deputy of St Martin, 1890-95. Issue: Louisa Jane Gaudin ( -1941), the eldest daughter and heir m Walter Arthur Stocker ( -1941) of The Cedars, Flicquet; Lt-Colonel RMIJ, commanding the Jersey contingent, 1915, Flanders; and Lydia Madge Gaudin m Walter Collis Gruchy of Bishopstown, Trinity
  15. Solicitor, Capt RJM
  16. Of Retreat Farm, Maufant
  17. Of Maufant. There was no issue of this, his second, marriage
  18. Of Haie Fleurie, St Martin. Owner and master of the cutters Anne and Eliza, (1836-51) and Brilliant (1840- )
  19. Parents of Philippe and Charles Alexandre, master mariners and shipowners: see Carré and Alexandre, Shipowners 1832-1852
  20. Known, affectionately, as "Tante Nancy"
  21. Founder of A de Gruchy and Company (1810); Banker's agent (1825-1841-); banker, (1864: National Probate Calendar), property and land owner, merchant and shipowner in the Canadian fisheries, (1827-1854)
  22. Of The Yews, St Peter, Procureur du Bien Public, 1804
  23. Merchant (as above, 1854-1881) and banker (1863-1881); partner in De Gruchy, Renouf, Clement and Company of Newfoundland and Jersey (1863-1881), whose fleet consisted, in 1877, of 23 vessels, totalling 1,496 tons. Apart from his native Jèrriais, he spoke fluent French and English, and had learnt, when a boy in the 1820s, from Spanish Constitutional exiles, their language, in which he was fluent. As much of his shipping firm`s business was with Spanish America, this was a considerable asset. He was on the 1862 Committee for the Restoration of the Town Church, one of the original backers of the Jersey Eastern Railway Company and was Constable of St Saviour, 1872-1878
  24. Of Camberwell, Surrey, Stockbroker (1818), formerly Marine Insurance Broker (1809) at Lloyd's Coffee House, which became eventually Lloyd's of London. A talk by the author of these notes, entitled Our First Englishwoman (Louisa Chapman), was delivered to the Channel Islands Family History Society on 27 February 2012 and summarised by Frank Le Blancq in The Journal, (CIFHS), Number 134, Volume IX, April 2012. The subject included biographical sketches of members of the Burrell family of London, including Percy Burrell, a civil engineer working in 19th century South America, who was caught up in, and interned during, the war between Brazil and Paraguay. It also featured the "First Englishwoman's" grandmaternal family, Richardson of London. Members of this family had been employed almost continuously from 1754 until 1948 in India, in the Honourable East India Company`s Service and the Indian Army, two of whom attained the rank of general. Details of a small part of this family, being that of the wife of Charles Welsted Richardson of the Bengal Light Cavalry, have been published online at
  25. Founder of the City of London auction house, Charles Burrell and Sons (1782)
  26. Of Rochebois, St Aubin; Barrister-at-Law (Gray`s Inn), antiquary and banker, Captain RJM, Constable of St Helier, Jurat, co-founder of La Société Jersiaise. His collated and annotated edition of the French and Latin texts of L`Ancienne Coutume de Normandie was published in 1881, and was for many years the standard text book for students of Jersey law. He was the author of papers on various other learned subjects. See Balleine, G R, A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey.
  27. Authoress of two novels, Lalage (1876) and Octavia`s Lovers (1880) and of a volume of verse, Under the Hawthorn (1893). The de Gruchy and Briard connection with the Fortescues was derived from Augusta`s Huntingdonshire family. See, also, Rosemary Hampton, "Edward Burne-Jones and Augusta de Gruchy", in ABSJ (1979), 301-309
  28. Of Bulwark House, St Aubin. Maud also inherited in 1897 Millbrook Lodge, near Mont Félard, which had been built for her maternal grandfather in 1864 on former dune land, with sea views to the south, over St Aubin`s Bay. This she sold in 1921
  29. OV; Capt RMIJ
  30. Seigneur of Noirmont, Medieval historian of Jersey; Constable of St Brelade and Jurat. President and benefactor of La Société Jersiaise; ornithologist. See A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey
  31. For some details of the de Gruchys` life during the German Occupation, see Noirmont Manor
  32. Twin brother of Sir Francis Norie Miller, Bart of Cleeve; Liberal National MP for Perth and Justice of the Peace. Both sons of the latter fought in the Great War; one was killed in action and the other, a Captain in The Black Watch, being awarded the Military Cross. The family was connected by marriage to Field Marshal Earl Roberts of Kandahar, VC, the British Commander-in-Chief during the South African War. His great-nephew, Mrs de Gruchy`s cousin, Sir Euan Miller, KCB, KBE, DSO, MC, DL, was the family`s most successful soldier. He served in the Great War, being awarded the Military Cross in 1918, commanded the 2nd Battalion, (60th) King`s Royal Rifle Corps at the Siege of Calais (1940), was ADC to King George VI, 1946-1948, commanded a division in Hanover, 1948-1949 and was Chief of Staff, Middle East Land Forces, 1949-51, before becoming Military Secretary to the Secretary of State for War
  33. Grand-daughter of William Percival (1778-1849) FRCS of Northampton, who was appointed Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons on the creation of the Fellowship, in 1843. A cousin was the unfortunate G.O.C. Malaya, who surrendered Singapore, in February 1942
  34. In June 1810 the father of Mr Nicholls, when riding home one evening from Stamford, Lincolnshire, was accosted by a highwayman, bearing an extremely large cudgel, who seized the reins of his horse and demanded his money. Nicholls handed over his wallet, whereupon the thief carefully examined the contents. On being told that this was all the money Nicholls had to assist him on a journey, the man handed back some of the money and turned to make his departure. Nicholls, however, called him back, requesting the wallet itself be returned. The man agreed, saying "There it is; and here is a ten-pound bill too, more than I want", as a goodwill gesture: The Universal Magazine, June 1810. The comparative value of the money handed back as being surplus to the highwayman`s needs, would have been about £550 in 2017
  35. Served in the Army Pay Corps during WW11, before settling in Nottingham. He had a flair for languages, principally French and Spanish, but did not enjoy speaking them. He undertook, though, translation work at the time of the United Kingdom`s preparations for entering the Common Market. He was an able writer of short stories, but was considerably hindered by a notable degree of autism and lifelong, chronic asthma. He never married
  36. Dame de Noirmont. Educated at Godolphin and the Jersey Ladies College, she was a Civil Defence Light Rescue Squad (Mechanised Transport Corps) ambulance driver in Lambeth during the Blitz of London. Her worst memory was helping to extricate dismembered bodies of small children from the ruins of a bombed junior school and then having to drive them all to a mortuary. After the blitz, she was a WRNS driver at Dover, when her windscreen was blown out by enemy gunfire. She refused a replacement on the grounds that without one, "it cannot be blown out again." She was a poetess, whose work is intended eventually for publication
  37. Major, The Sherwood Foresters. For brief details of `Bill` Dixon`s army career and for the history of a section of his family, see
  38. Lt-Colonel, Border Regiment. Norman Bellamy was educated at Sherborne and the R.M.C. Sandhurst. His career provides an example of the range of experience then available to British soldiers. Before WW2, he served in north-west and central India, China (in defence of the Shanghai Settlement) and Aden. During the war, he served in France, where he was Mentioned in Despatches (1940), Egypt and the North African desert, Italy and the former Yugoslavia. On retirement, he became a Fruit Farmer in Kent, before moving to his wife`s property Rochebois, in Jersey
  39. OV. Co-owner and then manager, A de Gruchy and Company; banker, Abraham de Gruchy and Sons (1879-1886); Major, RJM. Donor in 1880 of "The De Gruchy Windows" in the north wall of St Clement`s Parish Church, where his cousin, Daniel Matthew Lempriere was then Rector. A memorial exists to Philip Henry de Gruchy`s first wife, in the form of a stained glass window, featuring both de Gruchy and Frankum arms, in the west wall of St Simon`s Church, St Helier. He was a keen yachtsman
  40. Of Balmoral Terrace, St Helier
  41. BA (Lond.) Educated at Avranches, France, and then at Richmond, Surrey. He settled in Wokingham, Berkshire; Certified accountant
  42. MRCVS; of the Ministry of Agriculture`s South Eastern Agricultural College, Wye. Educated at Christ`s Hospital (Blue-coat School), he was a Captain, Royal Berkshire Regiment, during WW2, serving in India and elsewhere. During a school holiday, when he was 16, he had occasion to travel by rail to London to a fancy-dress party, wearing his grandfather`s Jersey Militia uniform. An elderly and distinguished looking fellow traveller who had been eyeing him with some amusement, enquired politely, with a straight face: "Tell me, major, what exactly is your regiment?"
  43. Lieut-General, IAMS; Director-General, Indian Medical Service
  44. MIMechE, FInstPet.; formerly 2nd Lieutenant, REME, WW2, afterwards a Ministry of Defence Research Engineer. Educated at Uppingham, John de Gruchy was in 1956, Assistant Experimental Officer, Admiralty Engineering Laboratories and in 1977, was transferred from being Professional and Technology Officer Grade 1, Department of Energy, to the post of Engineering Inspector: The Chartered Engineer Vol. 3-4, 58 (1956) and Papers by Command, Vol 14, 4 (House of Commons, 1977), respectively. He and his wife retired to Shaftesbury
  45. British Red Cross nurse, 1906, in China, at the International Settlement, Shanghai. Sister, British Red Cross (1914), France; Sister, Queen Alexandra`s Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve (1915-19), serving at Mudros in Greece, Egypt and the United Kingdom. She was in 1919, Sister at Aubrey House (War) Auxiliary Hospital, Kensington, under the auspices of the British Red Cross, and then, in 1920, was Matron, Ferox Hall (War) Auxiliary Hospital for Officers, Tonbridge, to which she returned in WW2, serving there 1940-1946, in the same capacity. Hilda, as she was called, retired to Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex, where her ashes are interred
  46. Interpreter, League of Nations; Interpreter, Polish Red Cross. A gifted linguist, she spoke fluent French, Italian, German, Polish and some Russian. She lived latterly in Sussex
  47. Of The Grove and Little Grove; draper, shipowner (1864-1886) and banker (1879-1886). His arms are engraved above the pedestrian entrance at Little Grove, Rue de Haut, St Lawrence
  48. Merchant
  49. MA (Oxon). Ordained deacon 1842, and priest 1843. Curate of Whilton, Northamptonshire, 1842-53; Rector of Little Bealings, Suffolk, 1854-70; Vicar of Stoke St Millboro, Shropshire, 1871-1893
  50. Son of the Rev Joseph Burrill, formerly of Masham, Rector of Upper Broughton, Nottinghamshire
  51. Insurance broker in London. Disinterested in his occupation, he visited Le Brocq cousins farming near Rimouski, in Canada, and decided to settle there, buying a farm at Milby, near Lennoxville, Quebec. He was killed there as a result of a riding accident
  52. Intended for the Church, Henry went instead to sea and became a clipper captain, sailing Sierra Morena, Sierra Blanca, and Sierra Ventana to and from Australia and the Far East - see Jean, J Stories of Jersey`s Ships, 136-140. He died at Steyning, Sussex, where he lived during his retirement, on 30 November 1934, less than two months after the death of his wife
  53. MP; UK Attorney-General
  54. Chaplain of Lancing College
  55. Educated at King`s School, Canterbury. Lieutenant, later Captain, King's Shropshire Light Infantry, winning his Military Cross in February 1918. A few weeks later, he was shot in the throat but survived. He was afterwards manager of Burma Teak, and settled, as a result of his marriage, in the USA
  56. BA (Amherst, Mass). Barbara`s two brothers, Donald and Waldron, were both Cornell graduates; the former, a broker associated with investment bankers, Eastman Dillon, served in both world wars
  57. Land Agent, of Trevor House, Chirk. Surviving issue: George Francis Bligh Monck (1885-1963) m (1919, Eng) Marjorie Maud Hesketh daughter of Robert Lemprière Hesketh and Eleanor Irene Lemprière, daughter of William, Seigneur of Rozel; and Henry Gustavus Hamilton Monck (1894-1959) M.C., Captain, King`s Shropshire Light Infantry m (1930, Eng) Ethel Lawford daughter of W.R. Lawford of Chirk
  58. One daughter
  59. MRCS, LRCP, of Caerlyon, Monmouthshire, MOH; then of Torquay, Devon
  60. After Indian Independence (1947) Connie Lambert, by then a widow, with her unmarried daughter, Joyce, returned to England. After 53 years in India, they "didn't like it" (England), so returned to India, to live inland in the south-east, at a mission, where they were paying guests for ten years
  61. Assistant Commissioner, Indian Railways
  62. Lt-Colonel, Scinde Horse and, between 1931-4, ADC to the Governor of the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh. He was next seconded to the Intelligence Department of the Government of India, in Peshawar, and was IO in the Khaisora Operations against, to quote his obituary [Daily Telegraph, 7 March 1994], "the notorious Faqr of Ipi". In 1936, Lambert travelled to England to represent the Indian Cavalry at the Coronation of King George VI. From 1938 to 1941, he served on the North-West Frontier at Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Razmak, Waziristan and Der Ismail Khan. Following Indian Independence (1947), he was retained by the Indian Government and engaged by them in intelligence work around the Caspian Sea and in Burma. In retirement, back in England, he became a fruit farmer and market gardener at Little Shurdington, between Cheltenham and Gloucester. He was an excellent polo player and had been a big game hunter, both in India and Africa. He was, at the time of his death, aged 93, one of Britain's last five remaining Indian Cavalry officers
  63. Descendants in England, de Gruchy Lambert
  64. Vingtenier du Douet, St Peter, 1814-7. Builder, timber dealer and banker, who fled to London from his creditors in 1825. On 11 January 1815, the St Peter`s Parish Assembly resolved that, regarding the new Presbytery (Rectory), the money needed would be guaranteed by the parish treasury. Matthieu de Gruchy then presented to the Assembly a tender to undertake the building work and to complete it according to architectural plans, for the sum of 3000 livres, Cours de France. He is listed among other country bankers, (Banques de la campagne) in the Almanac du Chronique 1817-1820, although in Mourant`s Almanach, 1817, the de in his name was missing. In bankruptcy proceedings, the court records show that, apart from another Jersey bank, his principal creditors were mostly relatives who had supported his promising, if youthful, enterprise. In London he became a cabinet maker. At the time of his second marriage, his first wife was still living
  65. Master mariner, wrecked on Pacific coast of Nicaragua, 1851, murdered near Pueblo Nuevo by bandits, on crossing overland with the ship`s chest to the Caribbean
  66. Settled 1869 in Stafford County, Virginia, USA, farming with his mother and step-father, Captain George Desreaux. Died at Mount Holly, Virginia, USA
  67. There was no issue of this, Daniel Norman`s second marriage
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