Descendants of Robert Malet

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Descendants of Robert Mallet


Mallet of La Malletière, Grouville and St Helier

This tree was added to the site in 2010 . Original research by Guy Dixon featured in The Channel Islands Family History Society Journal, Nos 79, 81 and 82 (1998-1999) under the heading The Mallets of Jersey, 1180-1750. In 2023 he added details regarding the ownership of the Fief de Mallet between the tenure of the original Mallets and that of the junior branch that regained the fief, and extended some branches into the 20th century

The spelling of the family name fluctuated from Malet to Mallet, often within a generation. Anglicised spellings in the tree, as commonly used in J Bertrand Payne's Armorial of Jersey (1865) have been changed to the original French. Conversely, many of the quoted references have been translated into English. Early dates must be viewed as approximate, and years of various offices show the years known, but may have started earlier and/or finished later.

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In common with the majority of our trees, this descendancy has been subject to regular review by site editors and checked against Jersey church records. Trees including French ancestry have also been checked as far as possible against French primary records. It is not always possible to carry out such checks on sections of trees with United Kingdom and/or colonial content

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  • 1 Robert Malet (Bef 1170-by 1214) [1]
    • 2 Guillaume Malet ( -1214- ) [2]
      • 3 Olivier Malet ( -1274- ) [3]
        • 4 Daughter Malet (1260- ) m Hamelin de La Hougue (1260-1309- ) [4]
          • 5 Olivier de la Hougue (1290-1331- ) probable son [5]
          • 5 Guillaume de la Hougue (1290-1331- ) probable son [6]
            • 6 Daughter de la Hougue (1410- ) heiress m William (Guille) Mallet [7]
              • 7 Jean Mallet (1440- ) [8] m Eventual heiress of Pierre de La Hague
                • 8 Simon Mallet (1465- ) [9]
                • 8 Richard Mallet (1470-by 1537) [10] m Catherine Dumaresq daughter of John [11]
                  • 9 Jean Mallet (1500- ) [12] m Isabella Lempriere daughter of Thomas [13]
                    • 10 Henri Mallet (1530-1567) [14] m 1 Elizabeth Dumaresq daughter of Richard; 2 Alice Le Geyt (dit Le Maillier)
                      • 11 Isabella Mallet (1560-1604) [15] m (1583) John Journeaulx [16]
                    • 10 Catherine Mallet [17] m Nicholas Anley of Les Aix (St P)
                      • 11 Jean Anley
                        • 12 Henri Anley
                    • 10 Mabel Mallet [18] m Edouard Jutize [19] (Gr)
                    • 10 Daughter Mallet [20] m Clement Amy (Gr)
                  • 9 Francois Mallet ( -1587) priest [21]
                  • 9 Richard Mallet (1510-1586) (Gr) m Marie Amy daughter of Richard (Gr) [22] and Marie, nee Grossier
                    • 10 Marie Mallet [23] m Anthoine Poingdestre
                    • 10 Daughter Mallet m (by 1586) John du Parcq [24]
                    • 10 Collas Mallet (1572-by 1646) (Gr) [25] m (1597, St Mt) Marie Dumaresq ( -1646) (Gr)
                      • 11 Richard Mallet (1601-1670) (Gr) [26] m (1641, St Mt) Marguerite Nicolle daughter of Jean (St Mt)
                        • 12 Nicolas Mallet (1642-1652) (St Mt) [27]
                        • 12 Richard Mallet (1643-1652) (St Mt)
                        • 12 Philippe Mallet (1645-1672) (St Mt)
                        • 12 Marie Mallet (1647-1652) (St Mt)
                        • 12 Marguerite Mallet (1649-1676- ) (St Mt)
                        • 12 James Mallet (1652-1732) (St Mt) [28] m (1675, St Mt) Jeanne Gaudin, daughter of Gedeon [29] and Jeanne Jennes (St Mt)
                          • 13 Marie Mallet (1676- ) (St Mt) [30]
                          • 13 James Mallet (1678- ) (St Mt)
                          • 13 James Mallet (1679-1699- ) (St Mt)
                          • 13 Jeanne Mallet (1681-1767) (St Mt) m George Le Seelleur (St Mt)
                          • 13 Sara Mallet (1684-1757) [31] (St Mt) m (1715, St Mt) Michel Baudains
                          • 13 Richard Mallet (1687-1729) (St Mt)
                          • 13 Marguerite Mallet (1689-1692) (St Mt)
                          • 13 Marie Mallet (1693-1774?) (St Mt) m Richard Buesnel
                        • 12 Richard Mallet (1658-1725) (St Mt) [32] m 1 Marie Nicolle ( -1685)
                          • 13 Marguerite Mallet ( -1683 (St Mt)
                          • 13 Pierre Mallet ( -1685) (St Mt)
                          • 13 Marie Mallet ( -1686) (St Mt)
                        • by the 2nd marriage of Richard Mallet, (1698, St Mt) Jeanne Gaudin (St Mt)
                          • 13 Marie Mallet (12/1699-1777?) (St Mt) [33] m (1730, St S) Jean Gaudin
                          • 13 Jeanne Mallet (1706-1713) (St H)
                          • 13 Richard Mallet (1716-1723) (St H)
                          • 13 Jean Mallet (1718- ) (St H)
                      • 11 Collas Mallet (1604-1615) (Gr)
                      • 11 Hugh Mallet (1607-by 1686) (Gr) [34] m 1 (1631, Gr) Marie Godfray ( -1644)
                        • 12 Nicolas Mallet ( -1644) (Gr)
                        • 12 Marie Mallet (1635-1645) (Gr)
                        • 12 Clemence Mallet (1638-1692) (Gr) [35] m Jean Quenault
                        • 12 Anne Mallet (1642- ) (Gr)
                      • 2nd wife of Hugh Mallet (1647, St Mt) Rachel Le Rougetel ( -1686) daughter of Thomas (St Mt)
                        • 12 Marie Mallet (1648- ) (Gr) m (1676, St S) Jean Poingdestre
                        • 12 Henry Mallet (1653-1687) (Gr) [36] m (1682, Gr) Collette Hamon ( -by 1703)
                          • 13 Henry Mallet (1683- ) (Gr) [37] m (1704, Gr and Mt) Jeanne Nicolle daughter of Nicolas (St Mt)
                            • 14 Francoise Mallet (1706- ) (Gr)
                            • 14 Henry Mallet (1707-1743) (Gr > St S) [38] m (1729, St S) Jeanne Ahier (St S)
                              • 15 Jeanne Mallet (1733- ) (St S) m (1751, St S) Jean Payn
                              • 15 Marie (1735-1796) (St S) m (1756, St Mt) Nicolas Chevalier [39]
                            • 14 Jeanne Mallet (1709-1782) (Gr) m (1731, St C) Jean Touzel (St C) [40]
                            • 14 Marguerite Mallet (1712- ) (Gr)
                            • 14 Marie Mallet (1715-1750) (Gr)
                          • 13 Hugh Mallet (1685-1751) (Gr) [41] m (1711, St S) Sara Payn
                            • 14 Hugh Mallet (1712-1802) (Gr) [42]
                            • 14 Henry Mallet (1715- ) (Gr)
                            • 14 Jeanne Mallet (1717- ) (Gr)
                        • 12 Philippe Mallet (1659-1731 or 1732) (Gr) m (1687, Gr) Jeanne Hooper
                          • 13 Philippe Mallet (1687-1738?) (Gr) [43] m (1719, Gr) Rachel Le Rougetel daughter of Jean and Jeanne Le Clercq
                            • 14 Philippe Mallet (1719-1789) (Gr) [44] m (1740, Gr) Jeanne Mallet daughter of Michel and Jeanne Messervy (of La Couture)
                              • 15 Jeanne Mallet (1741- ) (Gr) m (1772, St S) Jean Le Riche
                              • 15 Marie Mallet (1746- ) (Gr)
                              • 15 Judith Mallet (1749-1799) (Gr)
                              • 15 Marie Mallet (1752- ) (Gr) m (1795, Gr) Henry Mallet (Gr)
                              • 15 Jean Mallet (1757-1840) (Gr) m (1781, St Mt) Elizabeth Falle ( -1794)
                                • 16 Jean Mallet (1781- ) (Gr) [45] m (1808, St C) Susanne Norman (8/1781-1870) [46] daughter of Jean and Elizabeth Noel (Gr)
                                  • 17 Jean Mallet (1/1810-12/1840) (Gr) m (1832, Gr) Delia Eliza Luce [47]
                                    • 18 Eliza Susanne Mallet (1833- ) (Gr) [48] m (1851, St Mt) Desprez Nicolas Francois Le Petit [49] son of Jacques Jean Francois Lavalette Le Petit (Fr)
                                    • 18 Jean Mallet (1835-1921) (Gr) [50] m (1862, St S) Elizabeth Rachel Falle daughter of Elie [51] (St Mt)
                                      • 19 John James Elias Mallet (1863-1937) (Gr > Lambeth) [52] m 1 (1887, Gr) Elizabeth Rachel Marie Ahier ( -1889) [53] daughter of John (St S); [54] 2 (1892, Lambeth) Harriet Amelia Frost daughter of John Nicholas [55]
                                        • 20 Ella Cecilia Mallet (1895- ) (Lambeth) [56]
                                        • 20 John Henry Mallet (1896- ) (Lambeth) [57]
                                        • 20 Ernest Charles Mallet (1900- ) (Lambeth)
                                        • 20 Another child, living 1911
                                      • 19 Francis William George Mallet (12/1864-1/1865) (Gr) [58]
                                      • 19 George John Mallet (1865-1875) (Gr) [59]
                                      • 19 Henry Philippe Mallet (1867-1893) (Gr) [60]
                                      • 19 Elias Francis Mallet (8/1868- ) (Gr) [61] m (1897, St S) Evelyn Dumaresq Journeaux daughter of George Francois [62] (St S)
                                        • 20 Evelyn Dumaresq Mallet (1906- ) (St H)
                                      • 19 Charles Mauger Mallet (11/1869-1939) (Gr > St S) [63] m (1893, Gr) Alice Jane Noel daughter of Philip (St S) [64] and Susan, nee Gallie
                                        • 20 Three children ( -by 1911)
                                      • 19 Eliza Delia Mallet (1871- ) (Gr) [65] m (1893, Gr) George Elias Benest [66] son of Charles (St H)
                                      • 19 Malvina Luce Mallet (1874-1920) (Gr) [67]
                                      • 19 Thomas Falle Mallet (1878-1936- ) (Gr) [68] m Harriet Jane Le Marinel (1884-1936)
                                        • 20 Marjorie Le Marinel Mallet (1914- ) (St H)
                                        • 20 Kathleen Falle Mallet (1914- ) twin (St H) [69] m (1935, St H) Wilfred Thomas Fisher Olwen (Dorset)
                                        • 20 Thomas Falle Mallet (1915- ) (St H)
                                      • 19 James Luce Mallet (1881-1949) (Gr) [70] m 1 (1915, St H) Florence Bisson daughter of Philip (St H) [71]; 2 (1921, St H) Gertrude Marion Rogers daughter of Edwin (Bristol)
                                  • 17 Elizabeth Mallet (1812-1887) (Gr > St L) m (1832, Gr) Jean Le Maistre (St L) [72]
                                  • 17 Susanne Mallet (1815-1851- ) (Gr) m (1835, Gr) Francois Renouard [73]
                                  • 17 Rachel Mallet (1818-1868) (Gr) m (1846, Gr) Edouard Philippe Le Vesconte [74]
                                  • 17 Philippe Mallet (1823-1846- ) (Gr) [75] m (1844, Gr) Mary Ann Le Brun daughter of Philippe (Gr)
                                    • 18 Mary Ann Mallet (1845-1871- ) (Gr) [76]
                                      • 19 Edmund Charles Mallet (1870- ) (Gr)
                                    • 18 Philippe John Mallet (1847-1891) (Gr) [77]
                                    • 18 Francis John Mallet (1848-1891) (Gr > St L) [78] m 1 (1870, St S) Mary Jane Falle ( -1875) daughter of Elie [79] (St Mt)
                                      • 19 Francis Elias Mallet (1871-1941 ) (Gr) [80]
                                      • 19 Philippe Mallet (1873- ) (Gr) [81]
                                      • 19 Elias Mallet (1874-1891- ) (Gr) [82]
                                    • by the 2nd wife of Francis John Mallet, m (1882, St H) Esther de Carteret (1852- ) [83] daughter of Frederick de Carteret [84] (St J)
                                      • 19 John Prosper Mallet (1883-1953) (St J > Kent) [85] m (1908, St S) Beatrice Victoria Beaugie daughter of John [86] (St H)
                                        • 20 Violet Beatrice Mallet (1910-1936- ) (St H)
                                        • 20 John Prosper Mallet (1912-1912) (St H)
                                      • 19 Alfred Francis Mallet (1885- ) (St My) [87]
                                      • 19 Mary Jane Mallet (1887- ) (Tr) m 1 Wilfred Le Breton ( -by 1911); [88] 2 (1916, St S) Clement Charles Pallot [89] son of Clement Charles (St H)
                                      • 19 Adolphus Mallet (1889-1963) (Tr> St H > St C) [90] m (1913, St Lk) Edith Mary Le Vesconte daughter of Philip (St Lk)
                                        • 20 Adolphus Philip Mallet (1913- ) (St Lk) [91] m (1940, St Mk) m Phyllis Agnes Le Bourgeois daughter of Alfred Joseph (St H)
                                    • 18 John Edward Mallet (1850-1920) (Gr) [92] m (1873, St S) Mary Ann Rachel Baudains ( -1930) daughter of George Francis (Gr) [93]
                                    • 18 Edward John Mallet (1852-1923) (Gr) [94] m (1879, St H) Adele Eugenie Sauvé, daughter of Jean Francois (St Mt) [95]
                                      • 19 William E Mallet (1880- ) (Gr) [96]
                                      • 19 Hilda Violet Mary Mallet (1886- ) (Gr) m (1914, St H) George Samuel Keeping Le Marinel [97]
                                      • 19 Lilian Mallet (1888-1911- ) (Gr) [98]
                                      • 19 Edwin Francis Mallet (7/1890-1974) (Gr > Mx) [99] m (1914, St S) Lucy Lydia Cabot daughter of Philip William (St S) [100]
                                        • 20 Beryl Avis Mallet (1915-1939- ) (St H) [101] m Unknown Corbett (Eng)
                                    • 18 Eliza Ann Mallet (9/1854-1921) (Gr) m (1882, St S) Francis James Driscoll [102]
                                    • 18 Henrietta (Marie) Mallet (1856-1879?) (Gr) [103]
                                    • 18 Alfred Frederic Prince Albert Mallet (1858-1941- ) (Gr) [104] m (1891, Gr) Anna Jane Gibaut daughter of John (St S) [105]
                                      • 19 Alfred Mallet (1894- ) [106] m (1920, St H) Lilian Myra Le Breton Stone daughter of William (St H)
                                    • 18 Adolphus John Mallet (1860-1940) (Gr) [107] m (7/1894, St L) Ellen Mary Ann Beck daughter of John [108] (Gr)
                                      • 19 Adolphus John Mallet (5/1896-1969) (St Mt > Bucks) [109]
                                    • 18 Elvina Susannah Mallet (1863-1917) (Gr)
                                • 16 Philippe Mallet (1785- ) (Gr)
                                • 16 Thomas Mallet (1788- ) (Gr)
                                • 16 George Mallet (1790-1790) (Gr)
                                • 16 George Mallet (1792-1794) (Gr)
                              • 15 Thomas Mallet (1759-1799) (Gr) (1781, Gr) Jeanne Roissier (Gr)
                              • 15 George Mallet (1762- ) (Gr > St H) m (1790, Gr) 1 Elizabeth Mourant ( -by 1803) (Gr)
                                • 16 Bettsey Mallet (1794-1833) (St H) [110] m (1828, St S) George Brée (Gr)
                                • 16 George Mallet (1797-1872) (St H) [111] m (1826, St S) Mary Neel (St S)
                                  • 17 George Mallet (1827-1835) (St H) [112]
                                  • 17 Mary Ann Mallet (1831-1870) (St H) [113] m John Neel ( -1870- )
                              • 2nd marriage of George Mallet, (1803, Gr) Jeanne Asplet (St Mt) daughter of Jean (St Mt) and Susanne, nee Pepin (Gr)
                                • 16 Jeanne Mallet (1804- ) (St H) [114]
                                • 16 Jean Mallet (1808-by 1812) (St H) [115]
                                • 16 Marguerite Mallet (1809-1873) (St H) [116]
                                • 16 Jean Mallet (1812- ) (St H)
                              • 15 Michel Mallet (1765- ) (Gr)
                            • 14 Jeanne Mallet (1725- ) (Gr) m (1746, Gr) Clement Falle [117]
                          • 13 Henry Mallet ( -1691) (Gr)
                          • 13 Henry Mallet (1693- )(Gr)
                          • 13 Francois Mallet (1696- ) (Gr)
                          • 13 Rachel Mallet (1698- ) (Gr)
                          • 13 Jean Mallet (1701-1726) (Gr) [118] m (1721, Gr) Susanne Mabon
                            • 14 Jean Mallet (1723-1769?) (Gr) [119] m (2/1753, Gr) Marie Jennes ( -1785) (Gr)
                              • 15 Jean Mallet (9/1753- ) (Gr) [120]
                              • 15 Jeanne Mallet (1756- ) (Gr)
                              • 15 Henry Mallet (1760- ) (Gr) [121] m (1795, Gr) Marie Mallet daughter of Philippe (Gr)
                              • 15 Marie Mallet (1762- ) (Gr) [122]
                              • 15 Elizabeth Mallet (1765- ) (Gr)
                            • 14 Philippe Mallet (1726-1783) (Gr) m (1749, Gr) Sara Anthoine (1726-1811), daughter of Philippe and Sara, nee Pallot
                              • 15 Philippe Mallet (1750-1815- ) (Gr) [123]
                              • 15 Jeanne Mallet (1752- ) (Gr) [124]
                              • 15 Hugh Mallet (1754-1763) (Gr) [125]
                              • 15 Jean Mallet (1756-1840) (Gr) [126] m (1/1818, St H) Sara Poingdestre (1796-1875) (Gr) [127] daughter of Jean and Sara, nee Bertram
                                • 16 Jean Mallet (1820-1869) (Gr > Eng.) [128] m (1850, Tr) Elizabeth Shillard (1829-1862), daughter of John [129] and Sarah (Fisherton Anger, Wilts.)
                                  • 17 John Shillard Mallet (1851-1878) (St Mt > Eng.) [130]
                                  • 17 Alice Mary Mallet (1859-1871- ) (Eng.)
                                • 16 George Mallet (1822-1875) (Gr > St Mt) [131] m (1849, Gr) Susanne Elizabeth Asplet (1826- ) (Gr) [132] daughter of Philippe [133] and Jeanne, nee Mourant (Gr)
                                  • 17 Susannah Jane Mallet (1850- ) (Gr) m (1877, Gr) William George Henry Kent [134] son of William [135] (Nantwich)
                                  • 17 George Walter Mallet (1852- ) (Gr > Eng.) [136] m (1878, Lancs.) Mary Alice Heyes daughter of Henry [137] (Everton)
                                    • 18 Harcourt Heyes Mallet (1879-1968) (Eng.) [138] m (1906, Brighton) Lilian Emily Marshall (Brighton) [139]
                                      • 19 Harcourt Dennis Mallet (1909-1988) (Croydon, Sy) [140] m (1939, Ldn.) Ann H. Skull [141] daughter of Percy [142] (with living issue) [143]
                                      • 19 Lilian Valerie Mallet (1913- ) (Croydon, Sy) m (1935, Ewell, Surrey) Henry Conway Turner [144]
                                    • 18 George Henry Heyes Mallet (1880-1950?) (Everton) [145] m (1918, Croydon) Dorothy Butterworth
                                      • 19 Shirley Dorothy Mallet (1920- ) (Lambeth) m (1940, Croydon) Norman J. Ralph (with issue)
                                    • 18 Gertrude Ellen Mallet (1882-1950) (Eng.) [146]
                                    • 18 Florence Louisa Mallet (1885-1974) [147]
                                    • 18 May Katherine Mallet (1887-1966) (Croydon) [148]
                                    • 18 Maud Heyes Mallet (1889-1983) (Lewisham)
                                    • 18 Gladys Mary Mallet (1891- ) (Brighton) [149]
                                    • 18 Winifred Alice Mallet (1897- ) (Croydon) m (1921, Camberwell) Ernest H. Elsden
                                    • 18 Doreen Heyes Mallet (1902- ) (Croydon) m (1931, Croydon) Maynard C. Butterworth
                                  • 17 James Asplet Mallet (1858- ) (St Mt)
                                  • 17 Fanny Florence Mallet (1862-by 1897) (St Mt) m (1894, St Mt) Francis Alfred Aubin [150] son of Philip John [151]
                                  • 17 Robert William Mallet (1864-1866)
                                • 16 Nancy Mary Mallet (1825-1896) (Gr > St Mt) [152] m (1845, St H) Nicolas Renouf [153] son of Nicolas (St Mt)
                              • 15 Marie Mallet (1758- ) (Gr)
                              • 15 Francois Mallet (1760- ) (Gr) m (1784, St H) Elizabeth Cardinal
                                • 16 Francois Mallet (1785-1799) (St H)
                                • 16 Elizabeth Mallet (1788- ) (St H)
                                • 16 Marie Mallet (1791- ) (St H)
                                • 16 Henry Mallet (1793- ) (St H) m (1817, St H) Elizabeth Le Huquet (St Mt)
                                  • 17 Marie Elizabeth Mallet (1820- ) (St H) [154] m (1842, St H) Jean Blampied (St Mt) [155] son of Charles (Tr)
                                  • 17 Elizabeth Mallet (1822- ) (St H)
                                  • 17 Henry William Mallet (1826- ) (St H)
                                  • 17 Nancy Mallet (1829- ) (St H)
                                • 16 Philippe Mallet (1796- ) (St H)
                                • 16 Jean Mallet (1798-1820) (St H)
                              • 15 Clement Mallet (1763-1819) (Gr > St H) m (1787, St H) [156] Elizabeth Nicolle ( -1818) (St H)
                                • 16 Elizabeth Mallet (1788- ) (St H)
                                • 16 Nancy Mallet (1789-1840) (St H) [157] m (1824, Tr) Jean Mauger
                                • 16 Clement Mallet (1792- ) (St H) [158] m [159] Marie Esnouf (12/1795-1865) [160] daughter of Elie and Marie Le Gallais (St H)
                                  • 17 Clement Mallet (1817-1882) (St H) [161] m (1866, St S) Elize Emilie Mallet [162] daughter of Jean (St H)
                                    • 18 Emelie Clementine (1868- ) (St H)
                                    • 18 Clement John Mallet (1869-1935) (St H) [163] m (1896, St H) Blanche Matilda de la Mare daughter of Francis John [164]
                                      • 19 Clement Stanley Bertram Mallet (1897-1916) (St H) KIA [165]
                                      • 19 Ernest Alexandre Mallet (1898- ) (St H) [166]
                                      • 19 John Francis Mallet (1901- ) (St H)
                                      • 19 Lionel Aubrey Mallet (1903- ) (St H)
                                      • 19 Arthur Stuart Mallet (1905- ) (St H) [167]
                                      • 19 Henry Charles Mallet (1906-1999) (St H) [168]
                                      • 19 Blanche Maud Mallet (1908- ) (St H)
                                      • 19 Gerald William Mallet (1909-2001) (St H)
                                    • 18 Louisa Clementina Mallet (1878-1956) (St H)
                                  • 17 Mary (sic) Mallet (1820-by 1821) (St H)
                                  • 17 Mary Mallet (1821- ) (St H) [169]
                                  • 17 John Mallet (1823- ) (St H) [170]
                                  • 17 Philippe Mallet (1826- ) (St H) [171]
                                • 16 Jean Mallet (1795-1883) (St H) [172] m (1826, St H) Jane Jeune (St H)
                                  • 17 Jane Mallet (1826-1836) (St H)
                                  • 17 John Mallet (1828-1830) (St H)
                                  • 17 Anne Mallet (1832-1851- ) (St H) m (1853, St S) Thomas George William Labey [173] son of Philip Helier [174] (St H)
                                  • 17 Jane Mallet (1838- ) (St H) m (1859, St S) William Milne Alexandre [175] son of Philippe [176] (St H)
                                  • 17 Elize Emilie (Amelia) Mallet (1840-1903) (St H) m 1 (1862, St S) Philip Charles Le Vavasseur dit Durell ( -by 1866) [177] son of Henry Edouard; [178] 2 (1866, St S) Clement Mallet [179] son of Clement (St H)
                                • 16 Esther Mallet (1797-1832) (St H) m (1822, Tr) Charles Amy
                                • 16 Philippe Mallet (1799-1868) (St H > St L) [180] m (1/1833, St L) Rachel Lesbirel (1804-1852) (St L) (with issue)
                                • 16 Marie Mallet (1803- ) (St H)
                                • 16 Jeanne Mallet (1806- ) (St H)
                              • 15 Elizabeth Mallet (1765- ) (Gr)
                              • 15 Thomas Mallet (1768- ) (Gr > St H) m (1793, St H) Susanne Marett
                                • 16 Betty Mallet (1/1796-1836?) (St H) m? John Sinel
                              • 15 Henry Mallet (1770-1823?) (Gr) [181] m (1794, Gr) Marie Le Breton ( -1822)
                      • 11 Henry Mallet (1611- ) [182]
                      • 11 Marie Mallet (1616-1652) (Gr) m (1634, St Mt) Jean Nicolle [183] son of Jean (Faldouet)
                  • 9 Daughter (Catherine?) Mallet [185] m John Payn [186]
                • 8 Anthoine Mallet (1475-1532) priest [187]
              • 8 Isabelle Mallet (1480- ) possible daughter m John Payn (1482- ) (St L) [188]

Notes and references

  1. Seigneur, in 1170, of La Malletière, otherwise called the Fief ès Malets or de Malet, in Grouville: List of King`s Revenues, dated 9 April 1489, compiled by Matthew Baker, Governor of Jersey; see also Mourant Chroniques de Jersey, (1858). The fief was held in capite of the Dukes of Normandy
  2. He was sent in 1208 to England as a hostage to King John, in place of his father, returning to Jersey on being released in 1214: He was in possession of the fief, after some considerable difficulties, by 1223: ABSJ, VI, 214
  3. Olivier Malet was a Grouville landowner mentioned in the 1274 Extente. He owed the Crown annually 5 cabots of wheat on 1½ vergées of land on the Fief du Roi. His principal holding is unknown, although the Fief du Roi in Grouville is situated immediately to the west of the Fief ès Malets. The first recorded owner, after 1274, of the Fief ès Malets was Hamelin de la Hougue, who, in 1309, held this fief and the adjoining Carucate ès Philippes. The latter was inherited by Hamelin`s junior heir, Olivier de la Hougue. The Rolls of the Assizes 1309, 297, mentions "the fee of Malet...which Hamelin de la Hougue right of his wife", who was presumably a Malet heiress, and probably a daughter of Olivier Malet. In which case, de la Hougue will have conferred the rare personal name Olivier on his heir, naming him after Olivier Malet. At the time of the publication of Payne's Armorial of Jersey (1865), the Société Jersiaise was yet to publish the transcribed and translated Rolls of the Assizes 1309, which work was completed in 1903. In the Armorial article on the Mallet family, the editors assumed Hamelin de la Hougue was a Mallet. This erroneous conclusion has been repeated frequently to the present time
  4. Rolls of the Assizes (1309), 297: Seigneur, in right of his wife, of the Fief de la Malletière and, in his own right, Seigneur of the Carucate ès Philippes, for which he owed the King full relief of 60 sous: Rolls 288; Jurat: Rolls 209
  5. Seigneur of the Carucate ès Philippes: Extente (1331), 52
  6. Seigneur de la Malletière: Extente 53. He was perhaps the Jurat of this name 1324-1331, although in 1309 there was living a Guillaume (Guillot) de la Hougue, son of Robert. During the de la Hougue tenure of the Fief de la Malletière, the family gave to the island a number of Jurats. They were Geffrey de la Hougue 1348-1353, Jannequin de la Hougue 1391-1406, another Jannequin 1435 and Drouet de la Hougue 1454-1470. Some of these will have been Seigneurs of La Malletière, as their number corresponds to the de la Hougue generations that are believed to have held the fief
  7. Payne's Armorial of Jersey 269. There is confirmation of the existence of Guille Mallet, becauses John Gaudin, of the neighbouring parish of St Martin, owed the Crown in 1528 a quartier of wheat annually on behalf of Guille Mallet, who previously owed this sum: Extente (1528) 9. Payne shows him as Seigneur de la Malletière, presumably having acquired his fief from a de la Hougue heiress
  8. Seigneur of La Malletière, La Hougue and, in 1489 in the right of his wife, of La Hague and Les Espirons
  9. Simon Mallet was one of the Sermentés assisting the Royal Commissioners in 1515. In 1516 he was the proprietor of an oratory (small chapel) in Grouville. La Malletière had such a chapel. The fact that he, and not Richard Mallet, assisted the Royal Commissioners suggests that he may have been the elder son, but one who died childless, as Richard was the eventual seigneur
  10. Seigneur de la Malletière, La Hague and Les Espirons. He was Jurat 1524-1537, and had been Constable of Grouville in 1531
  11. Seigneur de Vinchelez de Bas and Gorges
  12. Seigneur de la Malletière, La Hague and Les Esperons; Constable of Grouville 1542-1550
  13. Seigneur de St Jean, La Hougue Boete
  14. Henry Mallet, Seigneur of La Malletière, etc, was not the Henry Mallet who married Catherine Amy, daughter of Drouet, as believed by Payne and Langton, and shown previously in this tree. That Henry had as eldest son by his wife Catherine Amy, Jacques Mallet, as shown in Cour d`Héritage (CH) Livre 3 (1563) and in a partage of 1572: CH, 4 April 1572. Jacques is described in a case before the CH (May 1587) as "Jacques Mallet, son of Henry, son of Laurens", and his parish is given as St Martin, where his father had been Constable; see Descendants of Laurens Mallet (1470). Payne's Armorial of Jersey mentions a Henry Mallet as husband of Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Dumaresq, Seigneur of Vinchelez de Bas. No source is given, but if this was Henry`s first marriage, it may be correct. From the Cour de Catel, Vol 8, October 1568, it is clear that Henry died in about 1567 leaving a widow, Alice Le Geyt (dit Le Maillier), who married secondly, Jean Herault, the Greffier
  15. Jean Journeaux and his wife ran into debt at the beginning of the 17th century. In 1602 Isabelle sold the fiefs of la Hague and Les Espirons to Helier de Carteret: RP 1/35. Isabelle died by May 1604, when she was described as the defunct wife of Jean Journeaux: RP 1/138. Regarding Isabelle`s remaining fief, La Malletière, Edmund Toulmin Nicolle wrote in ABSJ, VI, 214-215 ]]: "At the beginning of the 17th century, as a result of bankruptcy proceedings against the assets of Jean Journeaux, his brother-in-law, Germain Le Febvre, took on his debts and the indebted property, which included the former Mallet estate". The process was not speedy, as three years after Isabelle`s death, the Extente of 1607 still gave her name as holder of the fief. Payne`s Armorial of Jersey states incorrectly that Sir George de Carteret was descended from Isabella Mallet, claiming that she was his maternal [Dumaresq] great-grandmother, through Collette Journeaux "only daughter" of John and Isabella and supposedlyly grandmother of Sir George. Other Island families claim Isabella as an ancestress through the Payn family, who inherited the Mallet estate from Germain Le Febvre. In fact, Le Febvre married Collette Journeaux, sister, not daughter of John and Isabella. From the Rev J A Messervy`s Journeaux genealogy in ABSJ IV, it appears that the couple may not have had many descendants
  16. CH Livre 5, folio 140
  17. Catherine`s husband, Nicolas Anley, sued Francois Mallet, in his capacity of guardian of the child [Isabella] of Henry Mallet, for Catherine`s share of her parents` inheritance (CH 1576), the parents named as Jean Mallet and Isabel, his wife. Anley`s wife is named as Catherine in RP 1/13 (1602)
  18. ABSJ, VI, 271
  19. Edouard, like his father Martin, was Constable of Grouville. His mother was a daughter, unnamed, of Laurens Mallet
  20. Messervy and Langton, in their genealogy of the Amy family, in ABSJ XIII, 334, believed that Catherine and Mabel Mallet, daughters of John Mallet and Isabella, had a further sister, whose name has not been discovered, the wife of Clement Amy. She was described by them as "daughter or grand-daughter of Richard Mallet, Seigneur de la Malletiere". She would have to have been a grand-daughter. RP 1/138 (May 1604) reads: "Francis Amy, son of Clement, was chosen guardian of the children [there were three] of John Journeaux in right of his defunct wife, Isabella, daughter of (not filled in) Mallet, by Hugh Lempriere, John Journeaux, Collas Mallet [gen. 7], Philippe Jutize, Jacques Anley, son of Nicolas and John du Parcq", by most of the representatives of the immediate family
  21. MA; Rector of Trinity 1551-1559. At the Reformation, Francois Mallet, wishing to retain his catholic faith, retired into private life. The Rev J A Messervy`s annotated list of Rectors of Trinity, in ABSJ,VI, 390, gives Francois` father as "Richard Mallet, Seigneur de la Malletière, etc, Juré-Justicier." He mentions that Francois died in about 1587 and his heiress, regarding chattels was his sister Marie, widow of Yvon Roault (Cour du Samedi, Volume 16, April 1588). His real estate was passed to Jean Journeaux, in right of his wife, daughter and heiress of Henry Mallet and to the under-aged child of Richard Mallet [generation 9]: Ibid.. The Armorial of Jersey therefore had Francois Mallet in the wrong generation, with brothers John and Henry, and missed out both his elder sister and her husband. A further record, with regard to Francois, his sister Marie and her husband, Jean Journeauz and his wife, and the under-aged child of Richard Mallet junr., described him as Francois son of Richard: CH 6/118 (1592). The same deed described Journeaux`s wife as "daughter of Henry Mallet, the said Henry son of Jean, the said Jean son of Richard". Francois Mallet, clerk, was guardian in 1572 "of the child of Henry Mallet," as he also was in 1578: CH April 1572 and CH May 1578. A deed of 5 May 1604 names this child a Isabelle Mallet, wife of Jean Journeaux: CH; Livre 5, folio 171/2
  22. Of Catillon de Haut
  23. In 1592 (CH 6/101): Thomas Le Vavasseur, procureur of Helier Poingdestre, eldest son of Anthoine Poingdestre and of Marie, his wife, daughter of Rychard Mallet and his wife brought an action against Nicolas Lempriere, having title from Anthoine Poingdestre, in order to secure for Helier part of the inheritance of the said Marie. The guardian of the children of Helier`s younger brother, Guillaume Poingdestre, also brought an action, but in this case (CH 6/10), it was against John Journeaux, in right of his wife, for a share in the inheritance of the late Francois Mallet. Marie Mallet, wife of Anthoine Poingdestre, to have had grandchildren at this date, must have been born no later than about 1545, so may have been the daughter of an earlier first marriage of her father, details of which have not survived
  24. CH 5/114 (1586): "John Dumaresq snr, guardian of the underaged children of Richard Mallet, was sued by John du Parcq, in right of his wife, demanding a share of the inheritance of the said Mallet". Richard Mallet died in about 1586
  25. Collas Mallet was still a minor in 1591 (CH 6/13) so was probably born about 1572, no doubt the youngest of his siblings. In 1591, Francois Amy, guardian of Collas, who was described as "son of Richard", sued before the Cour d`Héritage the head of the family, John Journeaux in right of his wife, in order to obtain for Collas: "a portion of the inheritance of Richard Mallet, the elder", Collas`s grandfather. The portion of the grandfather`s inheritance was that formerly attributed to Francois Mallet, priest, Collas`s uncle, who had died without issue in 1587, as attested in a further action in 1592 (CH 6/118), Collas now being directly involved, having come of age. The defendant was again John Journeaux, in right of his wife, who was "to come in order to amend the division made on the escheast of Francois Mallet". On 7 June 1603 (RP1/64), Journeaux finally settled with a payment of 45 crowns to Collas
  26. Godfather: Clement Dumaresq. He is described in the Church register as: "Richard Mallet son of Collas" and in the Public Registry of Land as "Richard Mallet, eldest son of Nicolas: RP12/60 (1640), Collas and Nicolas being regularly interchanged. Debt, such as that experienced by Jean Journeaux and his wife Isabelle Mallet, also dogged this junior branch of the family. Richard and his brother Henry were both the subject of insolvency proceedings, respectively Décrets, Livre 5, Folios 99-101-103- and Decréts 1/222. In Richard`s case, every transaction is listed, starting in 1632, when he sold to his brother Hugh the family`s principal property in Grouville, which had formerly belonged to their father. This included Le Basacre and a field at Croix ès Renaults. In 1642 Hugh also received another house and Clos de Mallet. On 28 December 1644 Richard Mallet and his brother-in-law Jean Nicolle, in right of his wife, sold to Abraham Bertram snr and jnr. a house and land that had belonged to their brother Henry. The land included Le Clos de la Cache, Les Petits Camps des Ruettes, Jardin de Guevain, in the "contrée de Faldouet, Fief à L`Archier, near Anne Port
  27. Godparents: Philippe Dumaresq and Marie Dumaresq, mother of Richard, the father
  28. James Mallet also had proceedings brought against him for an inherited debt (Décrets, Livre 5, 20 May 1675) but he was able to pay his creditor, Marie de la Place. James and his 17-year-old son signed the 1696 Oath of Association Roll
  29. On 22 September 1698 (CH Livre 19 (1698) James Mallet and Moyse Pallot, in right of their wives, sued their brother-in-law Philippe Gaudin for their wives` inheritances, their parents being named
  30. Godparents: Richard Mallet and Marguerite, his sister, uncle and aunt
  31. Godparents: Richard Mallet and Marguerite Nicolle, his mother
  32. Richard and his second wife settled in St Helier in about 1705. Richard sold in 1709 to his elder brother James Mallet, his parental inheritance: RP 28/224 (1709)
  33. Godfather: James Mallet
  34. Godfather: Hugh Lempriere, Seigneur of Dièlament, who also conferred upon the infant his first name. Hugh Mallet was a Grouville sermenté for the 1668 Extente
  35. For her marriage, see below
  36. Constable`s Officer, Grouville, 1677. RP 23/126 (1684): "Clemence Mallet daughter of the late Hugh Mallet, sold to Henry Mallet, the eldest son and principal heir of the said defunct part of their father`s inheritance. Clemence`s burial describes her as the widow of Jean Quenault
  37. Henry Mallet is mentioned in a deed (RP 28/365 (1711) as: "Henry Mallet, son of Henry, son of Hugh". He purchased Le Pre de Bertram and de Baudains in Grouville part of which land was on the Fief Mallet, the original name of the fief that gave to La Malletière its name. In 1703 he sold to his uncle Philippe Mallet, Le Clos de Denize: RP 27/241
  38. Henry went to live in his wife`s parish of St Saviour, where he died
  39. CH 40/99 (1800)
  40. Extente 1749: "John Touzel, for his wife, the daughter of Henry Mallet, son of Henry
  41. Vingtenier of Le Marais, Grouville, 1718. Hugh Mallet "younger son of the late Henry Mallet and of the defunct Collette Hamon his wife, sold to Henry Mallet, his elder brother, all and such part that he has been able to claim of the inheritance of Anne Nicolle, in right of her mother, Marie Mallet": RP 28/16 (1703)
  42. Vingtenier of Le Marais, 1759-1770
  43. Two Philippe Mallets married between 1710-1719 in Grouville. On godparent evidence, Philippe (1687-1738?) married Rachel Le Rougetel
  44. RP 59/214 (1778): Philippe was described as: "son of Philippe, son of Philippe, son of Hugh"
  45. Of La Couture, Ville ès Philippes, Grouville
  46. Widow, after two years of marriage, of Thomas Venement of Grouville ( -1806). They had a daughter, Susanne Venement (1805-1891) who married, in 1822, Mr George du Heaume of St Helier. She was widowed by 1841, living at La Couture with her mother, half-sister Rachel Mallet, and her nephew and niece of the half-blood, respectively, John and Eliza Mallet
  47. The widowed Delia Luce married secondly in St Helier, in March 1841, Philippe Le Griffon (1819- ) of Grouville. They also were living shortly afterwards, in 1841, at La Couture, with Delia`s former mother-in-law, Susanne Mallet, nee Norman, and other members of the family, see above
  48. Godparents: Mons. Francois Renouard and Mse Susanne Mallet
  49. Of Quettehou, France, living on his own means
  50. Jean was an apprentice carpenter in 1851, living at La Couture with his grandmother, Susan, nee Norman. He became a Mariner, no doubt in the role of Ship`s Carpenter, -1862-1871-, as his family often gave his occupation, even in later life, as carpenter. Furthermore, the 1871 census actually has him as a Ship`s Carpenter, then living at 2, Upper Don Road, St Helier. La Couture seems to have been lost to the Mallets in the 1860s, as he was latterly a Gardener at Mon Sejour, Grouville, -1891-1901- . His godparents were Jean Mallet senior and Susanne Norman. After 1871, John and Elizabeth were likely to have been non-conformists, as their last three children, for whom there is ample census identification, were not baptized in the Anglican faith. The censuses state Grouville as their parish of birth. Jean and Elizabeth Rachel`s census entry in 1901 includes the presence within the household of a grand-daughter, Hilda D. Mallet, aged 8, who had been born in Walworth, Surrey. She was Hilda Delia Mallet, born in Walworth in 1893. She clearly remained with her grandparents, as she was living with them, aged 18, in 1911
  51. Blacksmith
  52. John James Elias Mallet was, in his generation, the Island`s senior descendant and representative of Robert Malet, after whom this tree is named. He was a Joiner at the time of his second marriage, after which he migrated to England. He was a "Carpenter: House Building" in 1911, at which date he and his second wife, Harriet, had been married 18 years, and had four children, all of whom were still living. He is described as a Jersey Native: UK Census (1911), Wandsworth
  53. Died in St Martin of consumption, aged 29 years and 9 months, "wife of John James Elias Mallet"
  54. Journalier
  55. Leather Dresser
  56. Shop Assistant
  57. Office Boy, aged 15, born in Lambeth: Wandsworth Census, above
  58. Died aged 12 weeks, Grouville
  59. Died from water on the brain, 1875. He was included with the household in the 1871 census but was absent in that of 1881
  60. Farm Labourer in 1891; died aged 26
  61. Plasterer
  62. Proprietor
  63. Charles Mauger (or Major) Mallet was a Man Servant at Park Farm, St Martin, at the time of the 1891 census, being a part of the household there of Henry W. Palmer and of his wife Emily. Emily was evidently nee Noel, as within the household was Philip Noel, Palmer`s "Father-in-Law" and Susan Gallie, his "Mother-in-Law". Also present was Alice J. Noel, Palmer`s "Sister-in-Law". She became Mallet`s wife in 1893. In 1901, Charles and Alice were living at Manor Cottage, Samares, where he was a Foreman on a farm. By 1911, Charles and Alice were living at, and farming, La Rigondaine, Grouville. With them, was living their 19 year-old niece, Dorothy Alice Palmer. Alice Jane Mallet filled in that year`s census form to the effect that she had given birth to three children, all of whom had died
  64. Bootmaker
  65. Shortly after her own wedding, Eliza Delia Benest witnessed, with her father John Mallet, the marriage of her brother, Charles
  66. Mariner, as was his father, Charles Benest
  67. Night Nurse in 1901 at St Saviour`s Asylum
  68. Living at home at the time of the 1901 census, as was his sister Malvina and brothers Henry Philip and James Luce Mallet. He was at that time a Porter at St Saviour`s Asylum. He was in 1911 a Club Assistant-Steward: Censuses. He served in WW1 as a Sergeant, Royal Jersey Garrison Artillery
  69. Having returned to the Anglican faith, the children`s godparents were now, again, recorded. Kathleen`s godmother was her aunt, Melvina Mallet
  70. Gardener, both with his father in 1901 at Mon Sejour, and in subsequent years. His second marriage was as a widower
  71. Baker
  72. Of La Chasse, St Lawrence, Farmer
  73. Of La Rivière, France
  74. Witnessed by Fr Renouard and Philippe Mallet. The father of the bride was Jean Mallet of Grouville
  75. Once called, in 1894 on his son, Adolphus`s marriage, (see below), Philip John Mallet. He was a House owner and seaman: 1851 Census, Grouville; Farmer 1844-1858, Carter 1860, then Labourer. He was living at Evergreen Cottage, Grouville, in 1881: 1881 Census, Grouville
  76. Dressmaker at Ville ès Philippes, aged 25, with her son, Edmund Charles Mallet: UK Census, Grouville, Jersey (1871)
  77. Mariner in 1881, living at home, in Grouville. In Hospital, St Helier, 1891, Pauper: Census, St Helier
  78. Labourer, at the time of his first marriage, afterwards Farmer or Farm Labourer. He was living in 1881 as a widower with his aunt, Elizabeth Le Maistre, nee Mallet, in her late husband`s parish of St Lawrence, at Coin Moitier. With him were Grouville-born Elias Mallet, aged 6 and Philippe Mallet, aged 7, both being described as Elizabeth`s great-nephews. Elias was Francis`s son and it is hard to see who Philippe could have been, if not another son of his, although the baptism has not been found. The final member of the household was Susanne du Heaume, nee Venement, aged 76, Elizabeth`s maternal half-sister
  79. Blacksmith
  80. Francis Elias Mallet was living during the German Occupation of Jersey at 16, Patriotic Street, St Helier: Blue Registration forms (1941) at the Jersey Archive
  81. See above
  82. Plasterer in 1891, aged 16 and born in Grouville (census). He should not be confused with fellow-Grouvillais, Elias Francis Mallet (1868- ), son of John Mallet and Elizabeth Rachel Falle, who was also a Plasterer
  83. Widow of Philip Le Cornu and mother of Philip Le Cornu junior (1880?- )
  84. Farmer in St John, of Sark extraction: Marriage Register (1882) and Esther`s 1911 St Helier Census statement, respectively
  85. Trunk Maker in 1901 and 1908 (census and marriage). In the England and Wales Register 1939 he is featured as living with his wife and daughter in Rochester, Kent, working as an Oil Storeman. The unusual Christian name Prosper was no doubt derived from Prosper Thomas Greenwood who, with Elizabeth Greenwood, witnessed his father`s first marriage
  86. Proprietor
  87. Painter in 1911 census, living with his widowed mother and some siblings, including his sister, Mary Jane, a widow after three years of marriage, at Byron Cottage, Oxford Road, St Helier
  88. The Christian name of Mary Jane`s first husband is given in the register, at the time of her second marriage
  89. Paperhanger
  90. Served in WW1 as a Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery. He was a Printer in 1911 (census)
  91. Road Constructor in 1940
  92. Blacksmith, on marriage
  93. Farmer
  94. Of La Croix, Gouray. He was a blacksmith and formerly lived at Windsor House, Fisherman`s Lane, Gorey. In the 1891 census, he is recorded as being a General Labourer, married to Adele
  95. Labourer
  96. In the 1901 Census, Grouville-born William was an Ordinary Seaman, RN, at Gibraltar. In that of 1911, he was an Able-Seaman, Royal Navy, aboard a ship at Portland. The record states that he was then married
  97. Shop Assistant
  98. Dressmaker in 1911 (Census; Gorey)
  99. Served from June 1909 in the 2nd Bn., Royal Jersey Militia, his conduct being described in 1915, by his commanding officer, Colonel Marshall, as "very good", on which attestation, he had permission to join the Regular Army. He served in WW1 as a Private, RAMC: UK, British Army World War 1 Service Records, 1914-1920, at He and his wife Lucy settled prior to 1939 in Middlesex. He was working that year in Harrow as a chemist`s shop assistant and A.R.P. Warden: England and Wales Register, which also features their daughter Beryl Avis (1915- ), a Shorthand Typist, who had her surname struck out and replaced with what will have been her married name, Corbett. Edwin died in the Brent District, Greater London, in 1974
  100. Foreman
  101. Beryl Avis`s godparents were Colour-Sergeant James Smith V.C. and Avis Smith
  102. Farmer
  103. Henrietta is featured with her family in the 1871 Grouville Census but is absent in that of 1881. She was probably the Henrietta Marie who died in the parish in 1879
  104. Coachman, on marriage, who was living in Grouville during the German Occupation: Blue Registration Cards (1941) at the Jersey Archive
  105. Farmer
  106. Display Manager, Grouville, on marrying in 1920
  107. Blacksmith, aged 20 in 1881: Census, Grouville. In 1901, he was a Farmer, living at La Garenne, Gouray, St Martin: Census. On marriage, aged 33, Adolphus John Mallet was already a Farmer, his marriage register entry being witnessed by his brother John Edward Mallet, and his sister-in-law, "Mary A. R. Baudains". His father, Philippe Mallet, Farmer, was , on this occasion, described as Philip John Mallet
  108. Butcher
  109. Served in WW1 as Sick Bay Attendant, RN. He died in Amersham, Buckinghamshire
  110. Buried in St Helier, July 1833, aged 38 years, the wife of George Brée
  111. Carpenter, then Architect. George Mallet, aged 40 in 1841, was a Carpenter, living in Providence Street, St Helier, with his wife Mary. In 1851, his age was 54 years, this being then correct. This furnishes the researcher with an example of the adjusting up or down of ages in the 1841 census. His entry in the 1871 St Helier census gives the names of his grandchildren, by his daughter, as John Mallet Neel, aged 6, and George Frederick Neel, aged 4. On death, his final occupation is revealed in the St Helier register as being Architect
  112. Baptised in St Saviour and buried in St Helier, aged 7 years 6 months
  113. St Helier Burials, April 1870: Mary Ann is buried as `Mary Ann Mallet, aged 39, wife of John Neel`. The marriage may have been Methodist
  114. Godmother: Mse Marie Mallet (generation 15), wife of Henry Mallet, aunt of the child
  115. Godparents: Jean Mallet, Uncle, and Anne Mallet, Aunt. The godmother`s name has no doubt been misheard, Jeanne (generation 15) as Anne
  116. Margaret Mallet, a spinster of independent means, lived for most of her life in Grouville and St Martin with her relatives Asplet
  117. RP 71/103 (1788): "Thomas Falle, son of Clement and of the late Jeanne Mallet, his first wife, the eldest son and principal heir of his late mother, who was daughter of Philippe Mallet and of the defunct Rachel Le Rougetel his wife, sold to Mr Philippe Mallet, eldest son and principal heir of the said Philippe Mallet and his wife, all the inheritance to which he was entitled by the death of the said Rachel Le Rougetel, his grandmother"
  118. Of the two Jeans who could have married Susanne Mabon, one of whom was born in 1700 to Jean Mallet and Rachel Pirouet, it is this Jean, generation 13, whose family continued the longstanding use of the Henry and Hugh personal names. Godparents also confirm the placement
  119. Godparents: Jean and Elizabeth Le Rougetel
  120. Jean does not feature in the Jersey Military Census (1815)
  121. Serving as a `Soldat` in the Jersey Military Census (1815) and living in the Vingtaine of La Rue. He married his 2nd cousin
  122. Godparents: Philippe Mallet junr., who will have been the child`s uncle, and Elizabeth Mallet
  123. Serving at the Le Marais, Grouville, Battery (militia), aged 66 , in 1815: Military Census, Jersey (1815). Philippe probably married
  124. Godparents: Clement Falle and his wife, being Jeanne Mallet, (q.v.). The godparents of children born to Philippe Mallet and Sara Anthoine, his wife, confirm the placement of both Sara and her husband within this tree
  125. Godparents: Hugh Mallet, his father`s second cousin, and Marie Mallet
  126. His godfather was Jean Hooper. In 1815, apparently unmarried, he was serving, aged 59, at the Batteries, with his brother Philippe. His monumental inscription in Grouville cemetery gives his date of death as 20th September 1840, aged 84 years, 4 months. He is also described as `son of Philippe`. His wife, whom he married late in life, aged 61, Sara Poingdestre, their son George, his wife Susanne E. Asplet, and a grandson, Robert William Mallet, are all commemorated on the same stone, having been buried with Jean
  127. Sara Poingdestre, widow of Jean Mallet, was buried in Grouville in June 1875, aged 78 years and 8 months: Memorial Inscription, Grouville
  128. Farmer in 1841, living with his widowed mother Sara and sister (Nancy) Mary in Grouville: UK census, Grouville. By 1850, on marrying, he was described as a Merchant, the son of (the late) Jean, of Grouville, Farmer. The 1851 census gives his specific occupation as Timber Merchant. In that of 1861, he was living in Southampton with his wife, and daughter Alice M. Mallet, aged 1. He was then a Potato Merchant. He was buried at Fisherton Anger, near Salisbury, his wife`s parish, on the 4th June 1869, aged 49. His National Probate Calendar Index entry reads "John Mallet of 9, Strand, Southampton, Merchant, but late of Fisherton Anger...administration to Sarah Shillard of Fisherton Anger, Widow, grandmother and guardian of John Shillard Mallet and Alice Mary Mallet, minors, next of kin"
  129. Merchant
  130. Of Fisherton Anger, Baker; unmarried
  131. Master Mariner, Chandler, Postmaster and, on burial, Merchant. His godparents were Jean and Jeanne Poingdestre. George was a Sailor at the time of his marriage and, by 1861, Postmaster and Ship Chandler at The Pier, St Martin, this being in Gorey: UK Census, St Martin, Jersey. The 1871 census describes him as "Late Ship Master". Together with his brother Jean, he owned from 1843-1849, the small 50 ton schooner St Martin, of which he was the youthful master, employing the ship, no doubt, in Gorey`s oyster trade. Other vessels he owned were, from 1845-1853, the 96 ton schooner Post Boy, of which he was for a while master, the 126 ton schooner Susan, of which he was co-owner from 1849 and from 1863-1868, the 188 ton brig Lady Douglas: J. Jean, Jersey Sailing Ships, (Chichester: 1982) 150. He was buried with his father in Grouville cemetery, having died 25th March 1875, aged 52 years and 9 months: Memorial Inscription
  132. Susan Elizabeth Mallet was living as a widow in 1881 at Sea Cliff House, St Martin, with her married son George, aged 28, a Ship Broker, and her St Martin-born daughter Fanny, aged 19: 1881 UK Census, St Martin, Jersey
  133. Proprietor
  134. Merchant
  135. Surgeon
  136. Ship Broker
  137. Book Binder
  138. Bank Clerk, born in Everton, Lancashire; living with his parents in Croydon, Surrey, in 1901. Afterwards Bank Accountant and Bank Official
  139. Lilian filled in the 1911 UK census form that she had been married for 4 years with (then) just the one child
  140. The Daily Telegraph "Artist and Cartoonist for 50 years": Daily Telegraph Death Notice (1988): UK & Ireland Educated at Tonbridge, he was also a "Commercial Artist": 1939 England and Wales Register, Buckinghamshire and biographies
  141. Actress: op.cit.
  142. Commercial Traveller: op.cit.
  143. His son is a well-known author and cartoonist
  144. Bank Official
  145. Clerk of Securities: 1939 England and Wales Register, Coulsdon, Surrey. George H.H. Mallet served from 1901 in the South African War with the Royal West Surrey Regiment and again during WW1 with the Honourable Artillery Company, being promoted to Acting-Sergeant
  146. Died unmarried, probate granted to Harcourt Heyes Mallet: National Probate Calendar (1950)
  147. Typist
  148. Typist
  149. The Brighton Church baptismal register states that Gladys was born 27th January 1891 and christened May 1893
  150. Commercial Agent. The marriage was witnessed by W G H Kent, brother-in-law of the bride. Francis remarried in 1897 as a Widower
  151. Householder
  152. Nancy Mary was living, aged 15 years, at the time of the 1841 Grouville census, with her mother Sara and elder brother Jean, who was at that time farming. In that of 1871, she was living in her marital parish of St Martin, with her husband, Nicolas Renouf, who was then a Farmer. Her mother, described as Nicolas`s mother-in-law, Sara, was living with them. Nancy Mary and Nicolas had a large family, including a daughter Anne and a son named Mallet Renouf. She was buried in 1896 aged 71 years and 3 months in St Martin, as Anne Mary Mallet, the name variant seen on her portrait
  153. Labourer in 1845, then Farmer and Cider Merchant. He was in Southampton at the time of the 1861 UK census, as a Visitor staying with his brother-in-law, John Mallet and his family. Nicolas, who was then aged 40, was then a Cider Merchant
  154. Godmother: Mse Elizabeth Cardinal, wife of Me Francois Mallet, grandmother
  155. Shoemaker
  156. In the St Helier register he is called Clement Mallet of Grouville
  157. Died aged 50 years: Burials, St Helier Register
  158. Soldier, in 1815 militia census, St Helier Battalion, Vingtaine of Rouge Bouillon. He was in 1841 a Window-dresser, living at 6, Cheapside, St Helier, where he was living, with his wife Mary and children Mary and Philip, in 1861. He was then a House Proprietor: Jersey Military Census (1815) and the UK Censuses, St Helier, Jersey, 1841 and 1861, respectively
  159. Marie Esnouf, on burial in 1865, was given as wife of Clement Mallet
  160. Marie Esnouf was described in St Helier censuses as having been born in that parish. Dying aged `68 years 5 months` in May 1865, she was in fact 69 years 5 months. However, godparent evidence confirms her parentage
  161. Godparents: Clement Le Gallais Esq. and Dlle Jane (sic) Nicolle, his wife. He was a Merchant in 1866 and Independent in 1871: UK Census, St Helier, Jersey, 1871
  162. His 1st cousin, the widow of Philip Charles Le Vavasseur dit Durell
  163. OV; Auctioneer
  164. Engineer
  165. Midshipman, HMS Hampshire, killed in action 5th June 1916
  166. Served in the Royal Garrison Artillery, WW1
  167. OV; Dentist
  168. Agriculturist (1929) and Farmer (1933). He travelled quite often, giving 6, Cheapside, St Helier, as his address, so it is unclear whether he was actually farming or was an agricultural agent. He was in Jersey during the German Occupation: Blue Registration forms (1941) at the Jersey Archive
  169. Mary was living at home, unmarried, in 1861, with both parents and brother, Philippe
  170. Apprentice Shoemaker in 1841: St Helier Census
  171. Apprentice Cooper in 1841, he became, by 1861, a "Commercial Clerk, Newfoundland Fisheries". He was a retired Annuitant at the time of the 1871 and 1881 censuses, living at 6, Cheapside, St Helier, with his brother Clement and his family
  172. Jean Mallet was a soldier in the militia, in 1815, living in the Vingtaine of Rouge Bouillon; in 1841 he was a Shoemaker, living at 11, Sand Street, St Helier: Jersey Military Census (1815) and the UK Census, St Helier, 1841. His age on death was given as 88 years
  173. Master Painter
  174. Blacksmith
  175. Master Mariner
  176. Master Mariner
  177. Rentier--living on his own means
  178. Grocer
  179. Merchant, her 1st cousin
  180. St Helier-born Philippe Mallet was a Farmer of 4 acres in Coin Hatain, St Lawrence
  181. Served as a soldier in the militia, aged 46, in 1815. He lived in the Vingtaine of Le Marais
  182. RP 12/264 (1644) Richard Mallet and Jean Nicolle, son of Jean, jointly owning half the inheritance of Henry Mallet, son of Nicolas, sold the land in Grouville to Daniel Syvret. A further transaction relating to Henry Mallet`s former property is noted above
  183. Constable of St Martin
  184. No issue. See RP 28/16 (1703) above
  185. CH (1538): "John Mallet, elder son of Richard Mallet (just recently deceased) being sued by John Payn, in right of his wife". The wife is thought to have been named Catherine
  186. Probably the man of this name who was Constable of Grouville
  187. Anthoine Mallet of Grouville was ordained a priest at Coutances in 1496 (ABSJ VII, 380). He was Rector of Grouville in 1505 and became Vice-Dean of Jersey, dying in about 1532. His heir was Richard Mallet, Seigneur de la Malletière, who was, in all probability, his brother
  188. Seigneur of the Fief Jourdain Payn: ABSJ, X, 341
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